Hello dear readers.Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite essential oils.It's about tea tree oil.You can use it in different ways.This oil helps me in many ways.I bought a cheap and expensive oil, but stopped at Primavera.The oil is very high quality, it can be used not only for flavor premises, but also for therapeutic purposes.During colds I drip oil in the aroma lamp, at a cold lubricating oil wings of the nose, works very effectively.I have pimples cauterize them, I put or render punctually, in its pure form, as well as bleach their teeth.In general all the useful features and does not count, that's why it was called a doctor from the 33 illnesses.

If you want to become more familiar with the way I use tea tree essential oil, read the article "tea tree essential oil.ยป

Today I want to tell you how to use essential tea tree oil for hair.If we talk about favorites, I really like to use lavender oil for hair.But in addition to lavender oil, there are many other essential oils that can

be used for hair, and get a positive result.

tea tree essential oil for hair

I want to note that not everyone likes the smell of tea tree oil.For me, tea tree oil, it smells very nice.I smell it leaves, pine needles, wood, each probably their association in this regard.

I like the fragrance oil, so use it with pleasure.If you do not like the flavor of the oil, it is necessary to look for more oil.The essential oils are many.Or, alternatively, try the high-quality essential oils.

  • Apply tea tree oil to combat hair fat.It is used in masks, when the hair quickly get dirty.
  • oil helps reduce the fat content of hair, refreshing, making hair soft and easy.
  • Gives shine and radiance to hair.
  • Oil helps to smooth the hair, which, in turn, facilitates combing hair.
  • nourishes hair roots, normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  • tea tree essential oil is used for dandruff, along with lavender oil, this oil is an excellent job not only dandruff, but also shedding.Eliminates scalp itching.
  • oil helps not only to improve the appearance of hair, but also to deal with scalp diseases.
  • essential oil is a powerful disinfectant.
  • Masks with essential tea tree oil to help stop hair loss.
  • Activate and accelerate the growth of hair.
  • Apply tea tree oil with loose, fatty, damaged hair.

Because essential oils are only two oils can be used in pure form of lavender oil and tea tree.Using them in pure form involves the use point.But it is necessary to dilute essential oils for cosmetic procedures.Dilute the base oil in any oil, it is also possible to use masks, added to the shampoo.

The use of tea tree oil for hair

oil can enrich shampoos, masks, use it to rinse after shampooing curls.But measuring spoons of essential oils, and drops, as a drop added to a shampoo or a mask.

very well established tea tree oil to remove the fat content of hair, with regular use of his head can be washed less frequently.

If you use oil in the mask, the mask must be applied to the hair roots spreading further along the strands.Next, insulate the head and leave the mask 15 to 30 minutes.Then wash off.

good result on the hair has aromaraschesyvanie with essential tea tree oil.Put a few drops of oil on a wooden comb and comb the strands.Combing the hair with essential oils can be done once a day.

tea tree oil in masks and beauty treatments can be used in combination with other essential oils: lavender, cinnamon, pine, cloves.

When you add tea tree oil shampoo hair becomes stronger, get shine, strength, eliminates dandruff.Add the oil in a portion of the shampoo immediately before washing hair.Add 1-2 drops of oil in the shampoo serving, stir in the palm and apply on hair.If you add the oil in the shampoo, the volume at 250 mL.5-6 sufficient oil droplets.

After washing your hair, when excess fat, you can rinse your hair with water in which you want to add tea tree oil.For a liter of water is enough 3-5 drops of oil.

Mask for hair with tea tree oil

mask against dandruff. We need any base oil.This can be burdock, olive oil, jojoba oil, and so forth. The oil need a little warm up on water bath.On two tablespoons of base oil spoons need to add 2-3 drops of essential oil of tea tree.Mask mixed and rubbed into the hair roots.Insulate the head and leave for 20 minutes, then wash off.

Mask for oily hair. mix one egg yolk with two tablespoons of lemon juice, add a drop of essential oil of tea tree, and we put the mask on the hair roots.If you are not allergic to dairy products, lemon juice to mask, can be mixed with a spoonful of cottage cheese.

Salt peeling for hair. At high-fat hair, oily scalp, it is recommended to do the peeling hair.It can be left as a mask on your hair, 10 minutes is enough.Exfoliation helps to purify the scalp from cosmetic residues.

Use fine salt.2 tbsp.spoons of salt, mix with two tablespoons of water, add a few essential oil drops of tea tree.Mix everything in a bowl and put on the hair roots.For more information on salt scrub, can be found in the article "Scrub the scalp." Salt scrub helps not only to cope with the fat content of the scalp, but also accelerates the growth of hair.

tea tree oil for hair Contraindications

In my opinion, the most important measure to comply in all.The same applies to essential oils.The use of essential oils can cause a headache.Especially if the dosage is exceeded.

on your scalp or apply tea tree oil is not diluted, it can lead to burns and peeling.

Do not use oil if you are hypersensitive, for allergies.Sometimes, tea tree oil may have allergic reactions.To find suitable oil for you or not, test it.

very important to use quality oil.Remember, a quality oil is not is cheap.Oil is expensive though, but it is very lacking for a long time.After all, we use it drops.

oil expiration date on the package.I have enough bottles for almost a year.Oil sold in bottles of 10 ml or 5 ml.Bottles of dark glass.