Hello dear readers.Today we have a guest post, we will focus on hair.We will talk about the curly hair.Some tips you can take note for yourself if your hair is curly.Owners of curly hair styling not deliver little hassle.How to style curly hair?This question is raised by many women.Someone thinks curly tresses gift of nature, and some existent punishment.Yes, it seems that the obstinate and stubborn curls live their own lives, bringing their owners a lot of trouble.However tame curly locks is quite possible!

Do not place in the rain

Even if you have an umbrella and not a single drop of a thundercloud not touch your lovely locks, it is still not worth it to waste time packing when outside overcast.Increased humidity, which means that water penetrates into the microparticles and hair scales to each thread.Water - a rather heavy substance enveloping the hair, it puts pressure on them and they straighten (and uneven), nullifying all the efforts.

Experts recommend a rainy, foggy and cloudy weather a

nd make it easier to braid braids usual, to build a bundle or simply tighten the curls in the tail until the first rays of the sun.Moreover, there are many accessories that can make even an ordinary tail product of hairdressing!

Proper use of hair dryer

Hairdryer - this is our one character.When it misused it retain moisture, and even burn the strands, but if you use it carefully, it will help to create feminine, harmonious way.

The basic rules are as follows:

  • Do not use a hair dryer on wet hair just out of the shower.Let them slightly, about 7-10 minutes, podsushatsya in natural conditions;
  • Use a hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser to evenly distribute the flow of hot and start drying is the bottom, gently helping to separate strands with your fingers;
  • Terminate stacking flow of cool air.

Do not use a brush and buy a comb or a comb

Oh, those brushes!On the one hand, they can significantly save time, as it covers a large area of ​​the head at a time, rather than the crest.But this is, perhaps, the end of their benefits.

flexural curls of hair sections slightly more fragile, so there is massive brush creates additional stress.Besides, its surface is more flat than the natural curves of the human head, so brush captures curls unevenly, making it difficult to comb.But hairbrush or comb perform a difficult task curly hair styling neatly and, most importantly, carefully.

ideal material for the comb or hairbrush (and this applies not only curly hair) - a well-crafted and smooth tree without microcracks, rubber, bone and horn model, hard rubber, silicone, carbon with a ceramic coating.

last option emerged relatively recently, but its popularity is growing rapidly.Carbon ceramic-coated slides smoothly for curly hair, removes static electricity, does not injure structure curl.In any case, in the teeth of a comb or crest should be rare to medium, but in any case not thick - thick teeth are not suitable for curls.

Curly hair is better to wear long

haircut can not grow.So where to put the comma possessor charming waves and curls?If you allow the health of the hair, it is better to choose options for hairstyles for medium length or long curls.

curls, cropped short, not subtract trouble in packing.On the contrary, they will be stronger than the ridge, requiring the use of additional tools for stacking: mousses, foams, gels.

But long strands waves are beautiful fall on the shoulders, and the force of their own gravity you play only on hand - they will not stand out from the stacks.

Curly hair gathered in a loose knot at the back, very sexy

This option is recommended for almost all of the stylists.Easy deliberate negligence significantly refresh your image, add a touch of playfulness, charm and, most importantly, will do so, that you will look younger.

make an ordinary tail flick of the Pitch from his unit and secure with a special tape or rubber bands.

few strands along the contour of the face and it sure beat out will bring additional charm, attracting the attention.To construct a node pretty quickly, but if necessary you can correct it again during the day.

Curly and wavy hair - a great opportunity to create every day new and original images!

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