Hello dear readers.Today I come to you with another idea for the New Year.I have long been an idea was born to make a candle with his own hands.You can certainly buy a candle in the store.Prices are different, as well, and candlesticks.But I, as usual, want to experiment.Therefore, we do snowdrops sweet and fragrant oranges, or rather from the orange peel.On New Year's Eve we usually buy fruits and vegetables the main New Year's table tangerines and oranges.Today I want to show how to peel an orange to make an original candle with his own hands.We did candlestick with little boy.The idea he liked, as well as the creative process.

Make a candle from the orange with his hands on the New Year, it is very easy.I'm going to tell and show.I will do a master class with photos.I am so imbued with this idea that made some candlesticks.

aroma of oranges filled the whole house.Immediately feel the festive mood.I'd like to beautifully decorate the house and create an atmosphere of comfort, "Heat", the festive

mood.Kids enjoy decorating a house, Christmas tree and take an active role in creating a festive atmosphere.

How to make a candlestick of an orange with his hands on the New Year

for candlesticks, we need:

  • oranges (depending on how many candles you want to do)
  • candle
  • manicure
  • scissorspen or pencil
  • spices as desired (I carnation)

I took a few oranges.Frankly, the first candle was a trial, without a photo.And second, I have already done with step by step photos.

Oranges we bought at the market.When choosing oranges should pay attention to their appearance.Take the orange, beautiful oranges.Looking oranges round shape.Be sure to check whether there are no spots or lesions on the skin.

for candlesticks, we need only peel oranges.The flesh can be eaten.

Orange we have cut in half.To the line was smooth it can be marked on the skin with a pen or pencil.

Now we need to remove the orange pulp.We do everything carefully.By placing the spoon closer to peel and separate the peel from the pulp in a circle.

On the lower part of the orange peel we put a candle.Hat will cover a lower part of the orange.Now you need to cut the orange peel pattern.First, we label them.I have to say, it is not very convenient to draw on the skin with a pencil, so I use a pen.

on top of the lid, I draw a star and cut her nail scissors.Cut is very comfortable with small sharp scissors.Orange peel is very soft and easy to cut her out of patterns.

Cut most of the skin for a free exit of heat and light from the orange candlesticks.

Drawing on the peel of an orange hearts, stars, circles, crescents, and all that will prompt your imagination.Draw better handle and cut with scissors.

work with the skin incredibly pleasant citrus fragrance improves mood, as well as color.We do everything with little boy.It keeps the skin of an orange, but I'm doing a photo)))

per cent candlesticks, where we put a candle, you can put the lid on the bottle.You can put the cover with plastic or glass bottles, and on top of it put a candle.It looks like this.

The orange halves can pour the melted wax and put the wick.The wick is desirable to wrap around a wooden stick and a stick placed on the rind.When the wax hardens to trim the wick leaving 1 cm above the surface of the candle.This is an incredible beauty and fragrance.

agree that this is a very original candlestick on New Year's Eve.These candlesticks still do on Halloween.The truth is decorated differently.You can do several of these candlesticks, and the atmosphere is cozy and festive mood, you will be provided.

Now about candlesticks decor.Garnish with orange candlesticks can cloves.The aroma of cloves I really like, looks carnation on a candlestick original.

I decorate a candle holder with cloves and the other will not decorate.The aroma of cloves combined with orange flavor.The more so because I love spices.

can express their imagination in decorating the candlestick.Typically, these candlesticks of orange made with your own hands, you can do on a holiday or a romantic dinner.On New Year is not only the original candlestick, but the flavor and festive mood.

Highly recommend to make a candle before a holiday.Make and use immediately.We stood for a candlestick 4 hours, and then orange peel podvyala.But still, it did not spoil our mood.

In complete darkness a candlestick looks very original.The daughter came home from school, she walks with us in the second shift.We lit candles and enjoyed the beauty and scent of the candlesticks.

incredible beauty, fragrance and festive mood, which is already "hovering" in the air.

Oranges we ate.Candlesticks everyone liked.It was, one might say, a rehearsal, a test version.Therefore, the children said in unison, that'll make those New Year candle and put on a festive table that everyone was a festive mood.

How to make a candlestick of an orange with his own hands, I tell and show you, so if you liked the idea, it is possible to repeat.You can make such a beauty with the children.For example, we recently had a Christmas wreath made of corrugated paper.When you make toys or crafts with the children, the children very happy.