Hello dear readers.I congratulate you on the last holidays) In January we have some holidays.So much joy and positive moments give us the New Year holidays.There is still a Baptism))) And we have a few more days in a row it was snowing.Promise warming, and then snow again.This winter, the snow and cold.In the winter it is very important for skin care and hair.Today I want to talk about the care of the scalp.I'll tell you how to make a scrub for the scalp, will share their proven formula.If you have your own recipe scrub for the scalp, share them below in the comments.

Scrub, now can be purchased at almost any store.But I suggest to cook scrub themselves at home.I love natural makeup home, so I will share with you a proven recipe for the scrub.Today I'll show you how to make a scrub for the scalp at home.

Scrub scalp

scrub is very simple, quick and easy to prepare, well washed off from hair.Hair after using a scrub smooth, shiny, soft, pleasant to the touch.In general, some pluses)

Preparing today scrub with salt.This scrub I really like.Though other scrub recipes a lot.You can try and choose the one you like scrub.

Recipe salt scrub

Composition scrub balm:

  • fine sea salt - 3 tbsp.spoon
  • hair balm - 2 tbsp.spoon
  • Lavender essential oil - 3 drops

Composition scrub with oil:

  • Sea salt - 3 tbsp.
  • tablespoons oil (peach kernel, sweet almond oil) - 2 tbsp.spoon
  • essential oil - 2-3 drops

What essential oil can be added to scrub for oily hair, hair loss, dandruff, dry hair when you can see in the article: "Salt peeling for hair growth".

Scrub scalp at home, you can cook with balm, coffee, sugar, oil and other components.Most of all I like to scrub balm.

to scrub better use of sea salt, it is better if it is small or medium ground.If the salt is large, it can be crushed.In the extreme case, if you have no sea salt, you can use ordinary salt.

recommended for dry and finely ground salt sensitive scalp.

I mix the salt with a balm for hair.Take the balm that you are using.Especially do not need to buy a balm.Mix balm and salt, add three drops of essential oil.I add my favorite, lavender essential oil.

mixed.Scrub the scalp is ready for use.The consistency of the scrub is a bit like thick cream.

Application scrub

scrub should be applied to the scalp.Apply scrub only "dirty" hair.On the scalp massage is applied to the motion.

moisten the roots of the hair with water before use scrub.Apply scrub gently, so as not to injure the scalp.Better to put salt scrub over the bath, since salt will be showered with the hair.

After applying the scrub on your hair, leave it on for 7-10 minutes and then rinse with running water and wash your hair with shampoo.

You can rinse your hair boiled grass or water with apple cider vinegar.

Use a scrub once a week for oily hair.For normal to dry hair, use a scrub no more than 1 time in two weeks.

Benefits Scrub Scrub

- a pledge of beauty and health of hair.Scrub helps remove the stratum corneum cells, cleanse the scalp of paint residues, gel, mousse and so forth. Cosmetics.

Using scrub involves massage of the scalp, thereby improving blood flow, thus you can stop hair loss and increase their growth.

Scrub helps with dandruff.

Using scrub improves blood circulation, improves blood flow to the hair follicles, improving the access of oxygen to the tissues.

Application scrub the scalp reduces hair oiliness, contributes to a better penetration of cosmetic and medical hair masks.

also use a scrub hair contributes to a better penetration of masks, can achieve a positive effect on the use of masks.

Contraindications scrub

If you have a wound, injury, scratches on the scalp, use a scrub is not recommended.

If the scalp is sensitive, you can use finely ground sea salt.

Despite favor scrub scrub hair components can be an allergy or idiosyncrasy.To test the scrub suits you or not, apply a little scrub on the crook of the elbow, leave for 5 -7 minutes and rinse with water.If there was no allergic reactions that can be used to scrub the scalp during this time.

If after applying the scrub on your skin you feel burning or other discomfort - immediately rinse with water, scrub and wash hair with shampoo.

Other scrub recipes for scalp

scrub with sea buckthorn oil. To prepare scrub we will need 3 tablespoons.spoons of salt and 2 tbsp.olive oil.Apply scrub to skin massage movements, rinse shampoo.

Scrub with yogurt or kefir. To prepare scrub to mix 3 tbsp.spoons of salt and 2 tbsp.tablespoons of natural yogurt (without additives) or yogurt.

scrub with sugar. If the hair is oily, you can mix the sugar with a white or blue clay, and when dry - the yogurt.Mix 3 tbsp.spoons of sugar with a spoon of clay and dilute the dry ingredients chamomile broth.

scrub with ground coffee. few tablespoons of ground coffee mixed with oil or balm.Apply on the scalp massage movements.

In any scrub, you can add essential oils.If you do coffee scrub acknowledge that the scrub with coffee badly washed off from the hair.

Do you use a scrub for the scalp?Share your favorite recipe below scrub.