Hello dear readers.Today we talk about this as a medicinal plant St. John's wort, medicinal properties, the use and contraindications, we also consider.St. John's Wort is a very useful herb that is widely used in folk medicine.Both my mother and grandmother harvest St. John's wort, and it is used if necessary.My grandmother always said that St. John's wort helps from 99 diseases. grandmother always prepares a delicious tea in winter twigs of raspberry, rosehip, thyme, mint, and certainly adds another twig and St. John's wort.Brew it herbs directly in a teapot, it has a special tea, which she made himself tea from herbs.I certainly do not curl, I have an electric kettle, I often fill with St. John's wort boiled water, and apply as needed.

Butter made from St. John's wort flowers grandmother always sores, cuts, cracks and lubricates, even in case of burns and frostbite, St. John's wort oil is simply irreplaceable.

Harvesting grass St. John's wort.

St. John's wort grows in the fields, forest edges,

in gardens, along field edges, in bushes, on clearings in the forest.To prepare for the future St. John's wort can be themselves, but you can buy in a drugstore herb St. John's wort or grandmothers.Well, if you still decide to do to prepare St. John's wort, you need to collect it in the flowering period.St. John's wort blooms from June and until August, its flowers are small, bright yellow, they are collected in inflorescence.Cut off branches Hypericum length of 25 cm. Without coarse stem bases.Dried under a canopy spread out a thin layer on the paper.It is possible to dry in the attic can be dried in the dryer, usually good weather, under a canopy or in the attic of St. John's wort dry for 4-5 days.You can link St. John's wort in small puchochki and hang under the canopy, so, too, St. John's wort is well dries.I have a mom so dry St. John's wort.Store grass in cotton bags.Shelf life is 2 years St. John's wort.

Now let's talk about the therapeutic and beneficial properties of St. John's wort grass.What is so useful for St. John's wort?

St. John's wort.Medicinal properties.

  • St. John's wort has a very rich composition, it contains vitamin A, C, PP, choline, tannins, nicotinic acid, essential oil, zinc, manganese, alkaloids.
  • Note.The juice of the fresh herb St. John's wort contains 1. 5 times more nutrients than the tincture.
  • herb St. John's Wort has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • have a regenerating effect on the fabric is very good heals wounds, sores, cuts, cracks.
  • St. John's wort has such healing properties: wound healing, hemostatic, analgesic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, analgesic, antispasmodic.
  • herb St. John's wort is known as an anthelmintic.
  • St. John's wort is used as a tonic for cardiovascular diseases.
  • herb St. John's wort has a very good result in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

St. John's wort has a fairly wide application, it helps with bronchitis, headaches, with women's diseases, cystitis, prostatitis, acne, insomnia.

We in clearings in the forest, too many hypericum grows, it attracts with its bright yellow flowers.From a single species to the St. John's Wort improves mood.

St. John's wort.Application.

How to prepare a decoction of the herb St. John's wort?We need to take one teaspoon of chopped herbs and pour it half a liter of water, put on fire and simmer for about ten minutes, and then insist broth for about twenty minutes and filtered.Take it to 1/4 cup three times a day for headaches, intestinal diseases, kidney disease, uterine bleeding.Externally a decoction is used as a compress when a rash, acne, boils.

How to make oil from the flowers of St. John's wort?We need to take one tablespoon of flowers St. John's wort, pour them a glass of vegetable oil, you can use olive oil and infuse for two weeks, and occasionally shaking the contents.Next, you need to drain the oil and put in the refrigerator, so that the oil is not spoiled.Oil of flowers St. John's wort has a reddish color.It is used for lubrication of wounds, burns, frostbite, hemorrhoids, for douching.Oil perfectly heals wounds.

How to prepare the infusion of herb St. John's wort?I take a teaspoon of crushed St. John's wort and pour one cup of boiling water, then I insist 20 minutes, then strain.Take 1/3 cup twice, three times a day.

How to prepare an alcohol tincture of St. John's wort?Tablespoons herb St. John's wort is poured 100 ml.alcohol and insist 10 days in a dark place, the infusion.Take her with pulmonary tuberculosis, 10 drops diluted in 1/3 glass of water before meals.

St. John's wort.Contraindications.

  • St. John's wort is contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • With increased pressure, use St. John's wort with caution, since it contributes to the pressure.
  • If you are hypersensitive.
  • St. John's wort may cause side effects such as a bitter taste in the mouth, hives.
  • St. John's wort should not be used above this dose.
  • too concentrated decoction or infusion may cause spasms in the intestines.

course very useful herb St. John's wort.Healing properties of Hypericum are really good and have a positive result in many diseases, but St. John's wort there are contraindications.Therefore, before using the herb St. John's wort, check and contraindications.But, best of all, if you decide to use St. John's wort for therapeutic purposes, consult with a physician prior to use.