Hello dear readers.Our creative competition continues, if you wish, you can even take part in it, because the competition will last until March 21, 2016.Give us your master class and get a cash reward.Today I want to introduce you to the next competition work.I never cease to amaze skills of participants such interesting ideas, and all of the available materials.It turns out that that's so easy and simple, you can create a decoration for the home.Such small details in the interior, make the home more comfortable and more beautiful.I present to you a master class with step by step photos.Create decorative butterfly does not take much of your time, but what a beauty it turns out.So, with your own hands, you can create a miracle!I give the floor to the author of the master class, Natalia.

Greetings to all readers of the blog Alena Kravchenko.

My name is Natalia Bulanova.

I live in Belarus in the small town of Chechersk, Gomel region.At the moment I am on maternity leave to care for his yo

unger Dimulkoy little boy, who 2 years old and 7 months.A senior son already goes to Grade 6, he was already 11 years old.This is such a big difference in age with my kids.

Today I again read its 37 stories, watch cartoons, and does not intend to grow old.

However, soon the work, time and so will a lot less.And while you can, do what I want.

Here I decided to send my modest work to the competition.I ask the jury not to judge strictly.I'm not a magician, I'm just learning.

needlework I am not as often as we can say, at the behest of the soul.It's my hobby.I can not say that fond of something one.No, I like to test different types of activities.Here such I fidget.I do not like to mark time.

And if you come to my house, and did not realize that I have something to master.Very little is left of me created in my home.Why?Yes, because all of his creation I give to family and friends.And I do it with great hunting.I like to do nice for your loved ones.

One of the biggest blogging became my hobbies.I created her personal culinary blog Natalia Bulanova , and now work mostly on him: cook, photograph, describe and publish their recipes.

Today I present to you a decorative butterfly.

Where it is possible to apply, I will tell in the end of this article.

Decorative butterfly.Master class


  • metal jar of beer, Coke

  • stencil butterfly

  • paint-spray in the can (my golden)

  • scissors

  • permanent marker

  • beads, sequins, rhinestones (for decoration)

  • glue (I "moment»)

  • magnet, satin ribbon and others. (depending on the ideas)

How do

  1. advance will try to release the jar.Entrust is a lesson to her husband (boyfriend) or children (depending on what was in the drink cans).

  2. cropped jar, to get a rectangle.

  3. necessary to bend the plate so that it does not collapse again.

  4. Stencil butterflies draw out a permanent marker.

So many different stencil is on the Internet.Simply print one of them and cut.

  1. butterfly cut with scissors.

  2. Paint paint from spray our product on both sides.This is not at once: the second side of the paint dries first field.

You can use any paint depending on your interior color.Very impressive look golden, silver and black paint.

  1. Wait until the paint dries.

In principle, this is possible and finish.But we still decorate our creation.

  1. Glue sequins, rhinestones, beads or buttons of the beautiful.In general, all that is wrong )

Our hack is ready.

As promised, telling you what you can do with these butterflies.

Where to apply

  1. If you are glued to a butterfly magnet, you can hang it on the fridge.

  2. can take still pretty dry twig, wrap her tissue paper, attach the butterflies and get a decoration for the interior.

  3. You can use them to create panels.

  4. If we attach to the bow tie satin ribbon to match, we get the holder curtains.

  5. such butterflies also suitable for decorating the dining table.

  6. To decorate wedding chairs combined with green leaves and beautiful big bow.

In principle, you can use my crafts in many places.The main thing - to include your imagination and show interest in the case.

Perhaps you have already had their own idea of ​​using decorative butterflies.Then share them in the comments to this article.

Maybe someone liked my master class, then tell your friends about it by clicking on the buttons of social networks.

I bid you farewell.

Wishing you inspiration, Natalya Bulanova.

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