Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to another master-class that we sent Anna Koroljuk.This is the fourth work of Ani.Anna all the work interesting, neat, clear.All can easily be repeated if there is a desire.Today I want to introduce a toy for children - bunny on her finger.This toy parents can do for a child on their own, or together with your baby.The work is simple, everything is easy and simple.But so much joy and happiness from the creative process.A step by step photos make it easier to process the job.I am pleased to give the floor to Anna, now it will tell you everything herself.

Good day!Before the end of the competition share with you master - class, called "bunny on her finger."This master - class is suitable for the youngest readers, parents and grandparents, because creativity for all ages, as well as to lyubvi.Hotelos little to say about this toy, that is, the bunny fabric, which is worn on a finger while playing with babyor read booklets.

Such toys made in the old days,

our ancestors, because all the materials are natural and very simple.And the most important point was that any doll had no facial expressions, as ancestors believed that through the painted doll's face may move into an evil spirit and hurt the child.Therefore our bunnies no face, we do it for Slavic traditions.After all, our ancestors at each stage of a child's life had a doll until marriage, and marriage.Some were for games, others from the evil eye, good luck and so on.

bunny on her finger.Master class

three items that will be needed for the master - class:

These subjects.

  • rectangular piece of natural fabric
  • strings that need to tear off, cut it is not recommended (because all ancient dolls were made without needles and scissors, by winding and tear thread hands, it is also a very important point)
  • and a piece of cotton wool forbunny head

We need to take a piece of cloth and fold it to the length you need for storone.Eto bunny ears.

Now bend the inside edge of the fabric as shown in the photo, should have two triangles.

Next you need to wrap and tie two uzelochki, to get the tabs, the thread will fix them.When

tie knots, tear off the thread without cutting.

Take a piece of fleece and do head bunnies.

again winding and tying two uzelochki, the thread can not break off, because then you need to lock the legs - and can handle all of the same thread.

Now turn off the bottom edge of the fabric as it were, into a tube and wrap back and tied criss - cross in the middle, and then a belt and rear bunny tie knots and breaks off the thread.

But do not forget to leave room for a finger.

If left ends of threads, tuck them inside or between the strings.

And Bunny on her finger!

Give your child a smile and good mood!

recall that the competition "Step Master Class" is nearing completion.But you can still take part in it, because the work will be accepted until March 21, 2016.Read more about the conditions of the competition can be found here.

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