Hello dear readers.Even after a school routine, the warm days of summer begins.Many parents are looking forward to the end of the school year, over the summer to children gain strength and rest.We, as well as all waited for the end of the school year.Our daughter graduated from Grade 3.She, too, had noted how tired, how hard it were given in the last days of school.And not for nothing, our daughter graduated from high school with honors and received a diploma.For all the kids want an early onset of the holidays.The son, just, this Friday was graduation in kindergarten.He was a first-grader, what unspeakably happy.Last week was very hard for all of us.But thank God all the holidays are over and the children can relax, as well as parents.)))
do not know about teenagers, but young children are in need of protection, care, support, affection, tenderness.And especially in parental care.You sit, you teach all the children, all repeat ... Son, I taught myself to read.He already reads like a first grader to

read quite well.

With daughter also do: teach poetry, reading texts, study English, learn the nature of the items, etc...I can see how valuable for the child attention and a positive attitude.It is important to treat children with love and affection without shouting and harsh words.Babies important to grow in joy and love.

June 1st - Children's Day.I'd like to celebrate this wonderful holiday present you these beautiful lines.

Somehow on one of the blogs I read the verse.From these lines, I burst into tears.Very much a touching verse.You can subscribe to each line.

If you are not familiar verse, read it.It's a miracle ...

Protect your children

  • Take care of your children,
    They do not scold for being naughty.Evil
    his unsuccessful days
    Do not peel off on them.
  • Do not be angry at them seriously,
    Even if they were guilty.
    Nothing more tears,
    What cilia native slipped.
  • If fells tired feet,
    to cope with it is not already wet,
    Well suited to you my son,
    or pen stretch daughter.
  • Hug them stronger,
    Children cherish kindness.
    This happiness - a brief moment.
    hurry to be happy.
  • It will melt like snow in the spring,
    zipped these golden days.
    And leave hearth home
    My growing your children.

  • Leafing through an album with photos of different moments of childhood,
    sadly remember about the past,
    On those days when we were together.
  • How will you choose to
    At this time, go back,
    that they sing a little song,
    cheeks soft lips touch.
  • And while at home the children's laughter,
    From toys have nowhere to go,
    you to view all the happier.
    Protect, please childhood.

We wish peace, happiness and love!Everyone, everyone, everyone !!!Children and parents.Take care of yourself, take care of their children!

Appreciate every moment spent with children.Time flies like lightning.Enjoy every moment.

I think that motherhood - it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

And I thank all the readers that come to your blog, thank you for your feedback and comments!