Hello dear readers.Useful properties of green tea, the healing properties of green tea.As you may have guessed, today we will talk about green tea.I love green tea, I will not say I'm black I do not drink at all, but I like the green better.If we have black tea is associated with bagels, samovar and a homey feel, the green have become a popular tea not so long ago. not argue, many people do not like the taste of green tea, it seems to them bitter and simply delicious.Just maybe not everyone is able to brew green tea, and that's why it seems tasteless.I have here friends, coffee lovers, too, drink green tea.It is no coincidence, in addition to good taste green tea improves mood, vitality.Green tea is not harmful to our body, but rather improves metabolic processes in the body and overall health.

Medicinal properties of green tea.Useful properties of green tea.

  • Green tea is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C. Green tea is rich in vitamin A, P, K, B vitamins and phosphoru
    s, calcium, iodine, fluorine.
  • Green tea has a tonic properties.
  • Also, scientific studies have proven anti-cancer and anti-oxidant therapeutic properties of green tea.
  • Green tea strengthens our nervous system.
  • Green tea slows down the aging process in our body.
  • beneficial effect on the work of the heart.
  • Green tea lowers cholesterol in the blood.
  • Green tea helps to eliminate from our body of toxins and impurities.
  • It also has a diuretic effect.
  • Green tea has anti-aging effect on our body.
  • Green tea has antipyretic and diaphoretic.
  • Green tea stops the putrefaction and fermentation processes in the intestine.
  • Green tea soothes.

Medicinal properties of green tea are really impressive, you see.But is there any contraindications in green tea, and under what diseases it is not worth drinking.

Green tea contraindications.

  • Green tea lowers blood pressure so caution should be drinking for people suffering from low blood pressure.About how to increase the pressure, you can read in my article here.But it all individually, I though low blood pressure, yet a few cups of tea a day I drink.
  • Do not drink too much green tea a day, as it can cause insomnia and irritability.
  • Green tea increases the acidity of gastric juice, so drink green tea with caution in diseases of the stomach.
  • Children do not brew too strong green tea.
  • not drink green tea on an empty stomach.
  • should not drink green tea drugs.

I will say that everything is good in moderation.This applies to green tea as much as you did not like him.

How to choose a good green tea?

Green tea is better to buy in specialty stores.It is best to buy the tea without additives and flavorings.When choosing a green tea pay attention to his appearance, good green tea should have a pistachio color, dark green tea says that it is too dry.Also, green tea must be free of mold, it should be clear of debris.And the main thing that the tea leaves from sticking to each other.Buy the best tea in bulk.

How to store green tea?

Remember that green tea is very well absorbs all odors.The best temperature for storage is tea room.Keep green tea is best in a dry and dark place, in a ceramic pot and the lid was tightly closed.If you have tea in cellophane or cardboard box should be immediately pour.Do not buy too much green tea, buy it a little bit, so he did not have time to dry out or absorb odors.

How to brew green tea?

Now, most importantly, how to brew green tea?The optimal dose of tea leaves 1 teaspoon of green tea per 250 ml.water.Brew tea 3 minute.Water is best to use spring water for brewing tea.We always drive to the source, tea drink and simply typed in vodichku source, since the tap for tea is not good water, tea at even taste some not so obtained.After boiling, did not immediately pour tea water, wait a few minutes.

is believed that green tea and sugar are not compatible, it is better to drink it with honey or dried fruit or no sugar.Green tea can be brewed up to three times, but I brew it only 2 times and 2 times more than I make not.

And green tea should be drunk in small sips, so to say enjoy the tea ceremony.Green tea is very fragrant and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Drink green tea, especially green tea has also medicinal properties.But do not forget about contraindications and green tea.But everything is good in moderation, do not forget about it.