Hello dear readers.Today 15. 11. 2015 and we are completing our competition "We are creative people."I am very grateful for all the work.The results will be announced on 20 November at the blog, as the jury is necessary to evaluate performance.I remind you that the remuneration will be paid within 2 working days after receipt of the purse.Today I present to you another competitive work, prepared by Svetlana Egorova.I liked all the work, all done with great love and soul.When work brings joy and fun - it's great.And I suggest you get acquainted with Svetlana.

Hello, dear blog readers!My name is Svetlana Egorova.I live in a small town in the Urals.Small family: husband and adult son.Creativity fond of since early childhood, we can say this is my life.As a little girl, I loved to draw, sculpt in clay, glue various crafts made of paper and card.But most of all I loved to sew doll dresses, hats, handbags and other accessories.How many were there!Not just a lot, a lot!

My doll was the biggest fashionista

among friends.The parents, seeing my enthusiasm I bought a small sewing machine.On this machine even could really make adult dress.Later, I began to sew clothes for themselves home on the big mother's sewing machine.

My mother was rare in those days the book, cut and sew on which I learned to make patterns and sew.At the same time fascinated by photography, embroidery and knitting needles, I began to knit for themselves.Books and magazines on knitting and sewing is almost was not, so we had to invent everything itself, or ask friends if met an interesting pattern.

Later, all these skills are very useful to me in my life.In times of shortage, when stores impossible to buy something that is not nice clothes, a simple diaper or baby's undershirt for the baby - son all the clothes I sewed myself up to the top of clothing.I loved it and sewed my pleasure, coming up with various fashionable things.

But no favorite hobby became my profession, because creativity needs freedom, desire and inspiration.A stitching on request - this is the desire of the client, and not mine.I did not want to.So my job is far from creative.I work as a chief accountant.The work is serious and responsible.For the whole day so tired, and in the evening still need to feed the family, which is already work time was not enough.At the weekend, when there were spare time I continued to take pictures, sometimes embroidering or knitting, and sewing has become the only during the holidays.But then gladly showed another trendy novelty at work after the holiday.Over time, the shops began to be filled with different products, and I lost interest and sewing, and knitting.

When Internet appeared, I began to search for information about different artefacts.I wanted to make something new.One day I came across the work of the masters of beads and polymer clay.The work I was very impressed and inspired, it seems that this is simply impossible to create hands, but it did not stop me.I wanted to make the most similar, I just got sick of it.

I remember running around the shops of the city in search of the right materials.Beads I have found, although not very good quality, but it was infinitely pleased.But the wire was more difficult, it was not simple, as well as polymer clay.Husband rescued me.When he saw my troubled face and found the cause, he reassured me and said that he would bring as much wire as I need.

In his spare time he likes to "dig" in the various old equipment: TV, radio details, etc., and they have a suitable wire.The next day he brought me a few skeins, for which I was very grateful to him.

Later, he even contrived to me the device for quick set of beads on a wire and my business went even faster.A favorite pastime was the production of flowers and trees.I was so fascinated that I sit up late into the night, and the craft was a lot that is not where it was put.

Here are some of the work.Flowers made of beads, pot made of papier-mache and entwined bundles of cold porcelain, dragonflies of cold porcelain, wire and plastic.

Despite the fact that I liked to weave beads, really wanted to try his hand at modeling.But the right to sell the clay was not yet the desire remains a dream.I even wanted to order the clay through the Internet, then was known only to the Moscow School of sculpting "Fleur," but in the regions are the clay did not send.

After a while, the master began to appear on the Internet - masters classes, how to cook at home the cold porcelain, which is not nearly as good polymer clay.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those people who share their experiences through the Internet, and errors in the production of handicrafts.It is thanks to their master - classes, I learned a lot.Polymer clay on - really captured me.

now happy to sculpt from a cold porcelain, salt dough and polymer clay not only flowers and trees, but different toys, sculpture, fridge magnets.

Some master - classes spread on his blog Woman's World .I love the composition, which can be seen not just a single product, and read the story, and even write some - a story or a fairy tale to come up and use different techniques.

In my opinion, these works look much more interesting than a single hack.

always happy to watch the many novelties masters.I would also like to learn these types of crafts like quilling and dry felting, but so far all have no time.

I am very sorry that the day is not 48 hours, otherwise we could have time to do twice as much.My hobbies are also manufacturing Topiary and dolls from nylon, he tried to spin from the newspapers.In my head a lot of plans, try to gradually implement.

for the upcoming New Year's preparing two master - a class that will soon lay on his blog.This year the production of the symbol 2016 - a monkey and a Christmas flower - puansetii that I finished just yesterday.

I want to express special thanks to Alain for an interesting contest, where you can meet like-minded people, to talk about their passion.

said that everyone comes to this earth with a specific mission.So the mission of creative people - to give people joy and heal the soul.

I'm too unspeakably happy if my work will cause desire to engage in this exciting experience.

After work - a self-expression, as a person.Man only discovers his inherent in it the divine nature, when it begins to create, otherwise his soul just goes out.

Currently open great opportunities and conditions for doing what he likes.The main thing is to have a great desire to create beauty and give it to the people.
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I would like to thank the participants of the contest.I am waiting for new works.Once again, the work will be accepted until 15. 11. 2015.