Hello dear readers.I recently came Primavera life oils, these oils country of origin, Germany.Of course, the oil of very good quality, with cheaper and nothing to compare.Essential Oils they are very expensive.5 ml.essential oil costs from $ 17, and the base oil, such as almond oil, jojoba oil, etc. are from $ 28 per 100 ml.But it's worth as a quality oil is not worth a penny.Very happy with oils.The smell of lavender oil Primavera life clean, fresh, floral that opens really three notes, like expensive perfume.I orders the two oils: lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil.Tea tree I like my husband and for myself, I took the lavender.I plan to take more base oils Primavera Life.

Before I took the essential oils in the pharmacy, but these oils are suitable only for the oil burner.And in the Crimea, I bought a lavender oil "kingdom of flavors", very disappointed.As I later found out that Ukraine sent its first-class raw materials for export and currently leaves the third-rate raw materials.T

herefore, Ukrainian oil is not worth buying.

Essential oils company PRIMAVERA high quality .

over 20 years PRIMAVERA devoted to the study of essential oils, their unique properties and subtleties of production.

history of creating unique products, known all over the world, started with modest land in the foothills of the Alps net.With time they were joined by other projects c organic farming around the world.Trust partnered companies PRIMAVERA to allow farmers to collect about 200 varieties of plants, flowers and fruits, which are used for the production of high quality essential and base oils.

The company's products have never been tested on animals, has many awards and most importantly won the hearts of many people.

Using oils in daily care, will open an extraordinary world of flavors, harmony and beauty, not only in the external manifestation of it for you.Essential oils can affect the subtle world, they treat, restore, inspire, lead to equilibrium, relax.He is subject to balance the human soul, because in them lies the life force of plants.

Essential oils I tested on paper.Bottles have dark glass with a tight lid.They also have a very handy dispenser.Oil quality and I liked them very much.How do I use lavender oil, read the article "The essential oil of lavender."

quality oil following companies manufacture premium:

Primavera life
Balm Balm
Aura Cacia
CHI - Holland
Karl Hadek
Galenofarm (only base oils not efirki)
Touche Flora
Agroselprom (base)
Dr Taffi

Some of these companies buy their raw materials from Germanoskogo Vogele and packed in their packaging - raw materials first class!

ESSENTIAL OILS which, in my opinion, are suitable only to the aroma lamp:
Aspera (Essential)
Nikitsky Garden ( «Crimean»)
BOTANIKA (essential)
floria pharma
kingdom of flavors
Solnechnogorskoe oil
OOO »Dial-Export" (base)
Ltd. "Longevity-M"
Aroma Botanica
Aroma RoyalSystems Ltd.Russia.
Sweet world

Sinam Ltd. Real
All essential oils are sold in pharmacies are only good for flavoring linen, or space (in the aroma lamp).IN NO EVENT SHALL THE SKIN AND HAIR!

These same companies can produce quite tolerable basic fatty oils!

be ordered raw materials from Germany, only 12 esters.Sami examination carried out on each batch, the party which has not passed the examination by European standards, is removed from the sales.

What efirki leave spots when testing at home:
Ylang Ylang
Lavender, which is grown by more than 1,000 m above sea level (there is tar, which will leave the spot.).

Sandalwood Cinnamon Clove


Citrus efirki could leave pigment yellow-green languid, barely perceptible, but not greasy spot!

I also want to say that cheaper oil is also bottled in a bottle of dark glass and dispenser have convenient and they can not leave a speck on the paper.In general, we learned how to make a fake.But I have something to compare, and the smell can be determined.

I'm no expert in aromateripii and just learning.But I will say this, all essential oils should not buy.Decide what you need and what kind of oil it will help to solve the problem and then we buy.Oils of good quality are very expensive, plus all efirok Primavera shelf life of 12 months from the date of opening, and citrus oils are stored 6 months after opening.

I am glad that discovered such high-quality oil.Here's a little I post today.No impose your opinion and not call not to buy expensive oil.Each decides everything for himself.However, tea tree oil in my medicine cabinet replaces the floor, I have them whiten your teeth, pimple on a dot nanoshu, colds and runny nose apply.How do I use tea tree oil can be found in the article "Tea Tree Oil".In this article you will find how to use the oil to treat oil properties and contraindications.