Hello dear readers.We already blooming tulips, beauty unreal.In the air, the smell of spring flowers, lush green grass.Soon lilac blossom.I hope you and happy spring beauty and warm.Today I want to share a very simple master-class.Soon Easter, and we continue to do crafts of wooden eggs for the holiday.Such crafts beautifully decorate the interior and can be a great gift.Today we made Easter egg from the twine with his hands.It's very simple and very beautiful.At the weekend bought wooden eggs before the holiday they can often be found on sale.I think if you ask for, you can find a wooden egg, in any case, and fit the egg foam.But to me, it is more convenient to work with wood.Yes, and they are not expensive.

ideas, how to decorate wooden eggs, very much.I decided to try different options, me and the children, it is very interesting.They are always happy to help me in creating handicrafts.

Twine we bought a long time ago, use it for crafts, very convenient.Recently I made from willow twigs twine an

d coffee beans.Master class with step by step photos.Work Easy and quite the inexpensive.

Easter egg from the twine with his hands.Master Class with photo

You will need:

  • twine
  • wooden eggs
  • glue gun (you can use glue point)
  • ribbons, lace, polubusiny to decorate

do is eggvery, very simple.Now you yourself see for yourself.Everything is so easy that even children can participate in the process of creating eggs out of twine.Only if you use the glue gun, be careful not to burn your fingers.Babies do better work under the supervision of adults.

Egg Production takes very little time, as opposed to decorating eggs with beads.

The first thing to do is to glue the thread to a wooden egg.To do this, I drip a drop of hot glue on the wood and attaching end of the thread.Thus the thread is fixed.

Now you need to wrap the thread around the wood in a spiral.Twine from the roll, I do not cut off.

applied to the egg in a circle a little glue and fasten the thread tight spiral on a wooden workpiece.You can use glue or super glue moment, I stuck twine hot glue, I feel so comfortable.

go on to wrap the twine around.In this case the adhesive fixing it.It is very fast, I even did not expect that everything will be so fast.Unlike all crafts, faster and easier to wrap the twine egg, for example, than do decoupage eggs.But decoupage eggs, looks also quite interesting.It does of napkin.The work is not complicated.

Apply glue around the circle to the wood and wrapped with twine, and so a spiral.

So all egg wrapped twine around.At the end of the cut the cords and fix it with glue to a wooden egg.

most important thing in this work is very tightly wrap the egg with string and glue to fix.

It remains only to decorate the eggs to your liking.For decor and decorations you can use ribbons, lace, beads and so on. Embellish as your imagination allows.The main work to be beautiful and neat.

I decorated egg lace and polubusinami.First, I look, I put lace, think how best to decorate.And then I cut off the right part of the lace and paste to the egg.

I taped lace in the middle.It looks pretty nice.If you know how to make flowers out of tapes, it is possible to make a small flower and glue the egg of twine.But I do not know how these flowers do, because I will continue to decorate with lace.

In the middle of a flowers that were on the lace, I taped polubusiny.Here is my left egg.Very beautiful.

I hope you liked the idea of ​​decorating Easter eggs with string.If you have the desire, then all can be repeated.I would be glad if you cook the master class.

These wooden blanks at me a little less, we have on the market, I bought a large wooden eggs.In one of the stores, "All for needlework," I found a smaller wooden eggs.Due to the fact that small eggs, egg decorated with string look more tidy and beautiful.

Such eggs as decorations, you can decorate your Easter basket.