Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about tea tree essential oil.This I really like, but I love it for its medicinal properties.Tea tree oil really helps in the treatment of many diseases.Thanks to the Internet, you meet interesting people, and a lot more useful to know.So I met with essential tea tree oil.I bought a cheap oil at the pharmacy, dripping in the aroma lamp, but effect a zero.Whatever it was, instead of the pungent smell of oil treatment caused only a headache.I began to analyze, read about this oil on producers and reviews of oils.

In the end it turned out the list of companies that produce high-quality essential oils, not synthetic.All cheap oil can be used to flavor the premises and not for the treatment and I was convinced itself.From the list of high-quality oils you can buy oil from Gloryon and Primavera, I decided to test the Primavera and bought them two essential oils.This is certainly the sky and the earth in comparison with cheaper oils.

aroma of tea tree oil from Primav

era is very thin, not sharp, I really like my previous cheap oil was sharp and in addition to head pain outcome was not from him.

Recently I have started to appear on the lip of a cold, only just.Well, I think everything will go now with a red lip.I greased a few times in the evening place "cold" tea tree oil.I wake up in the morning and in the mirror, I just could not believe my eyes, cold remained little flyspeck and the pain was gone.All thanks to tea tree essential oil.

I did as I drip in aroma lamp, the room is filled with a wonderful aroma, plus air disinfection, what is important in the period of colds.We in the school and in kindergarten, where my children go, every second child with a cold is coming, so the infection is easy to "catch."Of course the tea tree oil is not a panacea, but it helps in solving so many problems with health.

Here is my modest order Primavera products, by the way, the price of these products is very high, but it's worth it.About quality and low-quality essential oils can be found here.In this article you will find a list of companies producing high-quality oil.

And yet, tea tree oil activates the processes of perception and memorizing information.In room tea tree oil disinfects the air and is an effective measure to avoid infection during epidemics transmitted by airborne droplets.

tea tree essential oil properties.

Tea tree oil and lavender oil can be used in pure form, but all the other essential oils must be diluted with base oil.

Tea tree oil can adequately replace the floor pharmacy and in this article you will learn why.Tea tree oil is considered to be broad-spectrum antibiotics on the basis of its properties.

  • tea tree essential oil regenerates the nervous system.
  • Furthermore, oil is a natural antiseptic.
  • Tea tree oil has anti-viral properties.Its good to use for the prevention and during treatment of influenza and colds.
  • essential oil quickly relieves swelling.Also
  • , tea oil has a powerful action antifungal property that enables the oil used in treating skin diseases.
  • Inherent oil wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • And yet, tea tree oil increases mental activity.
  • Apply oil for skin and hair in cosmetics.
  • tea tree essential oil perfectly strengthens the immune system.

Also, very importantly, the tea tree oil can be applied externally only.For internal use, I will not tell, because she did not apply.I can only say that Primavera oil for internal use "are" labeled "bio".

I advise you to buy a high-quality oil, then it is you, "will serve in good stead," and will help in solving the problem.Buy cheap oil is better not to, as they say, do not skimp on health.Oil is consumed sparingly and long enough, if you use it for other purposes.

Tea tree oil is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive or allergic to it.

tea tree essential oil will help keep youth and beauty.Tea tree oil is used in the recipes of beauty and health.Reviews of tea tree oil for the most part positive, very rare to find a negative review, and then, due to improper use.

Tea tree oil.Application.Treatment.

Pay attention to the shelf life of oils.Since the discovery of essential tea tree oil can be used throughout the year.Keep the oil in a dark and cool place.

You have no idea how this oil is unique and helps to solve many health problems.I hope that the recipes are not only interesting, but also useful for you.

tea tree oil to the teeth.

have read that tea tree oil is perfectly whitens teeth.It's enough to brush your teeth with toothpaste, then rinse the toothbrush and drip on her one drop of tea tree oil and brush your teeth again.Rinse mouth with water, as it is written by the reviews, the result is simply on the face or "teeth".It is possible to add a portion of toothpaste drop of oil, and brush their teeth.

