Hello dear readers.That ended our creative competition.This competition for the first time I spent.First of all I would like to thank the participants and members of the jury.Honestly, I do not expect that there will be many who want to participate.Initially I thought to be 3-4 operation, and work with us 13. I am very pleased that so many people took part in the competition.I am also pleased that the bloggers closer and became friends.I am very glad to get acquainted with interesting and creative people.We are all part of this huge beautiful world.I am happy that I was able to bring people together.

We are all very talented and we all make beautiful work.Because often when faced with criticism that you have something wrong or not perfect, many throw something like that.A lot of criticism encourages to develop and move forward.

But always it starts small, with small steps.We go for their dreams.I am glad that I was able to bring together and unite creative people.This competition, I did that everyo

ne has an opportunity to show the world what is interested in, what you like, what happens, what inspires ...


Elena Goloshtenko author of the blog Brownie Art

Irina Shirokova author of the blog Fusion of Styles

Anastasia Romanava- the author of the blog Babydaytime

Love Fedorov - the author of the blog Your Zest

Alena Trofimova - the owner of the group in contact Creativity and Handmaiden

give the floor to the jury

Anastasia Romanova

Anastasia Romanova, the author of the blog Babydaytime .Beautiful and versatile girl.Through competitions we Anastasia closer and became friends.)))

Alain, thank you for a great, soulful and creative competition.It was great to gather in one place so many creative people.

I want to say that it was very difficult to assess the work of the participants, so they are imbued with warmth and comfort!Every story deserves attention and, of course, wins.Original works, and besides, all participants work in different techniques.

Frankly, first learned from Catherine Savchenko that of plain paper can be obtained such extraordinary weaving baskets, and a new application for my bamboo tubules found Oksana Belousova!These collages will take their pride of place in any interior.I conquered and composition Svetlana Egorova of cold porcelain and polymer clay, Waldorf toys Luba Khmelinin unforgettable bunny by Vilija Kolosova, an extraordinary idea for a gift to the young man Aries "The boy in a fur suit," Olga Arisep, bag with knitted insert from Olga Smirnova, crocheted ornamentsMarina Sokolova, Elena Clip Kurbatova.

It was nice to get acquainted with the wonderful family of Olga Shevtsova.A truly rare to find people whose everyday lives are so filled with harmonious joint creativity.Interesting, the author's approach to creativity is viewed in toys and thoughts Anastasia Skoreevoy, as well as in the work of most young participants Gohar Poghosyan.

And how many new wonderful blogs I discovered, yes, I think, and the readers of the blog Elena, too.On the blog I met Olga Andreeva, it is thanks to this contest.What a beautiful and interesting crafts with the children they produced.I want to say that such competitions are charged positive, energy, and definitely instill a passion for creativity.Getting acquainted with such people feel like grow wings and you want to do do do, follow the example of the contestants.Helen and all the participants I wish new successes!

Thank you, all who responded to the invitation to participate in the contest and to share the announcement on the resource.All love, thank you.

Irina Shirokova

Irina Shirokova blog author Fushion of Styles .Ira wonderful woman, sweet, kind, beautiful.Ira, thank you for your help, for your support.I thought it was very important.)))

Hello, dear participants of the contest!My name is Irina Shirokova.I am very glad that I could indirectly participate in this exciting event and look at it from the side of the blog, not only as a guest, but also as a member of the jury.Alain kindly invited me to the assistant, and of course I agreed without hesitation.
I myself many years engaged in creativity, or rather from the very childhood.Has tried for his life a lot of different directions, and I know that to evaluate the works of other people who have invested in them, part of their soul is a very difficult task.
And, honestly, I think that absolutely any work has the right to life and to compete in this matter is not correct.After this evaluation is subjective.One and the same product can someone like, and some do not.And that's fine.
I can tell you frankly that I liked all the work of the participants.You and your loved ones - all the big fellows.I will not deny that some creations have attracted more some a little less, but one fact of your participation suggests that all of you are active and creative people in life.I was surprised, as some of you have the time and the family and to engage in favorite business.It is capable of only very enthusiastic people.
I wish all the participants to find their inexhaustible source of inspiration, from which you will draw their new great ideas.Create no matter what and to please others charming masterpieces.And on the eve of the Christmas holidays I want to wish everyone, without exception, peace, kindness, and love!Whatever it was not perfect beauty, but I'm sure that will save the world only kindness and love.Give it to people and you will get back many times more!
With love and respect to all, Irina.

Elena Goloshtenko

Lena is your blog Brownie Art .Lena, a creative person, on his blog, shares master classes and different ideas for creativity.Helen supported me throughout the competition.For that I am very grateful to her.

As someone directly related to handicrafts, creativity, of course, with interest studied the work of the contestants.However, one thing - just read, and another thing - to evaluate the work.In addition, many participants I'm friends for years.

I tried to put points is competitive works, how to write job because evaluate that what is described, that is itself a hobby (which is a part of human life), you will agree, it would not even correct.And it is very difficult to identify someone one, because everyone put in writing his own soul.

Thanks a lot to all participants!Each of you deserves special thanks becauseYou are his example, his mental stories can inspire other people who have stayed somewhere else doubts, fears.

very good saying it was the work of Svetlana Egorova about this: « mission of creative people - to give people joy and heal the soul » . So, let the joyful and grateful people around you become more!And if luck was competitive at this time on the side of the other party, I hope it will not disappoint you.You are all great clever !!!

Alain, thank you for having organized an interesting competition.I congratulate you on the successful completion of his!Hopefully, the first experience in this case would be far from the last, and by the host in front of the blog will be a lot more interesting contests.

results of the competition and the winners

As a result of the jury evaluations have three winners, three prizes.Assessment of the jury can be found in the table.

At the end of the contest we have three prizes

1 place Vilija Kolosov - 53. 5 points. Award 1300 rubles

2nd place Svetlana Yegorova - 51 points. Award 1000 rubles

3rd Elena Kurbatov - 50.5 points. Award 700 rubles

Plus we have one prize.This audience award.Remember, this is a work that gained the most comments on the topic, who was supported by the people.

Most comments from Olga Smirnova.Moreover, detailed comments and topic.And not a single word, like, done, or luck.

Audience Award Olga Smirnova reward of 500 rubles

I'd like to thank you all for your participation and work effort.It's great to do things you love, continue to do what they like.Grow, do not stop there.

Winners please send a number of their electronic purses (WEBMONEY, Yandex) e domovouyasha@bigmir.net marked competition.

Payments will be made within 2 working days of receipt of the purse.

I wish you all good luck, excitement, inspiration, ideas, love, tenderness, wisdom !!!