Hello dear readers.Today our focus was pear.Benefits and harms of pears, today we will touch on this theme.Still delicious pear fruit.We traveled by car to the Crimea, but there are many found along the roads of natural markets.So we stopped at a market to buy a watermelon, melon and other fruits.There used to walk past piles of watermelons and tomatoes in boxes, and generally there are so many different fruits and vegetables ... So there is almost no vendors arm asking him to come to the tent and buy something.Passing by one such tent, where children actively touted buy pears, the eldest child pulled me to the tent and asked for pears.Pears there were really delicious, and like children and husband.So we bought a few kilograms of pears.That wanted to write about pears.

My mom grows beautiful, large pear tree, drying it does on uzvar of pear compote cook, bake delicious cakes with a pear.I'm honestly not a fan of pears, but I like to eat a pear season, and sin not to eat ripe fruit in the season, af

ter all, they have a lot of very useful vitamins.

Peel pears can be green, yellow, red and yellow, green and red all depends on the variety of pear.Pear Blossoms in May, its small white flowers.Pear is an excellent honey plant.We have not far from our house and the forest grow there "pear wildings", so in May during flowering pear so many bees.Just flowers very fragrant pear and its aroma attracted not only bees, but also other insects.The fruits begin to sing since August, and again, it all depends on the variety of pear.

Now let's understand what is the use pears for our body.Fruits ripe pear juicy, fragrant, contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins.I remember my grandmother pear growing near the "well", we've come to Grandma's autumn visit to help her dig potatoes, always possible to tell overeat pears.They were so flavorful and juicy such bad there was only one that revolved around them as bees, to be honest, I was afraid that they have not bitten, but it happens sometimes.And if you are interested in what my grandmother saved me from insect bites, you can read in my article here.

Calorie pear 100 grams only 46 kcal.

Pear benefits and harms.

Well for starters we'll sort out the benefits of pears, and then about the dangers of pears, but first things first.

Pear use.

Pear does not cause allergies, and it is very useful to children, it can be included in the diet of infants, as indicated by the pediatrician, include it in the diet in the form of pear puree, and in the form of juice.

Pear does not cause the intestine putrefaction and fermentation processes.Agree, this is a fairly strong argument to feast pear.

Pear, namely, its fruits are useful in diseases of the liver.

pear fruit has antimicrobial activity.

Pear has antipyretic properties, so compote or uzvar pear great tool at an elevated body temperature, as well reduce it.I have children at a temperature always prepare uzvar of dried pears, tasty, and even useful.

Pear normalizes the gastrointestinal juice and that was really a discovery for me, pear eliminates heartburn.

Pear has a fixing effect, so it is very useful in intestinal disorders.When my son was little, we can say grudnichok he had a bowel disorder, I immediately called the nurse, she was advised to give it a pear.

pear is useful for heart and blood vessels.

helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body.

Fruits pear contains iodine, iron, manganese, folate, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, C, E, PP, B1, B2, fiber, tannins, essential oils, glucose, sucrose, fructose.

But the most important thing is that eating pears we strengthen our immune system, we get the vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body.What other foods strengthen our read my earlier article written by the immune system "products support the immune system."

Benefits of pears is that it also has anti-inflammatory action due to its content of essential oils.

Pear should be included in the diet of people who are very quickly get tired and feel weak.

Pear useful to include in the diet with vertigo, with frequent headaches.

decoction of the fruit of the pear is useful for colds, coughing.

Pears have a diuretic effect.

very important fact that the pear is one of the few fruits that can be included in the diet in diabetes, as the pear does not affect blood sugar levels.

Fresh ripe pear and a great source of energy for our body.

since ancient times knew that pear promotes healing, so do not be afraid to include it in your diet.

Pear normalizes cholesterol.

Pear harm.

  • pears should eat when you are hypersensitive to this fruit.
  • When allergy to pear.
  • In gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  • not worth eating pear on an empty stomach.
  • Pears eat only ripe, green pears better to eat do not eat.

Pear benefits and harms are known to you.That honestly tell you, I do not eat pears all year round, although the market we sell them all year round.I eat pears only in season, as well, and any other fruit.

Fits perfectly pear with ice cream, chocolate, nuts, cheese.Another pear perfectly with ginger, cloves, vanilla, and cinnamon.

My dad loves pear jam on a muffin to smear and drink tea, slices of cake my mother out of a jam once graced and as stuffing for sweet cakes, pies uses pear jam.

I believe that pear brings more good than harm, well, eat or not eat pears it is up to you.