I greet you, beloved.That comes to an end in 2015.As usual we are summing up the year and make plans for the next year.For me, 2015 was a year of new opportunities, ideas, discoveries, knowledge itself.This year was not like this earlier.That I can say for sure.For this year, I realized many moments that occur in our lives.I meet interesting people.In spite of all the events in my life, I'm still learning.I study everything and across the world.The election of the trainers and the courses I am responsible.Before you buy something carefully study the information.This year I had an important event, I visited Muse course and received a diploma.This is for me a real pleasure.I grow and develop.There is always something to learn and something to strive for.I think many will agree with me.

This year has been, for me, a year of surprises, new discoveries, and dating possibilities.Unbelievable but true, the year of the Goat "brought" a lot of pleasant surprises.I would be glad if you share with me what had

happened perfect this year with you.

This year happened to me the realization that all of us are not competitors, but partners and everyone does their favorite things.I have great respect for the work of others, great attitude to all projects in the real and virtual life.

Change template on the blog. On the blog also underwent major changes this year.Many probably already noticed that we have changed the pattern and the name of the blog.Blog now has a name: "Alena Kravchenko Blog".Template made husband, he helps me a lot in matters of blogging.All the technical part of the blog on it.For what it many thanks.

From the health, on the blog, I gradually moved into the beauty and creativity.I try to do only what I like.Not because they have to, but because I want to.At the same time, their expertise and achievements sharing with you.I love it, and hope you will too.

About Love. Now many people express to us the words of love.But many do not understand what it is, and how deep feelings.To love people, you really love yourself and be aware of all the people around the beautiful, divine and perfect, such as yourself.To be exempt from envy, flattery, anger, competition ...

Today, the words of love, for example, I love you or love you sound like the usual hello.And perhaps these words are hiding certain benefits.

Thanks. First of all I would like to thank the readers who come to your blog.Without you, there would not be a blog.Thanks to you I have the opportunity to develop and share with you the knowledge and positive.

We also attended master-classes, which gives me the opportunity to be creative.I understand that our happiness involved in all of you.

I write two blogs, so spend all my free time blogging.We are also with her husband and has two wonderful children.Alyonushka Misha 8 years and 5 years.The children are doing needlework.))) It is the children inspired me to engage in scrapbooking, decoupage, etc.. Creativity.

Blogging great work.We must all think, have to do, or choose a photo for the article.And with a blank sheet to create beauty))) So if anyone thinks."Why are there"))) Just try))) That's great, but justified work.In more detail, I have, thanks topic raised in the article "Thanks - great power".

My hobbies, achievements, lessons. During this year, I have learned to see the positive side of people.I realized from where occur troubles and misfortunes.Chief, the key point, it is not thanks and all the ensuing consequences.

Each person chooses a certain energy to move forward, some love, tenderness, and some envy, hatred and rejection of others.

This year I was seriously engaged in studying English.I engaged with the repeater.English I do not know, because at school she studied German language.But too much emphasis on it nobody put.For narrated verse could get five.So, as it turned out, foreign languages, for me remained unknown.

But the teacher has notes of my progress in learning English, despite the fact that I learn it from scratch.

This year I was invited to a Polish company, as a partner.It is a company of cosmetics and perfumes FM Group.Somehow tell more about it until I study and look)))

I'd like to note that there is always something to strive for and something to learn.In our world, so many interesting things.But my most cherished dream - is to travel, to visit different cities to get acquainted with the culture, traditions.Therefore, an urgent need to make a passport.)))

What gives me a blog? Through the blog I can communicate with you.I meet new interesting people.Thanks to the blog friends with wonderful bloggers, girls who with the same awe and love, as I do, are their own blogs, and share useful information.

Through the blog I can develop to shop for favorite activities, to buy necessary for me, trainings and webinars, to pay for private English lessons and master classes.Blog began keeping a few years ago.For me, this is one of those "something new."But thanks to the blog, my life just changed radically.If not for the blog and chat with you, it is unlikely that it would have changed in my life)))

How do I feel about the criticism? Probably many are faced with criticism, and everyone wants to know how other people relate to it.And since I had very painful to treat everything, but now I'm a little change the angle on it.Criticism, of course, is different.And I have faced it this year.But it is for me some lessons, through which I perceive myself.Criticism gives you the opportunity to grow and develop, to improve.

We all react to statements to us, in different ways.One can "send" and forget.Yes, there are such people.The other is to think long and experience on the subject of criticism.We are all very different.

Sometimes you think, how much work, effort, money invested in creativity.And then the critic.Rather, it is because of our ingratitude.After all, if you think about how many events in the universe was going to happen, that a man saw a master class or read information.But if people point out mistakes, it's okay.It really is not a reason, then something is missed or not taken into account.So that all who criticize, I do thank you))) Without you, I would not be able to grow))) We all teachers and students of each other.

And if someone "sulking", offended or negative attitude towards me, the situation is not in me and in you.We look at the world through ourselves and see in others that have in ourselves.If you have something offended, it means that you are now in such a state and see the world through this state.

My wishes. I wish all the wisdom, awareness, love, happiness, understanding, mutual trust, respect, happiness and well-being.I wish wish fulfillment.

It would be desirable that all the events in our lives we just delighted.To grow and develop, learn wisdom, and understanding, and then the world will play for you the other colors.

Coming in 2016 on the eastern calendar - Year of the Monkey fire.And the symbol of the year promises a lot of positive things in all things.Fire Monkey will be kind to those who have decided to radically change his life.All questions will be solved easily and happily.I believe that the year of the monkey will give all of us a lot of new opportunities.I believe that our true desires and dreams in 2016 will come true.

Very wish you prosperity in all spheres of activity.Good luck happiness and love.Let it be fulfilled what you want for yourself)))