I have an event I got a parcel with Primavera essential oil of rose, but the oil is not clean, and diluted alcohol.Just this firm is not diluting its essential oil, jojoba oil, like the others, but only high-quality alcohol, so I explained the consultant Primavera.As part of the 10% oil of damask rose and 90% alcohol.Rose oil is obtained by steam distillation using organic raw materials in Bulgaria.Essential oil of rose petals (Rosa Damascena) is collected and immediately steamed, carefully monitoring its temperature, since even a slight temperature rise can destroy delicate scent of roses.

And yet, at the Primavera site this year is simply no pure essential oil of roses single ml., At least, where I ordered.The consultant explained to me that the pure oil simply not available and offered a ready-diluted oil.

about essential oils of rose and its healing properties, I read a lot.But, 1 ml.Rose oil is the minimum wage.So, you can work for a month and give the money earned in 1 ml.oil.Especially now t

hat the rose essential oil is very concentrated, and the smell of his strong and sharp.In pure form, rose oil can not be used, it must be diluted with alcohol or oil (jojoba better) depending on the intended use.That's why I decided to take the already diluted rose oil, jojoba oil is still ordered.I paid 3500 rubles for two oils.

course in the future shall get 1 ml.essential oil of rose.Because of this property, I struck oil, as far as oil is excellent and suitable for a variety of purposes.Today I want to share with you, because I read a lot of information on this subject.True to YouTube clips is very oil of rose oil.

reviews ethereal rose oil only positive, and if there are negative comments, then explained it all, not only quality products.I write my reviews, so as let me and dilute the oil, but the quality and the feedback is very important for those who are only going to buy oil, the ability to gather information about it.

The Primavera I ordered essential oils, they really liked me.I also took Hydrolat rose, too happy, I use as a tonic splash to the face, hair.About Hydrolat roses you can read in my article "Guide rolat roses.Properties.Application ".

be ordered Oil rose almost a month ago, wanted "currently present" New Year do not succeed, but all for the good, yesterday received.Of course, I immediately opened and sniffed.Aroma stunning.This is an excellent, ready-made spirits.Droplet "rubbed" between the fingers and caused ripples on the point.Aroma echoed throughout the room.The aroma is sweet, pink, rich.It smells of fresh buds of roses, the fragrance is very, very delicate.

Oil rose one of the best oils for women is perfect for body care, face and hair.And Rose gentle aphrodisiac and considered a "flower of love".One of the surest ways to attract a man, surround yourself with the scent of roses.

Rose essential oil.Properties.Reviews.

The healing properties of essential oil of rose is impressive, it is used in the cosmetic, dermatological, pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as for the treatment of many diseases.

  1. Rose essential oil has anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties.It can be used in the colds season.
  2. sleep disorders rose oil soothes, relieves insomnia.It is enough to put a drop of oil on a cloth napkin and put near the pillow.
  3. Rose Oil well soothes, relieves anxiety, nervous exhaustion and fatigue, this oil is a godsend.Especially because the scent of roses like almost all women.
  4. rose oil has a general rejuvenating effect on the body.
  5. Rose essential oil helps to normalize the pressure, so it is suitable for hypertensive and hypotensive patients, normalize heart rhythm.
  6. Has oil rose a moderate choleretic action, normalizes the digestive system, eliminates bacteria overgrowth.
  7. for women rose essential oil is a godsend.Oil eliminates thrush and vaginitis, forms a perfect odor and vaginal microflora.Eliminates PMS.
  8. Rose essential oil is suitable for the care of any skin completely.But, be sure to dilute before use rose essential oil to any base oil as rose essential oil is very concentrated.
  9. rose oil increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothes out wrinkles.
  10. Rose essential oil eliminates swelling, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
  11. rose oil has wound healing properties and is suitable for the treatment of skin diseases.
  12. rose oil has tonic properties.
  13. One of the inherent healing properties of rose oil is an anti-fungal properties.
  14. And also, I want to note, that rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties.
  15. rose oil improves memory, attention, stimulates the creative impulse, increases efficiency.
  16. relieves postpartum stress and eliminates the neurosis.
  17. Rose essential oil normalizes the sebaceous glands, rejuvenates and regenerates the skin cells, eliminates irritation, peeling.
  18. Oil rose wonderful aphrodisiac.More specifically, what are the oil aphrodisiac yet, please read the article "Essential oils aphrodisiacs".

Here is my rose oil.5 ml vial.with a convenient dispenser.If used as a perfume, such spirits, really persistent.I struck at the point ripple oil rose to 15. 00 and 21. 00 was still perceptible fragrance of roses.And it was only one drop of oil.

vial of dark glass, plus a cap, which scrolls, but not open.Slacken by pressing and scrolling cover, which in turn is convenient, the children can not open the vial itself.

Rose essential oil.Application.

pure essential oils are best diluted with jojoba oil 1: 5, and apply the already diluted mixture.

Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety. Rose essential oil has beneficial effects on the central nervous system.Relieves feelings of fear, anger, depression, stress, anxiety.It helps with mental fatigue.You can apply the oil in aromalampe, aromakulone, take a bath with essential oil of rose.When receiving

bath to dissolve 6 drops of oil of emulsifier in the spoon (honey, cream, milk, sea salt).

pain during menstruation. In the days of menstruation rose oil normalizes the amount of bleeding and acts as an anesthetic.When painful menstruation drop of rose essential oil is applied to the daily strip, for a few days before menstruation.

Thrush. When thrush can douche soda solution.On teaspoon of baking soda dropped a couple of drops of oil rose.The mixture to be dissolved in 0.5 liters of boiled water.

Herpes. Herpes on the lips of a small amount of oil rose 2-3 times a day smeared herpes.

Skin diseases. for skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, essential oil is mixed with ointment.On one part of the ointment should take one drop of rose oil.

Skin care around the eyes. Oil rose perfectly suited to care for delicate skin around the eyes.Rose essential oil is mixed with jojoba oil.Since zhozhaba oil, one of the soft oils, moreover, it is not kamedogenno oil.Per 10 ml.basics of oil you need to add 1 drop of rose oil.This is a wonderful "cream" under the eyes.

rose oil can be enriched creams, shampoos, shower gels, hair masks.

Which oil can be diluted essential oil of roses? as a basis to dilute rose oil suitable jojoba, almond, peach or apricot kernel oil, avocado oil.

What are the essential oils of rose essential oil blends? Rose oil combined with oil of bergamot, geranium, cypress, chamomile, mandarin, patchouli, myrrh, rosewood.

Rose essential oil.Contraindications.

When applying oil on your skin may feel a brief burning sensation, reaction is natural.

  • Rose essential oil should not be used if you are hypersensitive.
  • With careful use rose essential oil during pregnancy.
  • The pure essential oil can not be used because it can be very unpleasant skin reaction.
  • Before applying oil rose to test it on the skin.

present rose oil freezes at low temperatures, but its properties are not lost.

Beware of synthetic analogues of essential oil of rose and counterfeiting.Most often sold as rose essential oil and 1 ml., 3 ml, 5 ml.must be thirty rosebuds For oil droplets.Especially, that the collection of roses is manually before sunrise.Oil made immediately, as rose petals very quickly lose their essential oils.

I still really like tea tree essential oil, that's true, "the doctor from 33 diseases."Read about tea tree essential oil can be in the article "tea tree essential oil".And it is not as expensive as rose essential oil.

real quality rose essential oil expensive.Acquire need oil, if it will help in solving a particular problem.In our pharmacies are selling rose essential oil, but I did not even buy as read only negative reviews about essential oils, which are sold in our pharmacies.Base oils I'm trying, but the essential oils I did not like.