Today I want to share with you information about natural bee honey.I recently read the book "Insects are the man."The book describes not only bees, but also on other insects.The material feed is very interesting, it begins the book with a story about bees.On the beneficial properties of honey probably heard many.But my story is partly based on the material in this book.For spring and bees work, collecting sweet nectar from the flowers.We hear the buzz of bees near the fragrant flowers and is just the beginning of the collection of sweet nectar.Labor and all the bees and beekeepers, that on our table turned out to be such a useful and tasty product like - honey.

main producer of honey - a bee and she deserved to get acquainted with it.Millions of years of bees flying over the ground, examining flower by flower.Collect pollen and suck the sweet nectar.Pollen is collected in folding baskets on their hind legs.

The bee colony strict order, there is division of labor.The family of one bee queen, complet

e a highly female that lays eggs, the drones and several thousand worker bees - immature females.These females and do all the work associated with the maintenance of the conditions of existence of bees.

main product of beekeeping - is honey.For thousands of years, honey was the only source of sugar in the human diet.But the development of the sugar industry contributed to the reduction of beekeeping.Plus, sugar, honey is many times cheaper, but does not benefit the body carries.

Honey - this is essentially a redesigned bees nectar and enriched with enzymes and other biologically active substances that give it useful properties.Fresh honey - viscous clear liquid with a pleasant smell and a sweet taste.

Tellingly, but when stored honey crystallizes (sit down).Benign honey crystallizes tightly and evenly and does not lose its properties.The color and smell of the sweet product depends on the substances introduced into it with nectar.

no less important and useful product is bee bee pollen and pollen.I recently wrote about bee pollen and Perge, what is the difference and what is the use for the body of these products.All can be found in the article "Bee pollen and bee bread".From the article, you'll learn about the healing properties of bee products and contraindications.

The composition of honey includes:

  • water - 18%
  • glucose - 35%
  • fructose - 40%
  • sucrose - 1.3%
  • vegetable protein - 0.46%
  • enzymes
  • essential oils

Honey - a valuable food product, quickly absorbed by the body, particularly beneficial effect on the children, and weakened body.

How much can you eat honey in a day? Honey as a medicine, take three meals every day.For an adult human is from 60 to 100 grams per day.For children from 30 to 50 grams per day.

And honey is recommended to use either before meals or after.For a couple of hours before meals or three hours after a meal.It is very useful to eat a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach before meals.Honey is useful to add to the mess, to dairy foods, juice, can be added to tea or milk.

Calories 1 kg.honey - 3150 kcal.

Honey useful and therapeutic properties

Now a lot written about the dangers of sugar, and whether it is white and cane sugar.And honey, especially herbs, is very useful for our body.Honey enriches our body is different nutrients (vitamins, enzymes, carbohydrates, proteins), which in turn will strengthen the tone of the body, improve immunity and helps to recover faster after diseases.

Moreover, the people, have long considered honey - is longevity.

  • Honey - a combination of glucose and fructose, a small amount of pollen and water.It has long been proven that honey on the content of nutrients close to human blood plasma.
  • We all know that natural honey is rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, A, E, PP, etc.,) and trace elements (copper, lithium, boron, silicon, manganese, etc.).
  • And natural remedy - honey, absorbed by our body a hundred percent, in contrast to other products.This is a powerful argument.
  • Honey has long been used in folk medicine to treat many diseases.Since honey has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, analgesic, antibacterial properties.
  • Honey is useful for older people as it helps maintain health.
  • Med first assistant for colds, diseases of the upper respiratory tract and coughing.
  • Honey has also soothing properties.Remember, warm milk with a teaspoon of honey before bedtime.This healthy drink helps us to relax and sleep.
  • Honey stimulates the protective functions of the body and helps in the fight against pathogenic bacteria.
  • Honey improves blood, promotes more rapid healing of wounds.
  • normalize metabolic processes in the body, it has a positive effect on the digestive tract.
  • beneficial effect on the heart, strengthens the heart muscle, normalizes blood pressure, improves circulation.
  • Apply honey for treatment of the skin, as it has a disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.With honey treat ulcers, wounds, sores.The honey is useful for the skin, as well as a variety of recipes for facial masks of honey, can be found in the article "Face mask of honey".

