Hello dear readers.So it imbued with the creation of postcards that after the creation of Christmas cards in red and white style, were replaced by the idea of ​​creating cards in blue and white.Moreover, the tape blue dots I had paper and cardboard design too.Without hesitation, I began to translate the idea into reality.And what came out of it, you will see for yourself today.I want to share with you a master-class of creating cards "Happy Birthday" with his own hands.Create greeting cards with ideas to present to our friend, his birthday in the winter.But this card is quite suitable for a gift as a man and a woman.

I can not help it, I like roses, especially because they are very easy to do.It only needed a two-way paper.This time I made a rose out of the blue paper.

details on how to make a rose out of paper can be found in the article "Roses of paper with your own hands."Therefore, there will not be repeated, since a lot of photos and descriptions.Look and read if you are interested in the crea

tion of this card.

I like to create beauty.Catching creativity I rest.I'm sure each of you have a hobby that you really like.

Scrapbooking.Greeting card with his hands on his birthday

to create greeting cards, we need:

  • design cardboard sheet A4
  • white cardboard sheet
  • Blue double-sided paper to create roses
  • Lesko
  • Beads
  • Acrylic paint
  • inscription "Happy Birthday" (which I printed out from the Internet)
  • Blue ribbon with polka dots (2.5 cm)
  • Glue gun

I design cardboard to create a greeting card with euros, the figure is applied with one and withthe second side.You can take any other board.

Roses I created in advance.Petals I glued together.At this time I have no roses stamens, as the idea was to make them private.

Arbitrarily I cut a piece of paper.Only I have it is not green, and white.Leaf made of cardboard.I covered him several times white acrylic paint.

cut a few sprigs, which also covered the white acrylic paint and gave dry.Template found on the Internet.You can paint yourself or print ready-made templates from the internet.

I also cut a piece of cardboard (height 18 cm, width 14 cm).Plated several times white acrylic paint.

Plus print and cut a template for writing "Happy Birthday", also from the Internet.But you can use absolutely any template for these purposes is not necessarily so.

Along the edges of all the elements to create postcards I walked blue watercolor paint.Used for this purpose an ordinary brush.

What else do I like is the beads on the line.I make such beauty itself.I cut pieces of line 3 (about 10 to 15 cm)."All for needlework» beads bought in the store.Beads for fishing line stick with an adhesive gun.

If you are comfortable to use glue for bonding moment, then use it.I really like to work with glue gun.They are very easy to stick together, not only the details of cards, and corrugated paper flowers with candy inside.

As you can see, everything is simple.Only preparatory work took a little time.

leaf design board, I folded in half.I glued a piece of cardboard (18 by 14 cm) in the middle.Away from the edges get somewhere half a cm.

At a distance of 3.5 cm from the top edge of the card I stick to the blue ribbon with polka dots.Clay her hot glue gun.I collected as "accordion" as in the photo.

After I glued the ribbon, you can glue the twigs, leaf and flowers.To make every card and see where it can be placed.

distance from the edge of the ribbon pasting twigs, beads on fishing line, leaf.All elements of pasting glue gun.Stir everything as you like.

You can try to make every card in different versions and choose the one that you like best.

make a great photo specifically to make it more understandable.

Glue a postcard inscription "Happy Birthday."Glue the flowers.As you can see, everything is simple.If you can show that the first to make a greeting card on his birthday with his hands in the technique of scrapbooking it is difficult, it only seems at first glance.

Inside card can be stuck a sheet of cardboard, thus filling out the money inside.This is also a great idea.For now, many birthday gift is to ask for money.I do not know about you, but we have so.

And you can paste into the still and beautiful wish.Such requests on the Internet a lot.You must select, print, cut and paste.

Here is a card I did.Absolutely arbitrary, for me, in winter style.By the way, instead of writing "Happy Birthday" can be stuck absolutely any other inscription.

After I taped all the details to the card, I decided to go with a brush on the edges of roses.I do it the conventional brush using white acrylic paint.

Here is a photo a little closer.I have three white paint smears done at the very ribbon.That's how it looks.I do not know about you, but for me it is a gentle and interesting card.

If your acquaintances or friends of the birthday of winter, then this option card is a good gift.As once said one friend of ours that gives these cards instead of flowers for my birthday.As the flowers wither, and card will remain.But we can and flowers and a card, and a gift.)))

few days ago I made a postcard "Happy New Year" in the technique of scrapbooking, there postcard in red and white shades.But also looks wonderful.

Here such at me the master class card in scrapbooking technique.Such things, even in the interior of the house add comfort, warmth, a certain "flavor", a very nice look.I think that everyone is glad to get a gift on my birthday one that is made with their own hands.

Yesterday came into the store, looked at the prices of conventional cards.Postcards different as the design itself, and price.We have a lot of cards that we gave friends, but they do not take up such places of honor as handmade cards.

Thank you, that was me.I wish you all the wisdom, awareness, love, luck, excitement, inspiration, tenderness and joy.Please share with us in the social.network with friends of this article, if you liked the card.Thank you in advance.