Hello readers.Today I want to share the joy.The National Botanical Garden to them.Grisha - lilac blossoms.And we went on a weekend walk in the botanical garden and admire the flowers.Such an event happens once a year, in the spring.What is it that time of the year - spring.So many colors gives us so many different emotions and impressions.What is beauty all around, just look around you.What is your flavor of spring?For me it is the fragrance of flowers and freshness.For me, spring is the new birth, the awakening of nature when in bloom gardens, lilacs, lilies, peonies, buldanezh.So many colors in the spring we are pleased.Yesterday, passing involuntarily overheard a conversation of two girls on the botanical garden.One asked the other if she felt the scent of spring?

interesting!And really, we do not pay attention, that the spring has its own distinctive flavor.Fragrance of tenderness, love, joy, delight and inspiration.And, of course, the fragrance of flowers.That feast for the eyes, the heart is f

illed with love and awe, some special warmth.Yesterday, I thought, and great that I am glad spring.Wow, what I say, I hear, breathe, see, I go.Often we are in pursuit of "something" big deal, forget about the simple things.Or maybe we just do not know how to enjoy simple things that surround us.Enjoy life and every moment, every season, enjoy the flowers, the sky, the sun, birds singing, babbling brook, the scent of flowers, the fresh breeze.

Around such beauty.Blooming fruit trees, grass green carpet laid out the ground, young, still small, the leaves on the trees.That spring, looking at the transformation of the nature of our positive mood.Inhaling the fragrance of flowers, we feel unusual lightness, joy and fullness.It was the spring of nature is filled with bright colors and unusual aroma.

I love white and lilac buldanezh.Grandmother grows buldanezha luxurious bush and bush of white lilac.It was so wonderful, when the flowers bloom, I remember, often I came to the grandmother admire the flowers.I have fond memories of childhood.And yesterday I saw lilac cream, it is a miracle.And what a beautiful white.It is clear that in the botanical garden of lilacs graded.But it is very beautiful.

So many people admire the flowers, despite the fact that we arrived at 16 00, however, the people very much.Everybody is trying to take a photo to remember all the smells and the atmosphere is so warm and positive.You can just relax body and soul.

can take a mat, food, come and relax for a day.To spend a day off, for example.To walk, to sit relax and have a snack.And then again a walk.Here is where you can get a charge of positive emotions!

But Flowers "rhododendron", but in common they are called - azalea.The Botanical Garden is huge and is already on the way out we saw the extraordinary beauty.So much work, love and warmth invested in what we pleased to flowers every spring extraordinary beauty.Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to take some pictures.

You know, I concluded.What Everyone around you creates a heaven or hell.Man falls into the space that corresponds to it, based on his words and thoughts.If you include the benefit in all, with love, warmth and tenderness, treat everyone around the world, life is changing.

If you have the chance, be sure to visit this wonderful place.The charge of positive emotions and good mood you will be provided.I thank you for your kind words and comments to posts.Here are my news today.And you have already experienced the aroma of spring?

I love you, kiss and hug.Good luck, tenderness, delight and inspiration.