Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to a master class, which was prepared for us Tamara Chervinskaya.This poppy from foamirana.Master class with step by step photos.Mac was very gentle and nice.From soft pink poppy have turned out beautiful hairpins, invisible from foamirana.Look, this is really a miracle.Recently, wreaths, pins and so on. Decorations are becoming more popular.In shopping centers, shops, markets, sells a variety of jewelry from foamirana.The material is quite interesting.From it are obtained simply gorgeous colors.Do not know about you, me flowers from foamirana really like.

Tamara shares with us is no longer the first master class.If you are also passionate about the products from foamirana, look at a master class of Tamara "Wreath of foamirana."Master Class we have a step by step photos.And now, with pleasure to give the floor to the author of the master class.

Decorating hair color is a long tradition.And recently all kinds of wreaths, combs, barrettes with floral d

ecoration confidently held on the crest of fashion.I especially want bright colors of spring and summer.

The emergence of such a wonderful material like foamiran, the opportunity to make unfading flowers with his own hands.

In this master class, I want to introduce you to a very special foamiranom - zephyr.It differs somewhat from the Iranian and its capabilities and processing method.

all on what he can do, of course, can not be considered as part of the master class.Let us dwell on one option - to obtain the finest petals.And here is the clip.This is such a wonderful turn of pink poppies foamirana.

Mac from foamirana.Master class

Today we will create hairpins with flowers and buds of poppies.

To realize we need:

  • Foamiran marshmallow pink and green
  • Foamiran Iranian Green Leaf
  • stamens black
  • Wire
  • clans tape
  • Clay second
  • Adhesive Melt
  • Dry pastelbrown
  • Foil
  • pins invisible

In nature poppies come in many different colors and with different structure of the flower.We will do a poppy Semi-double, consisting of eight petals.The four petals are the size of 2 x 3 cm, and four more - 3.5 x 4.5 cm For

buds - two petal size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

pins from foamirana "Pink Poppy┬╗

We will have two pins, each of which will be one and one flower bud.So we need to cut 8 small and 12 large petals

To do this, cut into rectangles the size you want, and then, cutting corners, cut out the petals.

next step - thinning of the petals.For zephyr foamirana, the process is slightly different from the traditional.

Fold the workpiece between two sheets of white office paper and very hot iron to iron the sheets.

It is important to adapt to warm up enough and it does not burn.One side of the petal turns glossy, and the second - the matte.And that makes the flower even more like the real thing.

Once cooled, remove the petals.This should be done very carefully, because the petals stick to the paper.

This method allows you to thin the pitch as much as possible.And even from thick, as in my case, foamirana can get very realistic flowers.Petals before and after thinning on the photo.

If not foamirana zephyr, can be made from ordinary Iranian.To do this, heat the petals on the iron, set on medium mode, folding like an accordion, and rub the scrolls - foamiran thus thinner.

Lower petal edge toning dry pastel brown, with a damp cloth

proceed to the production of flower midway.To this end, the foil making balls with a diameter of 0.7 cm. Cut the wire 6 cm.

length makes a hole in the ball, threaded wire and twisting.Cut a square of green foamirana 2 cm and with the help of hot glue to paste over the foil.

Excess foamiran cut off.Should get a neat ball.

Take stamens and glue around our green ball.Such stamens can be bought in any store for needlework.Seredinka ready.

Getting to the formation of petals.Petal Fold accordion slightly scrolls to form veins and stretch the edge, making it wavy.

marshmallow foamiran runs perfectly, and after heat treatment, it becomes more durable and not easily broken.

proceed to assemble the flower .First row consists of 4 small petals.The petals are arranged in pairs opposite each other.Glued to the middle, first.

next petal paste the exact opposite.Next, in a staggered two more petals.

Large petals similarly fastened, placing them between the first row of petals.In the same way we do, and the second flower.

Getting manufacturing buds.From green oblong leaves foamirana cut out for the sepals.

heated in an iron and form a "boat┬╗

Form a ball of foil measuring approximately 1 cm, fixed on a wire in the same way as for the midway flower.

Sticking petals facing each other, the wrapping of the ball.At the top of the petals curl and glue, foil that was not visible.

On both sides pasted sepals.

After gluing sepals, I decided to trim it to pitch heavily favored.So, in my opinion, it is a more realistic way.

To our composition looks more harmonious, add to flower and bud, leaf.Cut leaves poppy, warms them in the iron and some crumble in their hands.

Putting our song together using teip tape.Fasten it to the invisible.

To do this, cut a small rectangle of foamirana, place it between invisible and sticking to it our composition, using hot glue.

I did not cut the wire, but just strapped her to the Invisible teip tape.So keep track will be better and not visible black hairpins.Be sure to lubricate the place of beginning and end of the second winding glue.

Clip ready.I'm a little touched up the middle of a green brown pastel.Although it was possible to leave and green, it is as you wish.

Make an accessory under the force of even a person who has taken the first time into the hands of foamiran.Pins, flowers will be a wonderful complement the image of the little fashionista.Mack of foamirana very nice and gentle look.I hope you enjoy the workshop for the production of pins and you can easily repeat.I have no doubt that you will get a very beautiful poppies.

Especially clips from foamirana suitable for a holiday or a very special day.The little fashionista will impress guests and remembered by all, especially if combined with those poppies dress.

can be drawn from foamirana not only flowers for hairpins, and a bracelet.Very nice "Glameliya bracelet" for bridesmaids.

I wish you all a pleasant creativity!