Hello dear readers.I will share with you today a festive mood.We often visit with children in the workshops.This weekend visited another master-class.Since the coming New Year, we went for decoupage wooden Christmas tree decorations.We were given the choice of wooden toys.Christmas trees, cakes, snowflakes, bows and so on. The children chose the herringbone pattern.The technique is very simple, that even a child of 5 years up to the task.So I decided to show you how to make decoupage wooden toys.

to show you a master class, I bought a monkey and a snowflake.Such harvesting of wood I found in the shopping center (shopping center).Before the holidays are harvesting wood can be purchased in large supermarkets or shopping centers.

Sold wooden products have a drilled hole, into which is threaded a piece of string and beads.Take it and decorate the Christmas tree a wooden toy.If not, it is possible by the drill hole and thread the ribbon or string.

decoupage principle is simple, in the technique of deco

upage, you can do any Christmas toy.I'll make a snowflake, and you are on the plan and the master class can make not only a snowflake, and the Christmas tree, for example.These toys are very beautiful and unusual look at the tree.

Decoupage wooden toys.Master Class with photo

We need:

  • wooden toys
  • acrylic
  • PVA glue
  • wipes
  • glitter, glitter (for decoration)
  • brush
  • scissors
  • sponge

Here's a simple set of creativity.Already finished product will need to open the varnish.But the wooden toys must be dry before they cover.

acrylic paint we bought in the hardware store.Also there bought varnish and PVA glue and napkins.Napkins I buy different, choose a beautiful pattern.

Acrylic paint our water based.It's easy to wash off with things and wash hands with plain soap.

to work, acrylic paint should be cast into the container.In the workshops we visit, is cast in the paint and adhesive disposable tableware (Disposable plates).Then you do not need to wash anything and everything thrown plate.

necessary to cover the wooden toys white paint.Cover 2-3 layers.The first layer may be applied with a brush, and then cover the toy sponge.Sponge "fills" the paint on the surface of the toy.So the paint will fall evenly.

But I cover the product immediately with a sponge, as we are taught in the workshops, which we visit with children.

sponge can take an ordinary kitchen, which is used for washing dishes.You can cut it into several pieces, so it will be easier to apply paint.

We cover the product 2-3 times.Each subsequent layer is applied only after the paint dries well.

In the meantime, choose a drawing for snowflakes.Since little snowflake, then the figure should be small.I decided it would be best to look small snowflake in the center.Cut snowflakes.

also want to give advice.Buy white napkins with pictures, not color.Cut out all the details with napkins.Figures based on white, white paint and coated product thus not visible lines and transitions.And the pattern looks very nice and neat.

products try to cut the contour.Napkins multilayer, and before you glue it to the surface of the snowflakes, you need to remove all the layers.There is only one figure.

Napkins can be three-layer and dual-layer.Be careful to remove all layers from the drawing.I have a two-layer napkins.

If the toy area larger cut out all your favorite pictures.But at the same time it is necessary to navigate to figure approached and did not go beyond the edge of wooden toys.

Once all the layers are removed with a swipe, putting a picture on a wooden surface.In my case it's a snowflake.I put a snowflake in the center.

snowflake glued with white glue.But PVA should be diluted with water.Clay, in which I added water, is stored in a glass jar with a lid.Now I breed glue 2: 1, previously bred 3: 1.But the glue is too thick, so perfect for me to 2: 1.And if the plant - 1: 1, liquid glue, while quickly "soak" picture.

Snowflake I apply to the center of the toy.I covered it with glue diluted with water.We cover from the pattern center to the edges.This technique allows the application drawings are very smooth.

edges of snowflakes I spangled.You can use glitter.Glitter is the glitter mixed with glue.I bought in the store, "Everything for the crafts."

On one part of snowflakes I will apply the glitter and sequins on the other.Before you apply the dry sequins, I apply a little white glue on the edge.Then edge prisyplyu dry glitter.The extra sparkles, you can shake off the wooden toys.

As you can see, everything is very simple and affordable.Decoupage wooden Christmas tree decorations can make even a child.Our children have themselves made such toys.Learned.))) It turns out very nicely.You can express their imagination and creativity.

so many interesting things, learn and learn.I do cards in scrapbooking style decoupage, so we have a lot of materials.Keep us all in a box.Recently made decoupage box for small items, all with step by step photos.A box made with children will receive an original and beautiful box.)))

Here are our wooden toys.Christmas trees, which are made by children at the master class.Finished products have only lacquering.

decorate the room for the New Year, or making toys with his hands on the Christmas tree, fun.Especially with children.Children are very fond of New Year, also think as adults.))) Create a fairy tale and a festive mood.

I hope you enjoyed the master class will be useful to you.Make, create, create beauty.And here it was such a flake.This is sure to be a snowflake to decorate our Christmas tree.

This snowflake is left open varnish.Snowflake Let dry and then cover it with varnish.Coated in several layers.

Good luck and festive mood.