Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about hair.This is my favorite subject.For me the beauty of your hair is just as important as the beauty of the face, body and soul.Beautiful hair - the pride of every woman.Although there are women who like to wear short hair, but I long for the heart.And as you know, with the long hair needs care.Selection of shampoos, various means of masks, essential oils.This all takes time and experimentation, and more funds.Essential oils for hair I began to use recently, about 2 years ago.Start with ordinary pharmacy, and then disappointed.

Began to search, read, watch and choose.My search did not come to a standstill, on the contrary.I found a remarkable firm Primavera, which produces very high-quality oil.That's really the quality, and it is not advertising.This is my review.

situation only in the fact that it is a German company, but in German, I can not put two words together.But I found in our online shop where you can buy oil from this company.And so began my ac

quaintance with essential oils.Quality essential oils.So today I want to share with you information: what essential oils are best suited for hair and what properties are.And I'll tell you how I use essential oils for hair.

This theme is quite interesting.I have to say, if you use a pharmacy with essential oils, the quality and the results are satisfactory, then select the essential oils of better quality you do not need.I drugstore oil did not come.Suffocating odor, poor quality and a lot of different nuances.

properties of essential oils for hair

Essential oils are very concentrated and have a mass of healing properties.Esters before use should be diluted with base oil.Only lavender oil and tea tree can be used in pure form.

Hair oils are used in the composition of masks, scrubs, added to shampoo or hair rinse infusion.

  • Essential oils strengthen hair roots.Activate the growth of new hair.
  • beneficial effect on the hair structure making hair smooth, light, shiny.
  • makes the hair elastic, which prevents their fragility.
  • a part in the other components of the mask helps to moisturize the hair.
  • Essential oils help to cope with dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands.Help to cope with the fat content of the hair.

essential oils that can be used for hair, quite a lot.Some essential oils help to cope with a fat content of hair, other activated their growth, strengthens the third and so on.

Most importantly, from the diversity of esters to choose those that are right for your hair type, as well as some specific situations you have to deal with.

Essential oils for hair

Before you begin treatment with essential oils and hair restoration, you need to know which oils are suitable for your hair type.

Dry, posechennye, thin, weakened hair

Suit such oils: lavender, geranium, bay oil, chamomile, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, rosewood, tangerine.

These oils help to make hair more shiny, elastic, strengthen the hair, make hair stronger.

Greasy hair is better to use for oily hair: lemon, grapefruit, lemon balm, tea tree oil, rosemary, cypress, juniper, orange, bergamot.

All these oils reduce the fat content of the hair and scalp, normalizes sebaceous glands produce an oily hair nutrition, clean the skin, strengthen the hair, make the hair easier.


cope with dandruff help: pine oil, lavender, chamomile, tea tree, eucalyptus, neroli, cedar.


hair with hair loss to help cope: lavender, neroli, ylang-ylang, hit, chamomile, cedar, rosemary, sage and sandalwood.

course, is a favorite essential oil Bey.This oil accelerates hair growth, activates hair growth, and it is a proven fact.

Remember that 1 tbsp.spoon bases (mask or base oil) is not necessary to add more than 2 drops of essential oil.Any hair mask is better to do the courses.The course of treatment oils is 10-15 procedures.

Instructions for use

  1. essential oils is very important that the oil you use for hair, you like it.The smell of the oil should necessarily like you.
  2. Do not forget that in its purest form can not be used essential oils.They definitely need to be diluted with base oil.
  3. Before you apply or that the oil is required to read the indications and contraindications of the essential oil.
  4. All esters like strands of pure, then their action more effectively.
  5. Store essential oils in a dark place at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees.
  6. For frequent, essential oils are not stored for more than 6 months after you have opened the vial.Overdue essential oils better throw.Do not risk using them.
  7. sure to test your essential oils before using.To check whether you have allergies to essential oils, experts recommend to put the essential oil on the inside of the wrist.Many do not.Enough to drip a drop of oil on a cotton pad and lightly hold on the wrist.If after a few hours you have arisen not pleasant reactions, you can safely use this oil in masks.
  8. If allergy or individual intolerance of essential oil, it is not necessary to apply it.
  9. Buy only high-quality oils that are made from natural raw materials, as many oil prepared synthetically.From this develops a very low price for them.

use of essential oils for the hair.Reviews

Now the most important point is to use essential oils for hair.Choosing a quality essential oil, it is important to know how to use it to extract the maximum benefit.

Lavender essential oil

I'll start with my favorite lavender oil.I bought a vial of 5 ml.I it was enough for exactly a year.Hair masks I've done courses.Plus adds it to scrubs to hair and body.From the use of oil, I do not just stay happy.I am delighted with him.

