Hello dear readers.Our contest "We are creative people" coming to an end.So once again I want to remind that the contest will run until 15 November 2015.November 15 I can still take the job, but 16 is not.Carefully read the conditions, please.Today I want to introduce you to the next contest work, prepared by Gohar Poghosyan for us.Very versatile and beautiful girl.He is fond of creating pictures, create videos, engaged in computer graphics.Glad to meet you with Goar, I handed her a word.

Hello, my name Gohar, I'm 17 years old.Born in Armenia I live in Moscow.I am a patriot.I love computer graphics, I love to edit photos, create videos and edit, play guitar and love literature.

all started 6 years ago.Herself learned to edit photos, create videos, etc.And I start to engage seriously only this year.Why?There was another reason, the Pope is not allowed.
So, this year has participated in many competitions, some of them, "objective view", "A New Look - 2015", "Cat -2015" took 1st and 2nd places.In the

competition "New Look - 2015" won first place for the creation of the movie "The Great Victory 20 og age."The competition "The Cat - 2015" took second place for the creation of the site "Peace and War".

Then talk about the "Living Word" magazine.It all started when the teacher asked for Informatics."Who wants to get a top five?".Naturally, all raised their hands.He chose me.Mark explained that of the younger classes together with the teacher of Russian language and literature have come up with the magazine "Living Word" just can not make out.

I agreed not to draw for five, but because I love this thing.And so in the end of October, the first issue of the literary magazine.In the beginning I was just a graphic designer, then deputy editor.Released 5 rooms.Since the. Summer all leaving for a vacation, we decided to continue to release a number already 2015-2016 uch.year.But due to the fact that some was not interested, editor in chief refused to continue the case.Our rooms can take a look at the official website. http://jivoeslovo.weebly.com/ During that received a charter for the creation of the project "Living Word".

Mark and all this work just to throw into the water, I'm not going to.As noted at the beginning, I love my country, I love everything associated with it.To begin with, I had a dream to create something about Armenia and outside the country and it seems to me, I'm on the right track.

Already at the end of November will be a new room, a new magazine called "Kilikia".Each room is a story about the heroes of Armenia, about the sights.Yet it heading "Talents of Armenia" where everyone can
send their poems, drawings, work, and so on. D. Since many Armenians do not know their mother tongue at the end of each release will be heading "Learning the mother tongue" where anyone can learn the letters of the Armenianlanguage, and later read and write.

I also like to organize the evening.There were 4-5 this year.I wrote the script (ie. To. I'm the author, the script will not be published on the Internet with my request).We were pm "This I did not return from the battlefield" (an evening dedicated to the life and work of Vladimir Vysotsky), "Evening Pakhmutova" (evening dedicated AN Pakhmutova), "Everything that was not me remember ..." (event70let dedicated to the Great Patriotic war), "120 years since the birth of SA Esenina."This all took place in our school.More details can see, read in the magazine "Living Word".
The guitar playing for 3 months, mostly I play songs of the Armenian military.

the courses "Computer Graphics" go for a month, I like everything.That's my job.

I just souvenirs made with their own hands at me flowers from napkins.With this, I have 2 years do not do.Just do not have time and love so much.I remember when I was 10 years old I sewed bags.I also love to cook and not bad work.Creating

me pictures, videos, scripts very much.Basically everything about Armenia.Thank you for attention!

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I would like to thank the participants of the contest.I am waiting for new works.Once again, the work will be accepted until 15. 11. 2015.