Hello dear readers.Today I have just any idea, and I wanted to share them.Just wanted to communicate.Do not judge strictly, this is just my thoughts ... I do not often delishsya their thoughts, people are all different and all perceive differently, some with understanding, others negative.Personally, I want to be around only good people, but we are all different, there is no ideal people, and each has something good and bad.

Sometimes our actions seem to us stupid, and sometimes funny, but it's just experience.After all, no one knows how it would be correct, true, sometimes we do things that tells us the heart.We are not experts in all sectors and areas of life, and we are looking for ourselves and try, make mistakes and that's fine.

Listen do not need people, and your heart.What people can know about you, no one knows you better than you.Everyone thinks of his life experience and judges with its bell tower, as well as positive and negative, which is in man.Other people's problems are always at han

d, we seem to be easy and simple.The opinion of people as possible to listen to, but the decision is always yours.

When you do not believe you have two options.Accept the fact that you're a loser, or to prove to everyone and especially yourself that you will do it.Have received this mandatory.

It so happens that you have friends or acquaintances who are negative to you, like, and everything is fine, but something is still not trying to "pin" envy.I already wrote that do not share the envy of the white and black.she Envy is jealousy, no matter what color it is, call it what you like - red, blue, yellow, purple ...

Once in a book I read that negative energy can be transformed into force and positive.Long could not understand how it is.And a few days ago it hit me.Negativity that comes from the people to you makes you stronger.

world is not good and not evil, your world.In my life I have met and good people and bad people that produce negative and positive.But it's only in order to show me the contrast of this world.There are good, as there are poor - choose.I prefer a good, kind, positive, so I was born, and do not want to change myself, I'm closer.

I do not climb any smell life, trying to learn something, then to talk or laugh at someone.If with me something to share the man, he means it considers appropriate.

Well, what is "bad", it's the opposite, in our opinion, good.Some people like to live negativity.In the understanding of the people and it is good.I have a friend, it is not a poor man, she has a husband, a child.But, I look at her life different from mine.She and her husband are very fond of condemning and lower people.I do not know to look at the background of the significant and above.

In the process of communication revealed that they "call" of love.You forgive, the "hick", the "drunk", that fool ... When I heard this, I was all so frustrating, and I know these people and do not think as much about them as they are.I can not accept, as if my presence is allowed so to call the people behind me, this person will also condemn and once to call me.

very long at all, as they say, tried to close his eyes.But then, the same again, it hit me.I was pleased to chat with this person, so let that person with love.What do you think the man himself broke away from me and stopped communicating.

all in ourselves.I'll tell you another incident from my life.I was last summer, the upcoming trip to the relatives of her husband.Do not we have developed relationships, again, by believing in me and lowering.I did not choose to obey and to plead a failure and chose another way in which I go.

Just before I read the book of Louise Hay and told myself that all the people around me, good, kind, and everyone is trying to help me, as it was written in the book.What do you think, all the relatives gave the children small presents, some even the money to buy a toy for children, everyone was kind and good.I just had the most embarrassing, then I remembered that I'm "it asked."

read many times that we come into this world to get their specific experience, to pass their way of life.To give oneself to the world.What universe does not divide people into good and bad, are all for it.What do you think about it?