Probably the most common honey: lime, acacia, buckwheat, sunflower.Well, honey from different flowers.Beekeepers usually called a honey: honey "herbs".Also, honey is separated into May, forest, meadow, mountain, field.

Buy honey better after the evacuation and only you know beekeepers.This is important, because now you can find a fake honey.And instead of medication, and all we get honey for treatment, it is possible to buy low-quality honey.

And honey during storage and you can sugar you melt it.Melt well in a water bath.Since when heated to 60 degrees honey honey loses its beneficial properties.But this is my personal opinion in matters of acquisition of honey.

We rested in the Crimea a year ago and bought a half-liter jar of honey to sample honey very much.That reminded me of honey honey, which I ate with my grandfather.Our grandfather was a big apiary, his favorite job and his passion.Thus, you can always buy a jar of honey a try and then buy as much honey as you need.

Honey contraindications

addition to all the useful and medicinal properties of honey, honey has contraindications.To be aware of.First of all, honey is contraindicated in individual intolerance product.

When allergy to honey and bee products, from honey, too, will have to give.And it so happens that only a certain allergy honey.For example, buckwheat or Acacia.This may be accompanied by itching, rashes and more serious consequences.

In diabetes medical use in strictly limited quantities and only after consultation with your doctor.

worth to use honey in moderation, given its high caloric content.Oversupply of honey can harm health and add a couple of extra kilos.

How to choose the honey? When selecting honey can focus on color, smell and consistency of honey.If you buy honey in the store, then you need to look at the terms honey shelf.Honey should be uniform.Pour into glass jars.When buying honey in November or December, stop his attention to sugar honey is likely that this is natural honey.

In the formation of foam on the surface of the honey, and this honey is usually sour.This suggests that honey began to "wander".beekeepers now produce honey, before you buy, on trial.Well, again, a guide to buying honey from beekeepers.To do this, you can ask your friends if they have a friend beekeeper.I was once asked how to check the honey?Though my grandfather was the apiary, I do not know how to check the honey.We always ate natural honey and did not think that honey can not be natural.And that someone could be mixed with gelatin honey, cooked sugar syrup, chalk, starch, and so on. E., As now, I read on many blogs.

What useful honey? Of course, now you can choose any honey to your liking, taking into account your preferences and then what is it you need.

Acacia honey. This honey I really like.Honey of acacia flowers is different pleasant taste and delicate aroma.Honey does not crystallize for a long time, all of this is the liquid honey.Very useful as a restorative remedy for nervous disorders and insomnia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Linden honey. about the healing properties of limes known to many.Honey of lime yellow and has a delicate flavor and taste of linden blossom.This honey crystallizes quickly.It has expectorant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.Apply honey for colds, at Bole in the throat, heart diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, renal and biliary diseases.

Buckwheat honey. This honey is not for everybody, it contains a lot of protein and minerals.Honey with a special flavor and aroma.The color of honey is light brown, I would say, with a reddish tinge.Compared with other varieties of honey is rich in iron.It is useful at a reduced level of hemoglobin in the blood, liver and gastrointestinal tract.How to increase hemoglobin in the blood, you can learn by reading the article "How to increase hemoglobin".

Sunflower honey. Honey has a faint aroma and golden color, very quickly crystallizes in large crystals.It possesses bactericidal, healing and nourishing properties.I personally, like honey from a sunflower.

On the beneficial properties of honey and contraindications, you know.What honey is better to choose - you decide.I love lime, podsolnechnikvy, acacia honey, flower.But each of us has their own tastes and preferences.

All bee products are extremely useful: honey, beeswax, royal jelly, pollen, pollen, bee venom, propolis, and are successfully used in folk and official medicine to treat many diseases.No wonder the "winged pharmacists" also called bee.