Hello dear readers.Oil of lemon, oil use and contraindications, it will have with you about this.I love lemons, they not only smell good, but also help in the treatment of many diseases, but they still such a beautiful and pleasant color, that from a glance at them the mood rises.

little lemon I use mainly for colds, drip a few drops in aromolampu and all the room is filled with the wonderful aroma and fresh lemon.Her husband is dripping on the air freshener in the car, along with other oils, and thus protects itself from disease in the winter.I do not know about you, but I like the smell of lemon.Especially as lemon oil not only helps with colds, the spectrum of its activities is wide enough, the oil also sharpens intuition, helps with insomnia fall asleep.

Prepared lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from fresh lemon skins.And it includes a 250 nutrients.The scent of lemon oil nice, fresh, light, with a hint of bitter.

lemon oil properties.

  • lemon oil has antibacterial properties.
  • inflammatory.
  • antiviral.
  • lemon oil is good antiseptic.
  • excellent antifungal agent.
  • has a lemon butter and soothing properties.
  • It is used in infectious diseases.

Oil of lemon.Application.

lemon oil, the use of a cold. We all know that a good remedy for colds, at this tea with lemon.We use it in the fight against infectious diseases, and because in the period of the disease, we just need a lemon, as a source of vitamin C, which helps our body to fight infection.What other tasty and healthy means of combating the common cold, read my article "How to treat colds folk remedies".And at the first sign of a cold do with the inhalation of lemon oil.If you do not have an inhaler, the easiest way to drop a few drops of oil into the container in hot water and breathe over the steam.

If you are sick, as simple as the drip in the aroma lamp 3 drops of lemon oil, thanks to its antibacterial properties, lemon oil will help protect your family from infection.

lemon oil, application in bleeding and inflammation of the gums. Very good oil of lemon reduces inflammation, swelling of the gums and bleeding gums.Even with the removal of the tooth lemon oil well stops the blood.We need to take 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and drop it just a couple of drops of lemon oil, and mix with a cotton swab to handle sick gums, and bleeding area every 15 minutes.

also helps with bleeding gums such solution.Take a glass of warm boiled water, add to it one teaspoon of honey and three drops of lemon oil.This solution rinse the mouth.

lemon oil used in bad breath. To get rid of bad breath is enough to drip a drop of lemon oil to a portion of the toothpaste, which you are going to brush your teeth.Oil of lemon because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, neutralizes bad breath.

lemon oil is used for varicose veins. you need to take 250 grams of warm water and drop in a 6 drops of lemon oil.Soak in this solution, or a piece of cotton cloth marlechku folded several times.Applied a compress on 15 minutes to the affected area.The procedure is repeated several times a day.

lemon oil, use for a healthy nervous system.

lemon oil invigorates and helps to wake up in the morning stimulates our brain, our body recuperate.Relieves stress, relieves tension.It helps with depression.Among other things perfectly uplifting and most importantly help to get rid of fear.

with lemon oil aroma can take a bath.To do this, dilute 5 drops of lemon oil to one teaspoon of honey and add the bath.This bath can help relieve stress, tension, relaxes well.

But in the aroma lamp is enough to add only 3 small drops to medium-sized room.

Oil of lemon.Contraindications.

  • Lemon oil is contraindicated in individual intolerance and allergies.
  • is contraindicated if you are allergic to citrus.
  • during pregnancy and lactation.
  • The pure oil can be applied only on the shingles, warts, herpes, in other cases it is mixed with cream, shampoo, oil.
  • use lemon oil is not desirable Hypertension.

test essential oil of lemon allergies.

Mix a few drops of vegetable oil with a drop of lemon oil.Apply a few drops of oil on the skin site and wait for about 12 hours.If allergic reactions have arisen, we can safely apply lemon oil.And if there is an allergy, irritation, redness, burning, this site, which was applied oil should be immediately washed off with warm water and soap.

lemon oil in cosmetology.

lemon oil is used for the beauty of hair, nails and body, it is added to creams, gels, shampoos.Besides oil of lemon removes freckles and age spots.Mix 4 drops of chamomile oil, 7 drops of wheat germ oil and 3 drops of lemon oil.Apply with a cotton swab oil blend on problem areas.And just about 15 minutes rinse with water.

lemon oil for hair.Oil reduces the greasy shine, so is suitable for oily hair, the oil reduces the sebaceous glands.Also perfectly brightens hair.In the portion of shampoo, which you wash your hair, add a few drops of lemon oil.

also lemon oil, found application in the care of the nails.Enough to dissolve the oil droplets in the 2-3 teaspoonful of honey and mix all in a glass of boiled water.With this solution baths do just 10 minutes.Excellent whiten the nail plate.

And if you decide to take a bath with lemon oil, it must be dissolved in the cream, sea salt, honey or yogurt.

If you do not have allergies or other contraindications to the use of lemon oil then use it for health and beauty.