Today we look at the healing properties of mountain ash.Autumn came to someone's favorite time of the year, for someone not.I love autumn warm and sunny when falling yellow and red leaves.For me, autumn is not sad to go, but very bright, colorful and extraordinarily beautiful.Autumn pleases our eyes ruby ​​bunches of rowan, it's just a decoration of parks, forests, alleys.We in kindergarten growing number of rowan trees, I walk past they always admire. fruit of rowan berry spherical, diameter not more than a centimeter.The flesh is juicy mountain ash, but that's sweet berries are after the first frost.rowan berries fresh hardly eat, still rowan bitter taste.From rowan cook jam, compote, it is dried, cooked brandy.

With the purpose of treatment is used in folk medicine the bark, flowers and rowan berries.

Medicinal properties of rowan.

  • Diuretic
  • Choleretic
  • Diaphoretic
  • Laxative
  • Hemostatic
  • Astringent
  • Wound healing
  • antimicrobial

juice of the fruits of mountain ash normalizes metabolism

in the body, heals wounds.It has a good effect on hemorrhoids.It reduces flatulence, reduces fermentation and putrefaction.

Rowan useful in arrhythmia, anemia, capillary fragility, and for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

rowan fruit juice a tablespoon twice a day before meals take to lower cholesterol in the blood.

rowan berries help to get rid of warts.For 10 days, you need to put mashed berries of mountain ash on the wart and bandage fix, to do this procedure at night.

anemia take tincture of mountain ash, pour one teaspoon of fruit a glass of boiled water, 20 minutes, filter and take 1/4 cup three times a day.

At locks take rowan.Only berries must be ripe.They need to be cut in a meat grinder and a 1: 1 mix with the sugar.A mixture of this take 1 tbsp.spoon once a day with water.

And with plentiful monthly 2 tablespoons ripe rowan pour 0.5 liter of boiled water, half an hour and take as a tea throughout the day.

Rowan perfectly with rosehip and exerts its therapeutic properties.It is brewed with a cold, you can in a thermos and drink as a tea to taste by adding honey.

And long mountain ash and attributed magical properties.Rowan does not only protect from evil, but also to bring happiness into the house.Twig rowan house is a talisman against evil forces.Previously, a bunch of red ash hung from the interior of the house above the entrance door, and believed that the mountain ash protects the house from harm and evil forces.If the house is cheerful sprig of mountain ash, then no "evil spirits" in the house will not fall.Rowan twigs can be decomposed into a house on the window.Rowan does not lose its "magical properties", as long as the rowan twigs are red.And in Russia, before, rowan twigs decorated with a dining table.

Medicinal properties of rowan impressive, and magic too.Still ruby ​​bunches of rowan superb, often admire the bright and beautiful clusters.