Hello dear readers.Today I want to introduce you to the next competition work.Thank you, that send their work and they are all wonderful.Master class prepared Tamara.This bracelet fiamirana.To be honest, we did not meet a similar material.Looks gorgeous bracelet.I give the floor to Tamara, she's all tell and show in detail how to make a bracelet bridesmaid.Hello!My name is Tamara Chervinskaya!I live in Ukraine, in the city of Kharkiv.I want to thank Alain for his invitation to participate in the competition, it's so wonderful when going enthusiastic people and share the secrets of his skill.The work that I want to share with you, is made of foamirana.

I myself have met with this material as recently as November 2015.And for those who do not know what kind of a miracle overseas, a little talk.Foamiran came to us from Iran.He is thin sheets of foam rubber, used to make jewelry, toys and flowers.A huge advantage is that working with him, it is possible without special tools.

When heated, foamiranu can

be given any shape.For heating use iron, soldering iron, candle, lighter and even just warm hands.Having got acquainted with the technology, in a few hours, even a beginner can make a pretty decent flower.But the real masters of make him flowers, which do not differ from the living.Products from Thomas perfectly retain their shape and do not be afraid of water.Due to its excellent quality, every day products foamirana becoming increasingly popular.It is particularly in demand in wedding floristry, where his opportunities are endless.

so I drew this kind of creativity, I even did not notice that winter has passed sincearound me all the time there were flowers!

Workshop Glameliya bracelet for bridesmaids

Glameliya - a bouquet of flower.He's going on a frame made of petals of several dozen colors.Presumably, it was first created in the second half of the 19th century.The name comes from a compound of two words: Gladiolus and camellia, if literally - Camellia collected from gladiolus petals.Currently florists create them from a variety of flowers: roses, lilies, gerberas, tulips and so it looks very original and unusual .Sobrat a bouquet of fresh flowers it is very laborious and difficult and not every florist will take him..It should be expensive bouquet, and live very long.

In my opinion, foamiran for the occasion - just the perfect material for the contest

I planned to do a master class on the bride's bouquet, with him and I started working.Since it was the first glameliya, which I decided, the process was so fascinated me that some of the stages of work behind the scenes, and without them the master class turned out to be incomplete.Fortunately, I still have petals and fittings, and I decided to make glameliyu bracelet.

This bracelet is perfect not only for the bridesmaids, but also for the prom or other formal events.Girl with decoration will not go unnoticed!

For my glamely needed:

Foamiran three colors: white, coral and burgundy (I wanted it to be the color of Marsala - burgundy wine)

frame hemispherical.You can take half a foam ball the desired diameter.Foam ball the size you want is not there, and I wove her, from newspaper tubes.It is possible to weave wire

Paints for toning lobe (I acrylic and oil)

Beads Oval pearl for midway

second adhesive

Glue gun

clans tape white

Paul beads for decoration

First I cut outa large number of purple petals (70 pcs.)

warms up the tab on the iron and using Mold gave them the petal structure, then the edge of the little stretch that was wavy.My goal was to make it as similar to a petal gladiolus.

Since, color, petals not up to their marsala had toned oil paint.Oil paint dries long enough, my petals dry out for four days.

same, only without toning, I have done with petals of coral and white.

While petals dried up from the newspaper tubes laced frame 5 cm in diameter.

For this take 3 tubes crisscrossing them and begin to braid in a circle connected by two tubes.

One tube goes from top to bottom of the other.This weave is called "rope".You can braid any round object that the framework was rovnenko and neat.

Propletaem 8 rows and duct wrap and coat with PVA glue.Our foundation will be completely hidden under the petals, so the error will not be visible.

Cooking middle of a flower.To do this, take a bead wire cut to 7 cm in length. Teyplentoy wrapped her white, and with the help of second adhesive glue beads.It is our middle, flower

collect three beads together and glue them around

three petals (the beginning of the assembly of white flower I have lost, so here burgundy) The following three sticking staggered.Gladiolus flower is ready.I have two glamely took six white and one burgundy flower.

to the top of our bases fasten flower.I attached the wire and glue to secure with hot glue.

start a circle to glue the white petals

After two rows of white, paste the coral.It follows that they are staggered and flowered obtained smooth and lush.All coral petals glued.Threaded two white ribbons for fastening our bracelet on his arm.

Next came the turn of petals Marsala.Since the bulk of the petals left a large glameliyu, for their band only lasted for two series, and I had to finish the coral colored petals.

To Wrong Part looked carefully, I cut small white petals and a circle with a diameter of 6 cm.

edges of the petals and a circle slightly heated and stretched, giving them a ripple.Glue them to the base.Places tape connection with the base decorated of polubusinami.

bracelet ready!

Here's how they look together

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