Hello dear readers.Today I want to offer you an unusual theme, namely, how to make a wish for the New Year.Holidays is always a thrill, gifts, greetings, so all you need to catch.After coming all the favorite holiday and we all make a wish.But everyone wants to cherished wish.It may have secrets?How should I make a wish that it fulfilled?

can make a wish in many ways, for example, to think about their wish under the chiming clock.And you can write your will or desire on paper.It is said that important is the process of making wishes.Let's look at what he is, the process of making wishes.

near New Year's Eve 2015.We all hope that each of us New Year "will bring" a lot of joy, happiness, health, success ... We all deserve it.What can we expect can be found in 2015 in the article "New in 2015 that we expect"?

How to make a wish for the New Year.

1. Formulation of desire. can just say that I want to "new apartment", "car", and others.And it is possible more particularly to describe what it is

you want an apartment, how many rooms, what city, with convenient parking, for example.Details are very, very important, do not miss them.A lot of mistakes I made zagadyvaya desire.I want to dress in the end, my mother gave me a dress, did not guess the size, and the style is not to face.The desire to be fulfilled.But it's, for example.

2. We need to forget a piece of "no" in their desires. example.I do not want to be ill.My mother in law to clarify it as a prayer.She was ill and the debt-time just to say that she does not want to hurt.Now she says so."I am healthy".But, to be healthy, it means to be great and it does not apply to health.This again is not correct, you need to talk."I like to live in health!! Soulful, spiritual and physical ยป

also the wording:" I want to I had a car, an apartment ... "is not correct..Desire immaterial order sent in the past.

3 not to think of the unreal or impossible. All desires must be feasible.And if you understand that at the moment the desire is not feasible, then put forth a different desire.

4. Believe in the fulfillment of its desires. It is very, very important.If you are going to doubt your desire be fulfilled, or not fulfilled, then it is better to forget about their wish.Say firmly believe that in the fulfillment of its desires, and you will see how fast it will be fulfilled.

5. Do not talk about desire. As we are accustomed to, the left and right to shout about his desire.Better to share with your friends when your desire is fulfilled.

6. Positive emotions and good mood. only and nothing else.Only in a good mood and with a "sea" of positive emotions, you can make a wish.New Year's desire to think with positive thoughts.

7. It is better to specify the date of execution of desires. Otherwise everything is the notion of "loose."Specifically, in September 2015 I vedu, for example, in your apartment or buy a car.Again, we do not lose sight of the details associated with desire.

Believe in miracles!If you have your own secrets, which help to meet the desires, share them in the comments below.it all depends on us in our lives, how we "want" so be it.A properly make a wish is not too difficult.

Do not hold a grudge against the people, all that was, everything was "good."And if we go back to the past, it is only for the good.Wishes fulfilled.

Let the New Year lucky star
enter your family in comfort,
hurried to the old year
Let adversity all gone!
Let every day warm
warm and bring a lot of happiness,
dispel all doubts and
, who came at midnight New Year!