Hello dear readers.Let's talk today about natural cough medicine.Today recipe will include figs and milk.For me, just exotic figs, appears in the sale of our times a year and is sold on the strength of a week, it is with regard to fresh figs.But dry not such a rarity, and you can find it all year round.

In Crimea, of course you can eat fresh figs, when on holiday there are, you can buy, but every day will not eat figs, and the shelf life of his small.Most often in admixture with milk we use dried figs, which can treat cough.But I want to say that all this is not a panacea, and comprehensive treatment of cough.Just as milk with honey and cocoa butter, as well as onions and honey, which I wrote in the article "Onions with honey cough".

What is so useful figs with milk of cough?

  • As for milk, it is better to buy rustic milk, not a shop, it is much more useful in packs of milk.Milk should always be boiled, so it was not sour, sour, we do not need.If you are sure that the milk is fresh it can not boi
  • Figs are very useful for strengthening immunity.
  • Figs used to warm milk when you cough, sore throat, hoarseness.
  • Figs excellent antipyretic and diaphoretic.
  • Figs displays of intestinal toxins, good for the heart, with reduction of hemoglobin and other diseases.

I love figs, dried buy myself sometimes eat it with tea, use the dried figs fruit sweetness.

figs with milk good to drink for children, adults and even during pregnancy, if you are well tolerated figs and milk, this means strengthen the immune system, restores strength, moreover, such a remedy is useful for colds.

How to cook figs with milk of cough?

Prepare everything is very simple, two of dried figs in a glass of milk.If you can find fresh figs is great.In the absence of fresh Dried take.

to soothe and soften irritated throat with figs milk should be drunk in the form of heat.

Figs added to milk based on the proportions of a couple of fruit in a glass of milk.Figs pre-wash, cut into pieces, boil the milk.If you are sure that the milk fresh figs that can immediately pour the milk and cook.Then put it all on fire, bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes, and then wrap up the pot and leave to infuse for about an hour.All this in order to figs all its useful properties, "gave" milk.

Next, figs in milk can knead, you can filter, thereby removing the figs.The milk will be sweet to the taste.

add three figs, boil all on fire, insisting wrapped If hoarseness in a glass of milk.Take a few tablespoons of five times a day.

How to take milk with figs?

Take before meals three times a day for half a cup.Before drinking milk must be heated.Milk drink, eat figs.

Before giving this medicine to children or to take during pregnancy can consult with your doctor.Children from 6 years of age can be given at the half cups several times a day, if the child can tolerate milk and figs.

Usually this medication takes about 10 days.During this time you get rid of cough and strengthen your immune system.More details about the miraculous properties of figs can be found in the article on "Fig blog benefits and harms."

To contraindicated milk with figs?

  • In diabetes.
  • Remember that figs have laxative properties, so it can be loose stools.
  • If you are hypersensitive or allergic to milk or figs.
  • In acute gastric or intestinal diseases.
  • the presence of stones in the gall.

I want to say that the figs with milk can be taken in combination with other means of cough.I hope that the tasty and healthy drink you like and effectively cope with a cough.

Also, I suggest you watch the video material, which is another recipe for cough and sore throat.