Hello dear readers.I am very interested in the topic of aromatherapy, essential oils are used in various fields.Essential oils soothe, stimulate, help to relax, relieve negative thoughts give confidence and it is a proven fact.The positive effect of fragrances, which they have on the body, tied for second place after the music.Today I want to talk about essential oils aphrodisiacs.It is very interesting to me was the theme of this, if it is of interest to you, then let's talk about this.I want to share with you information that I found.

Aphrodisiacs - substances that stimulate the libido and boost vitality necessary for the implementation of this feeling.The name aphrodisiac has its roots in Greek mythology as the goddess of love, Aphrodite, Zeus made love the location with the help of a magic belt which have been concluded love, desire, seduction.

For centuries, aphrodisiacs were considered from different points of view.And because people do not have access to the magic belt of Aphrodite they have

to pay to nature.And to show their effects aphrodisiacs have to "get in touch" with the human body.

Aphrodisiacs can be taken in different forms: in the form of teas, drinks, food.Previously we used a mixture of herbs that are smoked or used like incense.Odor acting on the body through the olfactory receptors, but when smoked penetrated into the blood through the lungs.

also prepared various oils and ointments that are rubbed into the skin, and these substances act on the skin.Later, people began to look for in the realm of plant material which were able to cause desire.Some of the plants were good to eat, some have been used as a medicine, and many plants were deadly poison.Many plants help one, not having the desired action for others.And on many plants simply forgot because of the side effects that they have on the body.

aphrodisiac properties also have certain foods, such as nuts (any), honey, chocolate, black and red caviar, basil, parsley, olive oil, strawberries, bananas, dates, coconut, mango, avocado, spices and so on.d.

Essential oils aphrodisiacs.

But, since today we are talking about essential oils aphrodisiacs, then get back to them.Moreover, this topic is of interest not only to women but also to men.

in love essential oils to help you configure the desired fashion.So how do you act on the body essential oil as an aphrodisiac.

Essential oils - aphrodisiac helps release pheromones - biologically active substances, which act as a form of chemical bond between a man and a woman.They are distinguished by special glands, located directly to the skin of the person and act on the subconscious level, causing sexual arousal.

Standing out fenomony perceived by the olfactory organs and transmit signals to the cerebral cortex, thereby causing the drive or desire.

Some aphrodisiacs are substances that stimulate the production of sex hormones and cause a rush of blood to the genitals, thus increasing their sensitivity.

Essential oils act on the brain by stimulating the release of endorphins.Endorphins are hormones, which are also called "happiness hormone" or "happiness hormone".These hormones cause a feeling of happiness, sharpen the senses and desire during sexual intercourse, also make a person more liberated and free.Furthermore, endorphins help normalize the cardiovascular system.

Essential oils aphrodisiacs remove obstacles in the form of shyness, complexes, increase desire, enhance sensitivity.

Essential oils aphrodisiacs for men and women.

you must first like the flavor oil.The oil must have harmonized, thus appear self-confidence, which is very important.Aromas are applied to a clean body, this applies to both men and women.As an aphrodisiac oil is necessary to choose the oil, which will appeal to both.

Fragrance is not necessary to apply a large amount of fragrance should be easy.To a man, for example, wanted to "reach out" to you, learn from you than the smell.And also, you need to choose the method of application of oil, that is, it aromakulon, aroma bath, aromassazh, fragrant perfume.

for baths need to dissolve the oil in the cream, milk, honey, dripping in can not oil the water, otherwise it will remain on the surface of the water, when you'll get out of the bath, oil will remain on your skin, and as you know, oil cancause skin burns.For essential oil aroma massage must be diluted with a base oil, a 10 ml.base oil (about 2 tablespoons) needs 4 drops of essential oils.

Liked oil can be used for flavoring linen, for this purpose, apply a few drops of oil on a cloth and put it next to the linen.After just 1-2 days Linen is fragrant smell of your favorite oil.

essential oil of ginger. Good for erotic massage, this massage helps to relieve stress, enhance blood flow.Ginger oil is a truly masculine oil, which helps to enhance the potency, stimulates, warms, gives self-confidence and reliance.

essential oil of jasmine. This oil is a good aphrodisiac for both men and women.Jasmine oil is one of the most expensive oils.Jasmine Oil restores confidence and allows you to experience its allure.Jasmine, as an aphrodisiac, used for centuries in India, it dripped onto the hair in order to "attract a husband."oil aroma is very intense, so it should be just one drop.

Essential oil of ylang-ylang. This oil belongs to the erotic oils, which increases the susceptibility of female and male potency.Oil relieves stress, fear, gives self-confidence and their own abilities, gives a feeling of serene peace.

Patchouli essential oils. It applies more to men than to women oils.Patchouli oil increases the potency, reveals sensuality, relieves anxiety, calms, soothes.

essential oil of neroli. This oil is obtained from orange blossoms.From oils aphrodisiac Neroli oil belongs to the "passionate oils", as it is believed that this oil, "opens the door" to the mysterious world of passion.Should this oil is very expensive.Neroli increases the potency and sensuality, butter allows you to experience long-term enjoyment.

Rose essential oil. is considered one of the most expensive essential oils in the world!You can purchase it literally ml.And 1 ml.this oil is the minimum salary per month, well, so, to understand.This oil is considered to be a female oil, it affects the female body both emotionally and physically.This oil tones the uterus and is useful for the female reproductive system.It can be used on their wedding night, such a night to be remembered for a lifetime.

Essential oil of sandalwood. This oil belongs to the male the oils, which increase the potency of a man and do just irresistible.The smell of sandalwood oil like many people, some women too, like oil of sandalwood.Treat this oil to one of the most expensive essential oils.

essential oil of cinnamon. considered erotic oil, as it brings the passion in a relationship, increases the potency, increases sensitivity, involves fantasy and increases energy supply.

Essential oil of cedar. bring freshness in relationships, oil can extend the time of foreplay.

essential oil of myrrh. considered feminine butter flavor his delicate and refined.Deep myrrh line connects the river to the River of Life of Love.It is also known that children conceived in the fragrance of myrrh, extraordinary and very beautiful.

essential oil of geranium. Suitable for women after 45, the fragrance will cheer up, will sentimentality and daydreaming.The smell of geraniums can be attributed to the exciting flavors for both partners.

This list of oils you can still go on, but I would have all these oil traded on one single rose oil, it smells, it is simply not pass.And according to research by American scientists lavender oil can also be attributed to the aphrodisiac.And every fourth person chooses for himself spicy smells.

But, you need to give preference to the oil, which you like most.I note that the good essential oils are very expensive, and in regular pharmacies are not sold, as though it did not sound sad, I am convinced of this herself.The list of companies producing high-quality essential oils can be found in the article "My oil".

Also, remember that all the oil to be tested, so that you do not have turned out to be allergic to them.I think that reading about essential oils and their properties aphrodisiacs, you can choose for themselves the right oil.