Hello dear readers.Today I want to speak on the subject of how to use lavender oil, contraindications to the use of lavender oil.Honestly, I'm not really oils like, but sometimes they are used, but lavender oil I really like, he simply inimitable flavor.Also I know that lavender oil is very good help for burns.Lavender oil has antimicrobial action, such as a cold. I add a few drops of lavender oil in an aroma lamp and the room "is filled with" a pleasant aroma.Lavender oil is used as an inhalation in bronchitis, bronchial asthma and hoarseness, as this oil eliminates the spasms of the respiratory tract muscles.A friend of mine always keeps bags stuffed with dry lavender in a wardrobe, he says that lavender have a negative effect on insects.Lavender essential oil has a really broad spectrum of activity.The oil is used in cosmetics and traditional medicine.

Lavender oil helps get rid of stress, insomnia, headaches.About what folk remedies to help insomnia I wrote on the blog, I wrote mostly tested folk

remedies that my grandmother used to read the information in the article "How to treat insomnia folk remedies".With great stress simply inhale the aroma of lavender oil, the oil can be added to the aroma lamp, you can put a few drops on a handkerchief.

word lavender comes from the Latin word "Lavar" they have to clean, wash.Lavender oil purifies not only from viruses, insects and bacteria, it clears the "emotions" as well as relaxing.The scent of lavender is very pleasant, with fresh floral notes.

Lavender essential oil.Application.

  • lavender oil is used as a sedative, depression, stress.
  • As an antiseptic, antifungal agent, an antibacterial agent.
  • Use it as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Use lavender oil to strengthen the hair, to stimulate their growth.
  • Lavender oil eliminates peeling and skin irritation.
  • oil is a good remedy for burns and frostbite.
  • Lavender oil is great relaxes and calms.
  • Used as a bronchodilator, expectorant.
  • How immunostimulatory agent.
  • Lavender oil with tachycardia heart rate normalizes.
  • Hypertension lavender oil helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Use it to improve circulation.
  • To normalize the activity of the central nervous system.

true lavender oil is used widely.I love this oil because I like the smell, but the smell in addition also many benefits for the body.

Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that can be used in pure form, but a dot on the place of defeat.Not in any case can not apply oil to a healthy skin.

How to use the essential oil of lavender.

Lavender oil is used for colds, fever, bronchitis, as the oil helps with coughs, clears his nasal breathing, relieve pain syndromes, which can be for colds, dilates the bronchi, liquefies phlegm.In addition, lavender has antiviral and antibacterial action.

Use lavender oil and bronchial asthma, it relieves bronchospasm.Lavender oil can facilitate attacks of asthma.Use not as lavender oil droplets in the aroma lamp.

good effect lavender oil has allergies, helps relieve nasal breathing, helps with allergic rhinitis, lacrimation, and helps to remove edema.

Lavender essential oil can be used for female diseases, oil helps to reduce pain during menstruation.It can be used in mixtures with other oils.Lavender oil, geranium oil and is literally a drop of peppermint oil.The mixture of these oils can barely put on the lower abdomen, usually the pain recedes.Lavender essential oil is used in the climax.

Lavender oil helps get rid of acne, heals micro-cracks on the face.In dermatology lavender oil is used for herpes, ulcers and wounds, burns, frostbite.

Lavender essential oil like lavender and very used to combat a variety of insects, it can drip onto the fabric, placed in a wardrobe so you can get rid of the bugs, moths and other insects.

Lavender oil is great relaxes and helps with panic attacks and neurosis.Lavender oil promotes good sleep, especially useful for people suffering from insomnia.

oil relieves the pain of bruises, wounds, applied directly on the wound.Oil analgesic, reduces inflammation, disinfects.

Lavender oil.Contraindications.

  • oil contraindicated with allergies to lavender.
  • In the case of individual intolerance of lavender oil.
  • Low pressure to apply lavender oil should be with caution, as it may further lower blood pressure.That would entail drowsiness, lethargy and fatigue.
  • lavender oil is contraindicated in epilepsy.

Lavender oil blends well with other oils, it can be used in a mixture with oil: tea tree, chamomile, pine, geranium, lemon, orange, mint, bergamot, laurel, jasmine.

Use lavender essential oil for inhalation, baths, baths, for the enrichment of creams, compresses, added to the aroma lamp.

for inhalation use it like this: one liter of water add one drop of essential oil of lavender.

for baths used literally from 3 to 6 drops of lavender oil, but previously not dissolve it in a large number of salt, milk or honey, and then add in the bath.

Use lavender essential oil, but before use, consult the contraindications.How to use the essential oil of lavender, you know, but before applying the oils I would still recommend you consult with your doctor.I really love lavender and lavender oil.Sometimes I use it as a means of relaxing when fidgety.

Use lavender oil and be healthy.

Finally I want you to see the video clip on how to check the quality of the essential oil.The truth does not check the oil of lavender and orange oil, but I think these tips will be useful to you when you select any of the essential oil.