Today 06.02.2013 years, I run a blog Traditional medicine.My name is Elena me.Just 18 June I will be 30 years.I was born and raised in the Luhansk region, and it is not even a village, it is just a small station where the train stops, Shterovka station.By education I am an accountant.I really wanted to be a pharmacist, but my parents did not let go far from home, so I was very sickly child.That's my first dream collapsed.
Or anything in my life I never got it on a silver platter with a gold platter to get something I always had to work very hard.But I had one dream, "I would like to live in Kiev."

I now live in Obukhov.It is 40 minutes from Kiev.I have a family, two young, beautiful kids, and Mike Allen.This year Alenka is in the first grade, and Misha in kindergarten now free time I have more, I'll pay this time maintaining your blog.

For me, creating a blog, an event is very exciting, I used it was not solved.But he decided as made for himself such a choice.

And the most important thing I neve

r believed my parents.Dad always thought that I had nothing.The first time I went to work the seller to make money and a hoot to live in Kiev.But I have all turned out.The second time when I went to Kiev, Dad also thought, and told me that I will not work.I have everything turned out all fulfilled except the one desire, but I'm working on it now.All came to pass, because I believed in myself!I would love to live in a big city, with a childlike smile and naivety, I believed in it since childhood.I did not know about the power of the Law of Attraction, and from where I was aware of it, my parents, it can be said to live below the poverty line and always floated down the river without trying to change anything in my life.But I have them for this not to blame.I made my choice in life and go their own way.I will succeed, I can, that's my motto in life!

Create a blog helps me, my husband, he will do all the technical part of the blog.So that it can lead to say we'll be together.

now creating a blog, I believe in myself and say to myself, "I will succeed"!