Hello dear readers.We are so warm outside, autumn is very warm, all the people walk in the summer, T-shirts and summer dresses.I do not know how long will this weather, but autumn is the autumn, it is not summer, and come winter.Winter is a favorite time of the year my son and he loves the winter, because he was born in the winter, and yet, very he likes when all around white and snowing.

But today I want to talk about it certainly is not, but the seeds of dill, tell useful and therapeutic properties.Also, as a sign of fennel seeds and do not forget to mention contraindications.Dill I like very much, it is one of the condiments, without which I can not do any summer salad, add it to the first dishes and sprinkle with fresh dill ready-made dishes.

When my kids were born, I brewed it vodichku dill dill seeds.Dill Vodicka help cope with the problem of "colic" in newborns, it has a sedative effect.Then, when my children were small, really helped us dill Vodicka.But this list of medicinal properties o

f dill seeds ends.

fennel seeds.Beneficial features.

  • Dill seeds contain vitamin A, C, B vitamins
  • Vitamin C in the course of fennel seeds contain far less than in the dill, but fennel seeds contain essential oils.
  • Trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, iron, selenium.It also contains the seeds of dill oleic acid, linoleic acid.
  • So, thanks to its relatively rich composition, fennel seeds are used to treat digestive system, for the treatment of urinary, cardiovascular system.
  • dill seeds improve the functioning of the digestive system, stimulate appetite.
  • and facilitates flatulence, help activate the intestinal peristalsis.
  • fennel seeds help to normalize sleep and avoid insomnia.
  • also help to calm down and result in pressure to normal.
  • has beneficial effects on the heart.
  • But, among other things, help to withdraw from the intestines of toxins.

fennel seeds help to cope with many problems related to health.They are used for therapeutic purposes in the form of infusions, as well as in the form of infusions.And it is possible to use as fresh dill seeds, and dried.

How to prepare yourself fennel seeds?Or where to buy?

My mother always prepares itself fennel seeds.In its own large garden and the garden naturally grows dill.But, do need umbrellas.Usually at the end of the summer on the umbrellas are already dry seeds.Mom cuts umbrellas and breaks the dry seeds.

store them in a glass jar or in a cotton pouch.This is ideal, but if you can not prepare yourself fennel seed, they can look for either a pharmacy or grandmothers in the market, we are often sold.Or alternatively, check out the store gardeners gardeners, which sells various seeds and ask there.In general, if you ask for, you can find fennel seeds.Ask around among your friends, maybe they have the fennel seeds, especially those who have their own cottage or a private house with a garden.

How to brew fennel seeds.

How to prepare an infusion of fennel seeds. dill seeds or prepare an infusion or decoction.To prepare the infusion rather one teaspoon fennel seeds pour a glass (250 grams) of boiling water.All this is to cover and wrap the towel and let the infusion brew to give all their useful properties of seeds in the waters.We insist approximately 1-2 hours.Then filtered.The infusion is ready for use.You can pre-grind the fennel seeds, because the infusion will be even more effective.

How to prepare a decoction of fennel seeds. To prepare, we need water, and the seeds themselves.A teaspoon of seeds pour a glass of water, put on a slow fire or steam bath.Boil for 5-10 minutes.Further, all we set aside, cover and leave for 30 minutes.Filter and take.

fennel seeds.Application.Treatment.

dill seeds can simply grind in a coffee grinder and take them as a powder.Either prepare a decoction of the seeds to boil in the fire and insist filter.But the infusion is also ready to forgive, pour boiling water over the seeds and insist.They say that if the crushed fennel seeds, the therapeutic properties manifest themselves more effectively.

fennel seeds for pain in the stomach. dill seeds have antispasmodic, bactericidal effect.Promote the formation of a "good" in the gut microflora.Prepare for pain in the stomach such an infusion.One teaspoon of fennel seeds pour a glass of boiling water and insist all pre-wrapped a couple of hours.Then infusion filter and take half cup three times a day before meals.

fennel seeds when coughing. dill seeds in the form of decoction to help thin the mucus and remove it from the respiratory tract, as they have bronchodilator properties.As an expectorant used a decoction of fennel seeds with honey.A glass of water (250 grams) was added a teaspoon of seeds, since boil all boiling 5 minutes, and then 20 to 30 minutes insist.Filter and add a full teaspoon of honey in the infusion.Take half a cup several times a day.

fennel seeds as a diuretic. Due to bactericidal properties of dill seed they are used for diseases of the bladder.Also, infusion of fennel seeds helps to eliminate toxins.One tea spoon of seeds pour a glass of boiled water for an hour, take half a glass of the finished infusion several times a day before meals.

fennel seeds as a choleretic agent. fennel seeds normalize bile secretion and possess choleretic property.Dill seeds are ground using a grinder and take half a teaspoon during the meal washed down with ground seeds with a little water.

fennel seeds angina. fennel seeds help to normalize the pressure, help reduce blood pressure, help to expand the vessels, thereby normalize blood flow.Crushed fennel seeds with the help of the grinder and one teaspoon of seeds pour a glass of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container for several hours and take half a glass a few times a day, after the infusion of strain.

fennel seeds to increase lactation in nursing mothers. infusion dill taken a few tablespoons 5-6 times a day.I have advised many it means when I nursed the baby, but I have to be honest, I did not try, so my opinion here is not to say, based solely on the opinions of their friends friends.

How to make dill water to the newborn?

Perhaps the problem faced newborn colic, many mothers, including myself.I do not want "stuff" baby chemist chemistry.Here I come to the aid of a proven folk remedy dill Vodicka.

fennel seeds help to relieve the baby from gas, to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and help remove spasm.Dill cooking water is very simple, so I was prepared.1 teaspoon fennel seeds pour 250 ml.boiling water, cover and infuse for about an hour.

then filtered and certainly gave the baby to drink nicely at a teaspoonful on before feeding in 10-15 minutes.Sometimes, I poured vodichku dill in a bottle, and gave the child to drink from a bottle with a nipple, so I was much more convenient to water the child.I kid drank even more than a teaspoon, nothing terrible has happened.

fennel seeds.Contraindications.

  • Though it means it is safe, but if you are allergic or are hypersensitive to take contraindicated.
  • Also, before using the broth, infusion of fennel seeds consult with your doctor, so as not to hurt yourself.
  • fennel seeds contraindicated for people with low pressure, because of the fennel seeds drugs lower blood pressure.If you suffer from low blood pressure, I recommend you read the article on the blog "How to increase the pressure."In this article I share my experience of how to increase the pressure, this herb products, massage.

I hope that the information will be useful to you, because fennel seeds are really impressive for its beneficial properties.So, small seeds, such as useful.