Hello dear readers.Today we talk about the treatment of pine oil.Fir oil is a great natural remedy.You can buy it at any pharmacy.I try to in the medicine cabinet I have always had a bottle of pine oil.Especially for colds do inhalation using fir oil.

Fir oil with lemon butter I drip in the aroma lamp, and put it in the room with the flu and colds is very good tool.And my husband, fir, lemon and juniper oil dripping in the car air freshener in the winter time, so as not to bring home what a viral disease, and he liked the smell.And healthy people who are with him in the car, it does not hurt, does not help to catch or destroy the virus at an early stage.Usually we do understand, we feel that starting to get sick, but here such a medical climate in the car.Straight hospital on wheels.

The people, for example, call a physician fir forest.Fir oil is a liquid that has a distinctive smell of pine needles, get it from young twigs and cones fir.Today fir oil is widely used in folk medicine as well as in t

he official.

fir trees growing in Eastern Siberia, where production is carried out and fir oil.Fir tree with smooth, gray bark, has a pyramidal crown, fir cones in the upward direction.

Let's talk about what is beneficial and curative effect of fir oil.

Fir oil, medicinal properties.

  • Fir oil has excellent antiseptic properties.
  • Plus fir oil has expectorant properties.
  • useful to use it for coughs, colds, flu.
  • Fir oil tones.
  • Besides fir oil has tonic properties.
  • has bactericidal activity.

In the pharmaceutical industry fir oil is the raw material for medical camphor.A camphor is used for arthritis, rheumatism, burns.

Now more about the use and treatment of pine oil.

Fir oil.Treatment.

Fir oil is used topically, inhaled, in the form of baths.Here, for example, baths with fir oil helps to relax, get rid of insomnia, help calm in neurosis, and also have a beneficial effect on the skin rejuvenating it.

The inhalation is used fir oil for bronchitis, pneumonia, the flu, a cold, with nasal congestion.The oil improves blood circulation and also has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action.

fir oil treatment of angina.Pine oil can lubricate the tonsils in case of angina, drip on a couple of drops in each nostril, but before that, mix it with vegetable.One teaspoon of vegetable and literally three drops of pine oil.

At a cold and nasal congestion, a drop of oil fir rub along the bridge of the nose.

The flu and colds can be inhaled with pine oil.You can also rub the breast with fir oil but diluted with a vegetable.Oil drips into the nose.Particularly well to the initial stage of the disease to cure the common cold.

When a toothache a piece of cotton wool moistened with fir oil and applied to the aching tooth.

with periodontitis, bleeding gums, with swelling of the gums.Take a spoonful of vegetable oil will drop into it three drops of pine, soak it bintik and apply it to the gums for 5-10 minutes.

fungus on the feet perfectly treated pine oil, lotion if you do 15 minutes of moistened cotton wool in the fir oil.

If you are "tormented" insomnia, take a bath with pine oil.In the bath, add 5 drops of fir oil and soak in the tub about 10-15 minutes.But do not overdo it with the pine oil bath, take a bath every other day.

Fir oil is used in herpes, this piece of cotton wool moistened with fir oil and applied to the sore spot.

Oil fir contraindications.

  • When allergy to conifers.
  • If you are hypersensitive pine oil.
  • In gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  • beer or any other alcoholic beverages can not be combined with fir oil.

Fir oil is used to refresh the air in the room, as well as an antibacterial and antiseptic.Disinfects fir oil from the mold by staphylococcus, from dust.I have it drip into the aroma lamp, if necessary.Fir oil can be a great help in various diseases, but in combination with other drugs.

Treatment fir oil has a good result.But be sure to use pine oil, consult your doctor.Fir oil is not a cure, it is a good preventative tool.