Hello dear readers.Today we will talk about what is the use of beeswax for humans.Here in ancient times, for example, were made in wax candles lit in their temples.Wax has used for embalming, wax used for the treatment of many diseases.

Beeswax is grainy and fat-like substance has a honey-propolis aroma and distinctive taste.Most bees secrete the wax in the period of fresh food fresh honey and pollen.Bees construct wax honeycomb plate for sealing.Beeswax contains various esters, fatty acid, vitamin A, flavoring and coloring agents.

But what is the use of such beeswax and what properties it possesses?

Beeswax has the following properties:

  • bactericidal
  • Anti
  • Wound healing
  • expectorant
  • Emollient

Currently, the wax used in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used in the production of ointments, creams.Ointments and creams are made on the basis of wax in cosmetics.These creams and ointments is well absorbed by our skin and improve the skin.Another interesting fact, to break the habit and q

uit smoking need to periodically wax chew.Wax cleanses the mouth, strengthens our gums.

wax ointment can be prepared independently.This ointment is well heals cuts, wounds, microcracks, heals cracks in the heels and toes.

Take a glass of vegetable oil, propolis size it should be a pea, wax 100 grams, it all simmer in the water bath until completely dissolved.After dissolving the ingredients then still about 5 minutes.All the strain in a jar.Ointment is stored in the refrigerator after cooling becomes thick ointment.

Wax should not be used if you are allergic to it or bee products.And if you are hypersensitive beeswax.Beeswax

does not dissolve in water or glycerol.The melting point of the wax is 65 degrees.

Use beeswax is really invaluable.This is what gives us the very nature to treat our illnesses.