Hello dear readers.Today we made decoupage wooden eggs for Easter.Decoupage is a very simple and fun.Work sharing with you.It is beautiful, simple and fast.I share with you the MC, and perhaps you have a desire to make such beauty, the more that work with step by step photos.Of course before the holiday is still far, but we are already beginning preparations.The market bought wooden eggs, the price of them acceptable.And to make such eggs can be anything you like, you can decorate beads, apply pattern colors do decoupage, wrap them with lace or ribbons.Such eggs beautiful decor elements.For Easter we always prepare in advance, paint eggs, bake cakes, decorating the house.

on holiday decided to give each other colored eggs.This year, I will give the wooden eggs.

we do decoupage combs, boxes, shovels, snowflakes and other wooden pieces.Children are very willing to help.Of all forms of creativity, decoupage for them turned out to be the most easy and simple task.I am sure that you too can make decoupa

ge eggs at home.

This is a very beautiful handmade which does not require large expenditures of time and money, plus a great gift.

Decoupage wooden eggs.Master Class with photo

to work, we need:

  • Wooden eggs
  • Acrylic paint white (you can use pink, green, yellow color)
  • Napkins (I take a two-layer or three-layer)
  • PVA glue Brush
  • Sponge
  • Scissors

to begin, I will prepare everything necessary for the job.The eggs we sell in the market, there is a point where you can buy various products from the tree.Also, they can be purchased in specialty shops.I think if you ask for, these blanks can be found.

napkins with Easter theme I bought in the supermarket, we are already beginning to gradually appear Easter decor.But napkins can take any picture, the main thing that they could arrange the eggs.I usually buy a two-layer or three-layer napkins.They are very suitable for decoupage.It is also important to buy napkins with a clear pattern.

Before you get started, many skilled workers are advised to walk a little sandpaper workpiece first big, then fine sanded.But I do not, I have smooth and beautiful piece.

decoupage before, we need to cover the egg white acrylic paint.First, I do it with a brush.I give the paint to dry.

nanoshu then paint a second time if necessary.I like when the coating is dense.Again, I leave the egg to dry.The third time, I put or render a paint with a sponge, "hammered" movements.Thus the paint evenly distributed.

Egg put on a plastic cap.The paint must dry out very well, and only then can begin to decoupage.Today we have the sun, the day beautiful.MOTION eggs in the sun to dry paint faster.

The next step is the preparation of the drawing.For decoupage Easter eggs can be taken from the tissues of any theme.Can a church or a neutral topic.Also very nice look napkins with flowers on a white surface.

elements figure I cut with scissors.Remove all layers from the napkins.I have a three-layer cloth, I rented 2 layer is a layer on which a drawing.

first place the larger items on the eggs, and then the smaller ones.For I need a brush and PVA glue.Glue for decoupage, should be diluted with water.I took 2 of the glue and of the water, connect and mix in a glass jar.PVA glue thick, and if dilute it with water and it is convenient to work.

Now you can apply drawing.Glue elements to the workpiece with a brush.Brush coat with drawing from center to edge.So it is most convenient, napkins do not crumple.The decoupage is very important, we should not lose sight of it.

Apply the adhesive with a brush carefully trying to avoid wrinkles on the drawing surface.

first glue the larger pieces and then place small.Gluing major elements wait until the glue dries out a bit, otherwise you can crumple drawing.

The paper can be used different napkins, so the eggs will be different.Also, the finished product may be applied if desired spangles.

Figure I caused, I wait until the egg is dry.Ready wooden eggs reveal varnish.

That's what I did.True varnish I have not opened, but it is beautiful.

Master class is very simple and easy.You can decorate the eggs with ribbons or lace, is optional.But the eggs look great in any case.

You can also decorate the wooden eggs with string.It's very simple and very beautiful.Master class with step by step photos.

Here, a photo of eggs found on the Internet, look what a beauty.This egg on a wooden stand.These are sold.However, we have, I could not find them.But before Easter is still far, I hope will be on sale.

These wooden blanks give room for creativity.They can be arranged in different ways.Agree, eggs are very beautiful.It looks great.

Such beauty can do with their children.I think that this occupation will appeal to both children and adults.Our kids love to do decoupage wooden products.It's fun, interesting and always a joyful result.

we draw a box for small items.Decoupage box chic, it is convenient and pleasant to store a variety of materials to work with.

Easter souvenir can donate to the families and loved ones.I think that such a gift will be happy as a family, and friends.Manual work has always highly valued, especially if the gift is made with love and presented by the "pure of heart".

Good luck in creativity and inspiration.Expect us to new workshops.All the love and embrace.