Hello dear readers.I recall that on the blog continues competition "Step Master Class", it will last until 21 March 2015, everyone will be able to participate in it.Tell us step by step master class and get cash prizes.Today we have another work by Anna Koroljuk.Anna is a very talented girl, I do not cease to admire her talent and skill.This is a worthy teacher to learn a beautiful painting and drawing.Today we introduce Anya watercolor mixed media, drawing partially painted with brushes and partially fingers.Very interesting version of the picture.It can be repeated with the children.

Our daughter loves to draw, and sometimes draws fingers.This drawing technique is interesting not only for children but also for adults.Drawing palms and fingers a lot of fun for both children and parents.In creating these images some advantages, in the creative process, children learn to dream, to develop fine motor skills of hands, as well as to distinguish shapes and colors.

And now I want to introduce you to a ma

ster class from Anna Koroljuk Anya artist, information about it can be found in her work "painting wooden casket."And now, with pleasure to give the floor Ana.

Hello!I want to share with her third master - class for creating watercolor paintings in an unusual way.

To do this, the master - a class will need simple things:

  • watercolors
  • special paper for watercolor (it should be thick, A4)
  • natural brushes of different sizes
  • jar with
  • water can alsohave a number of sample copy (or can draw from memory)
  • simple pencil and eraser

this master - a class can be repeated as adults and children, because the set of these things have each student.The sample for the drawing, that is a bunch of viburnum, made in the style of Petrykivka painting, but a feature of the figure is that berries are drawn pad of the ring finger.

This is one of the oldest tricks in the Petrikov painting.The name comes from the village Petrikov Petrikovka the Dnipropetrovsk region, where there was this unusual style of painting.

Let's step by step look at the master - class "A bunch of viburnum."Kalina in this case is not just a beautiful and useful, but also symbolic, it symbolizes feminine beauty, motherhood, life, home.

To start painting, mark lightly with a pencil outline of twigs and leaves, berries, you can not schedule, they will be drawn randomly and in any poryadke.Ne push a pencil, enough light circuit.

now take in hand a brush (you can squirrel, weasel, from cat's fur, or any other good quality), starting with brown branches, and then do it by all the little vetochki.Kogda they are ready, proceed to the leaflets.

wavy edges of the leaves, it is necessary to do a smear brush from the edge to the center of the leaf, so be nice kraya.Vsё performed quickly and accurately, painting requires a little - a little of your attention and patience.

turn to the most interesting part of a master - class, to the viburnum berries.You will need to dip your ring finger in water, and then to red watercolor.

Then, in a chaotic manner you do with your fingertip tidy berries.It will be necessary again and again to dip a finger in the paint.

When you feel that enough berries in the figure, you give them time to dry a few minutes, while they themselves are working on other items.

Top already green leaves, we add brown prozhilochki thin brush at all listochkah.Eto have details that make the perfection and especially painting.

Around viburnum should also make a thin brush strokes that are similar to green curls and zёrnyshki.Ne afraid of mistakes, because sometimes the process is more important than the result.

return to the green leaf.To formalize their edges, we need akvarel.Prosto orange on the edges of leaves put a small dash of orange.

Yellow color you need to put dots (called patches) on each viburnum berries.

And to finish our painting black paint quite a bit - just emphasize the contour of the main branch and its small vetochek.Grozd viburnum ready!

This watercolor can be arranged in a frame and decorate your home or make a gift to loved ones.Handmade is always in fashion!

Try, experiment and surprise their loved ones.

I want to remind that the competition continues.If you are interested to take part in the competition send your work to me in the mail.Read the terms of the competition here.

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