But that's not all.tea tree essential oil strengthens the gums, prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth, removes bad breath.To do this, just add 1-2 drops of oil to a glass of water and rinse your mouth.

I tried to whiten teeth tea tree oil, so I can confidently say that tea tree oil is well whitens teeth.I brushed my teeth with toothpaste, then dripped a drop of oil on the brush and brushed her teeth again.Then you need to thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.The result is noticeable from the first time.Try.

But, besides all of the above, the tea tree oil helps to cope with a toothache, if you put just a drop of oil on the aching tooth.

Tea tree oil with nasal congestion and runny nose.

tea tree essential oil is an excellent remedy for nasal congestion, checked up on itself.One drop of tea tree oil rub the the two index fingers and put on the wings of the nose, as well as outside of the nose, it is possible to touch her fingers gently inside the nasal passages.Be careful, as the oil may dry the skin.However, the tool is very effective, just a couple of minutes of your nose breathing.

Before use, test the tea tree oil.Drip oil on your wrist, it should be rubbed into the skin, and if after half an hour is not a skin reaction.That is, itching, redness, irritation, do not hesitate to use oil.

me this oil is suitable, even though I have sensitive skin and I hope that it is suitable to you.

And to enhance the therapeutic effect is enough to drip oil in the aroma lamp a couple of drops of oil and light a candle.Only aromalampu pour already warm water, drip oil, and then incinerate the candle.

During an influenza epidemic, viral and catarrhal diseases Tea tree oil works just "perfectly well".It is also possible to use it for the children, the most important thing that the child was not allergic to tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is used to gargle for sore throat, drip a few drops in a glass of warm water and rinse the throat.I myself have not tried this remedy, use a rinse with soda and egg protein.The recipe of this rinsing can be found in the article "Salt, soda, iodine, gargling".

Tea tree oil for acne, herpes and problematic skin.

Apply tea tree oil should be a dot on the pimple or herpes.Do you need to process every day.Apply on the pimple or herpes 2-3 times a day.I tried to put on a pimple, it decreases until not disappear.Tea tree oil is an excellent antiseptic, dries the pimple and works even better than the usual alcohol, with at times.

Herpes on the lip of tea tree oil cures in 2-3 days.Lubricate the affected area should be 5-6 times a day dot.Try tested.Herpes dries.Tea tree oil is for me the best pharmacy ointments for herpes.

Also, tea tree oil can be added to the cream you are using.But, do not add oil in a jar of cream, it is better to add a drop of cream in a serving.This cream is suitable for problem skin.1 drop of oil is enough for a teaspoon of cream.This cream is suitable for prevention of acne formation for problem skin, and for oily skin.Also, tea tree oil is perfectly cleanses the skin and gets rid of acne and pimples, plus a light whitening effect.

Tea tree oil is perfectly helps to relieve itching, inflammation and swelling of the skin with insect bites, just lubricate inflamed area of ​​skin oil.

Tea tree oil for thrush.

With the addition of tea tree oil suppositories prepared with female problems "thrush".I myself did not prepare the candles for this recipe, but the recipe I was interested.Ingredients for making candles, natural, only cocoa butter and tea tree oil.

Bath and bath with tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can be added to the bath or foot bath.To remove the leg swelling is best to prepare a bath with sea salt which add three drops of essential oil of tea tree.And if you feel that a viral infection "on the way", then take a bath with tea tree oil.It is sufficient to dissolve a small amount of cream, milk or honey essential oil and add it to the bath.Take warm, but not hot bath.Hours 10-15 minutes.

Can I use tea tree oil during pregnancy?

If you are not allergic or intolerant individual, you do not have a headache from the smell of oil, then why not.In fact, during pregnancy can also be infected with a cold or viral infection.Resorting to the chemistry in such a situation and do not want to come here to the aid of essential tea tree oil.It can drip into the aroma lamp, grease near the nose with nasal congestion.But caution can not hurt.Bath with tea tree oil is not recommended during pregnancy.

Perhaps many are not only heard, but also to apply or to apply tea tree essential oil.Write to the purposes for which you apply it and what health problems helped you solve the essential tea tree oil.

Recovers video material of tea tree oil, also I recommend to look.