Firstly, I love the aroma of lavender.Secondly, the oil has a really useful properties when applied transformed my hair.I have this oil is ideal.

Lavender essential oil is suitable for all hair types.Has soothing properties, it helps to cope with dandruff and prevents hair loss, gives hair shine, softness and lightness.

But most importantly, lavender oil is attached to the elasticity of the hair, the hair is not torn and less confused.Increased elasticity of the hair.

I use it in oils, do aromaraschesyvanie, add to scrub your scalp.

for hair I do oil mask.The base oil is mixed with essential oils.Base oils that I use for hair:. Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, peach kernel, etc.

oil on a spoon, I add 2 drops of essential oil.Remember, a lot, does not mean good.I remember when I bought the lavender essential oil, I decided to add more in the mask.But this is only a headache and I had to wash off the mask before the time.

Keep the mask on hair for about 2 hours.And after washing, to enhance the effect, I recommend to do aromaraschesypanie.Two drops of oil dripping onto the wooden brush and comb your hair from root to tip, along the entire length.

tea tree essential oil

This oil is an excellent job in the fat content of the hair and scalp with dandruff.relieves itching and skin irritation.Penetrating into the hair follicles oil helps to normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

But, in addition to masks I use it for therapeutic purposes.The oil number 1 with a cold, for colds.It really tested.I usually drip it in the aroma lamp, grease their nostrils.Oh, many more purposes for which I use it.

more details if you're interested, you can away in his article "The essential oil of tea tree." Tea tree essential oil also has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial action.

Typically, it is applied to the scalp, but not in a pure form.To use it as part of masks for hair.Mixing can be with almond butter or peach pits for oily scalp and hair.On the bases of the spoon 2 drops of oil.Rub a mask in the hair roots.

Wash the mask in half an hour after application.Also, when the fat content of hair in a mask you can add a spoonful of dry mustard powder.Mustard perfectly helps cope with hair-fat, plus, stimulates hair growth.

After shampooing, clean and dry, you can comb the hair with a drop of essential oil of tea tree.Apply oil is better on a wooden comb.

Reviews of essential oils very different, but the whole situation is that either people are not properly selected esters hair or are not high-quality oils, or do not test them before using.

oil is used for a reason, and in order to help them cope with a particular situation.

essential oil ylang-ylang

This oil is very beneficial for the hair after applying hair masks acquire luster and healthy appearance.

Ylang-ylang has a truly healing properties.It strengthens the hair, making them flexible, accelerates growth and helps to get rid of excessive fat hair.

To accelerate the growth of hair and give hair elasticity is better to do a mask and aromaraschesyvanie.Aromaraschesyvanie do on dry and clean hair.Put a drop of oil on the teeth of wooden comb and comb the hair for 5 minutes.

Remember that a lot, does not mean good, ylang-ylang oil concentrated and add it to the mask drops needed.On the basis of a spoon (hair mask) is not more than 1 drop of oil.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil of the fair sex, love for their beneficial properties.The oil helps to speed up hair growth, stop loss, moisten the strands to restore hair, give them strength and shine to hair lifeless.

There are many different options for the use of rosemary oil.It can be added to the mask, enriched shampoos, used as a massage tool, and do aromaraschesyvanie.

If you use it in masks, do not add more than 2 drops per 1 tablespoon.spoon base.Mix this oil can be burdock, castor, almond and so forth. Oils.

essential oil of citrus

These oils include: orange oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, mandarin oil.I prefer oils of lemon and orange.These oils help to effectively cope with the fat content of hair.

These oils can be enriched shampoos, used for massage, aromaraschesyvaniya do hair masks at home.

Essential Oil Bay

oil is obtained from the Bay laurel tree, in fact - is the oil of bay leaf, but very effective.

oil strengthens hair roots and activates hair follicles and promote hair growth, it helps to thicken hair, coping with hair breakage.Positively affects the scalp has calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

oil is used to stop hair loss and accelerate their growth.It is applied directly to the masks on the scalp and hair roots.

Oil sharp and astringent, its women do not like the smell.But the effect of the application is very good.

All essential oils for hair, including Bey oil use drops.I add it mostly in hair mask.

Bay Oil mixed with almond oil or argan oil and applied to the hair roots.Per 10 ml.base oil 2-3 drops of oil.

I also bought myself another essential oil of roses, but it is diluted with alcohol.10% oil and 90% alcohol.Since the moment the essential oil of rose is worth a fortune.But I so wanted to try it, and I picked up this version.I use it as a perfume.I tried to add a mask for hair, but only for flavor.On the hair is very thin, slightly perceptible scent of roses.

There are many other essential oils that are good for the hair.But it will be a whole book.))) Tell us what your favorite essential oils for hair.I would be very grateful if you share below in the comments how you use them, and whether the effect.