Hello dear readers.I wanted more detail today to talk about this medicinal plant as calendula, to tell you the indications for use, the healing properties of marigold and calendula treatment.I love these bright orange flowers, one type of them uplifting. But, in addition to how much good mood bring marigold flowers as disease being treated.Calendula is familiar to me from childhood, we have in the garden every year bloom beautiful orange flowers of calendula.Mother of specially cultivated as a medicinal plant, then picking flowers, Dried and brewed for treatment.I've recently decided to pharmacy to buy calendula, that feels good, carton, packing 100 gram, come home, open the pack, and there are not flowers and chopped herbs, and together with green stems and leaves, all crushed, that just does notit is clear that it is all over the grass.I brew calendula and tastes just horrible, I know how the taste of calendula tincture, but still so much dirt and sand on the bottom of the glass.Always buy in a drug

store calendula have always been flowers and then on to you.The same story with me and with chamomile was, conceived then as trusted pharmacies?

I have a friend, too, like my mother she grows calendula, collects, dries.She adds calendula flowers in uzvar of dried fruit in juice, they really like, I certainly did not try to add calendula in fruit compote, so to say tasty or not tasty it turns out, I can not.Yes, and the taste and color, as they say, no friends.So, my friend, always talks about calendula, when I am away from them, well here it is just a fan of this medicinal plant.She Calendula, like my mom treats many diseases, and always successfully, to the doctors she does not go, he says he does not trust.But this is a different story.Today let's talk about the indications for use of calendula.

These are the flowers of calendula collects my mother, that is, some flowers, no leaves and stems.We are flowers of calendula on the market grandmothers can be purchased.In summer, fresh, drier but they will have to.And at other times of the year are selling dried flowers.

For therapeutic purposes is used calendula flowers.Cut flowers at the base of the flowering period, dried spreading a thin layer on paper or cloth in a well ventilated area.

Calendula.Indications for use.

  • Calendula is used for sore throat, angina, preparations of calendula is used for gargling.
  • decoctions and infusions of calendula take in stomatitis, gingivitis.
  • Calendula is used for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, with cramps in the stomach.My mom always drink a decoction of calendula with stomach pain, gastritis.
  • Apply calendula for liver and gall bladder, with stagnation of bile.In combination with chamomile, mint, dandelion, calendula increases bile secretion.
  • Apply calendula in gynecology at belyah, cervical erosion.
  • In diseases of the bowel, in colitis, with enterocolitis.
  • Apply calendula cystitis.
  • Calendula is used for heart disease, accompanied by edema, shortness of breath, heart palpitations.
  • Apply calendula for colds, fevers.
  • decoctions and infusions of calendula washed the wound.
  • infusion, decoction of calendula ointment and is used to treat septic wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions, with cracked lips, with cracked nipples in nursing mothers, with bruises.
  • Use calendula hemorrhoids, anal fissures at.

Recently son chapped lips in the cold, my friend, it is a children's nurse advised me to buy calendula ointment, we greased sponge 3-4 times a day calendula ointment, in the evening the cracks are smaller, I just could not believe my eyes,so that the wounds heal quickly.On the second day of the cracks healed.

Calendula, has virtually no side effects and allergic reactions are extremely rare.Information about the beneficial properties of calendula and contraindications can be found in my article "Calendula, useful properties and contraindications."

Calendula.Medicinal properties.

  • Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Inherent wound-healing properties of calendula.
  • bactericidal properties.
  • Calendula has antispasmodic properties.

From preparing calendula ointment, tincture, infusion, decoction.Calendula is used in folk and official medicine.Doctor gastroenterologist once advised the mother to treat gastritis, a decoction of calendula.Calendula is part of the drug charges.


course of calendula ointment, I at home do not cook, but a decoction, tincture and the infusion of doing.

Infusion of marigold flowers I cook this way: take a teaspoon of crushed flowers and pour a glass of boiling water, insist 25 minutes then filtered.Every time I prepare a fresh infusion.Thus infusion can gargle for sore throat, sore, with sore throat, rinse your mouth with gingivitis.When pain gol I make myself and my daughter calendula, infusion gargle.After Calendula has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, sore throat goes away.Also drink the infusion in diseases of the gall bladder and gastrointestinal tract half a cup three times a day before meals.

decoction of calendula flowers I cook this way: a spoonful of flowers on half a liter of water.Boil 5 minutes, insist 20 minutes.Then strain the broth.Broth take so as infusion.The broth is used as an external agent.Also, use the broth inside, used as a choleretic agent for gastritis and ulcer, in colitis.Depends on my neighbor uses a decoction of calendula with cholecystitis.When gall marigold very good help.And with stagnation of bile calendula mixed with other herbs for good outflow of bile.Mix calendula with dandelion root, milk thistle, wild roses, flowers Helichrysum.Prepare a decoction of the mixture of herbs to half a liter of water, boil for 5 minutes, insist filter and drink in the form of heat, half a glass before a meal.In gynecology calendula used for irrigation.

Of calendula tincture is prepared as an alcohol.It is necessary to fill the half-liter jar of calendula flowers and fill them with vodka to the flowers were covered.Next, in a dark place tincture insist 2 weeks, then it was filtered.Tincture excellent tool that cuts and heals wounds, abrasions, treat the wound with tincture.Calendula tincture wipe the face with acne and pimples.Keep the infusion should be in a dark and cool place, I keep it in the refrigerator.For more information on calendula tincture, namely, how to store, how to prepare a tincture of calendula, indications for use, treatment, all this can be found in my article "Calendula tincture, use".Calendula tincture can be prepared by, and can be purchased at the pharmacy.

also suggest you watch the video clip on the calendula.Calendula is really a unique plant, just a gift of nature that helps us without resorting to drugs to cope with many diseases.But the indications for use of the healing properties of calendula and you know, so that the use calendula and stay healthy.