Hello dear readers.We have a very warm, hot.Sun 42 degrees.Despite this weekend we have been fine.On Saturday we went with the kids to the mall.There the children have fun and very interesting.Gift Pass master classes, a games room, where you can play.Cafe where you can dine.On Sunday we were invited to our friends for the christening of their little daughter.We got a lot of emotions and positive.Over the weekend, I have received gifts from her husband.I June 18 birthday.Her husband had already begun to give gifts and it's very nice.Well, I'm now the chartered muse.A muse receive gifts through the whole world.))) Will receive a gift laptop and toilet water Trussardi Delicate Rose.I really like the light, floral aromas.I love the rose, winter bought a rose oil, is used mainly as a perfume causing ripples on the point.

Aroma Magic.Top notes: bamboo, Yuzu, Kumquat.Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Lotus, Green apple.Base notes are sandalwood, white cedar, woody notes and musk.In my opinion, fragrance suitabl

e for spring and summer.Light, delicate, fresh air.What is heard in her, so this subtle sound fresh roses, was slightly blossoming buds.Laptop is also very satisfied with all of my requests were taken into account when choosing.)))

After I graduated, of course things are changing.To think about everything.I understand that a lot of interesting things in life.So much more can learn and learn.Catching up on blogging, what pushed me to one friend, saying that I did not stand in life.Now I understand that all the mirror.And the mirror is not worth anything the person who sees it in another.So it turns out.))) So, I started a blog.

This spring I decided to finish the courses muse, not without the participation of our friend, who once again tried to humiliate me.Of course, at that moment I realized that I need to learn and develop.When humiliation in your address you do not know what to say, and is not peculiar to me.

Now, after school, I know what he told me was "sent" to give me to understand that you need to learn and develop.To know ourselves and the world around them.Now I accept people encountered on my journey as a teacher.After all, we are all teachers and students of each other.Now I wonder about the further development.

On the blog I write the article being in a good mood.Sometimes inspiration and want to write, and sometimes do not want to.Well, that such creative people.))) There is one good rule of thumb that I clearly understand for themselves, in the course of activities.Listen and think."You do everything out of love or out of necessity."I tried, and so and so.For the love of all the turns, out of love for his work, too, everything turns out.Just start to blend into another and the side and it all goes wrong.

I once wrote, let's talk about the money, because they are important.I wanted to paint on all, and to me, all that I have learned in the course of it.But remember the words of the master, with whom we had a conversation on Skype.So, my question is, why the master did not give their knowledge "as a gift"?I have received an answer.What kind of knowledge is not valued.

Well, yes, I thought.For the knowledge I have gained, I also paid money.At the moment, 34 500 rubles.So, money is the energy that we change for goods or services.Money is given to us for the joy and happiness, and of course, for our desires.I think that many will understand me.All very smart people and are interested in this.I can tell you in a personal consultation.)))

Why do not exhibit their photos.I once read that no person blogs do not develop, that it is necessary to expose all different photo, none of you will not come.Funny, but I decided to test this theory in practice.))) In the internet a lot of faceless and very successful blogs.I had a picture in the section on the blog.But after copied the blog, I removed it.Very distressed.And then, I understand that if I will need to untwist itself, it will be a photo.

Less time is left on the blog, as it fills time learning, reading books, engaging with children.The myth that a blog should be given only 2 hours a day, for me, an absolute lie.For the birth of beautiful posts, blog devotes almost the whole day.

course, now some bloggers come and say that here you have not, and are not properly and now here too.But the main goal is achieved, I understand and understand for themselves through the blog very much.Now more and more I want to write spiritual articles.The year was rich, like to digress a bit and relax.That is to say, to get inspiration.

Thank you for your congratulations.Very, very nice.I you have all become close and native people.All love, kiss, hug.I wish you happiness, joy, excitement and inspiration, understanding, mutual love.Let come true all your dreams.