Hello dear readers.Today we will focus on hair.Do you experience dry hair?I do, yes.So I had to dry hair to recover.I want to share recipes that will help restore dry hair.Maybe someone will be useful.Although now all the issues with the skin and hair well "settled" in beauty salons.However, home care, I think, is very important.I began with the restoration of hair shampoo.For a long time picking up shampoo, try different.I approached shampoo "organic planet", a very good series of them with sea buckthorn oil, olive and cedar.Yesterday bought a new shampoo tested.

But always all need to be individualized.Since the tried-based shampoo soap root and essential oils, without sls.It seemed to me that he was even more dry, and free of dry hair.A "planet organic" with balm.So that this fact should not lose sight of.Be sure to use a shampoo and balsam.I use already half a year and happy as shampoos and balms.

If dry hair, what to do at home?First you need to find out the reasons, but they are not enough.Ev

en the water from the tap and use shampoos with sls, can lead to dry hair.I'm not talking about ironing, hair dryer, hair lacquer or other means.

Who would not say, but if you want gorgeous hair, hair care needs.Yes, we need to invest in its beauty.

Dry hair.What to do at home?

I tell you that I helped to restore hair.You can, in turn, share their recipes, which help in hair restoration.

One reason for the dryness of hair I have served as a hair iron.Probably, such a law, if the hair is curly, they want to straighten, and direct - "screwed."Achieving perfectly straight hair helps iron is, at least to me.

We women want to look perfect and we are all the time that something was wrong.

If you have dry hair, pay attention to chronic diseases, decreased immunity, use of certain medications.Perhaps this is the reason.

I restore hair or immediately.On the recovery can take anywhere from several months to six months.

better hair ends cut off, especially if the hair whip, are certainly not recover.This tip my hairdresser.

Dry hair.How to solve the situation?

With "treatment" of hair I recommend, at least temporarily, give up the varnish, gel, hair dryer, ironing etc. Resources.As I did so.

Revise your diet, drinking regime (a day is recommended to drink at least 2.5 liters of water).Include vitamins, macro and trace minerals, cod liver oil.This is all very important.

will change shampoo Perhaps you need.I recommend to use shampoos without sls.Buying shampoo read their composition required.It is not recommended to buy the means which is composed of silicone.Since this will lead to the fact that the hair will become brittle and dull.

also take balm to shampoo.Use a shampoo with balm.Balsam use after washing hair with shampoo.To distribute a balm for long hair, I squeeze out of a tube the size of a balsam, "walnut" in the palm.Nanoshu from the middle ear to the dispensing ends of the hair.

Frequently wash your hair is not necessary.Wash hair no more than twice a week.Rinse the hair after washing decoction of herbs can be.And remember, it's too hot water negatively affects the condition of hair.

sure to use a hair mask.I helped the oil well in the mask that I have added an essential oil (I used oil "Primavera", I like them, and it is not an advertisement, but a reality that "works").

useful to do moisturizing mask.Masks can be done several times a week.

Dry hair.Treatment

me in the care of dry hair perfectly helped oil mask.Because I like oils: olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond, peach, wheat germ.You can mix several oils for oil mask.

mask with coconut oil for hair

mask with coconut oil can be recommended, proven repeatedly, the mask works.I usually mix coconut oil with essential oil of lavender.In one tablespoon of oil one drop of essential.Prepare a mask based on your hair.Someone enough a couple of spoons, I need 3 to 5 spoons to put on all the hair.

Oil is sold in solid or liquid form.For more information about the beneficial properties of the oil, the benefits and recipes of masks for hair with coconut oil can be found in the article "Mask for hair with coconut oil".I do not wish here to repeat everything again, since a lot of information, and who are interested in the properties of the oil, see.

usually with a mask, I go a couple of hours, and after all wash off with shampoo.I put on dry hair.I wash the hair several times their lathered shampoo.Hydration, nutrition and shine you will see from the first application.

Masks is an external application, but vitamins and trace elements-marco is internal.Since vitamins are very important not only for the hair, but also for the whole body.I'm still taking fish oil.Why am I so often say about this?Because it's really important.

important comb.Iron tines on a comb are not suitable, I use a comb with wooden teeth.On comb you can apply essential oils and comb your hair.I use aromaraschesyvanie with, my favorite, lavender oil.

Egg mask for dry hair

very pleasant to me yolk hair mask.I do not use the whole egg and yolk only.And I take the eggs village, this is an important fact.I mix and yolk oil.From oils can take any:. Almond, olive, etc.

Usually I mix one egg yolk with three tablespoons of oil.To use the mask yolk, two, or even three.I leave the mask for 40 minutes on your hair and then wash off with shampoo.

mask of sour cream and honey

To mask you will need a few tablespoons of sour cream, egg yolk, as well as a full tablespoon of honey.All components are mixed and applied to the hair.You can even add a mask to a ripe banana.Apply the mask need not roots, and hair length.

Herbs for hair

for rinsing the hair can be used grass.There are herbs for light and dark hair.For dark suit: St. John's wort, lavender, mint, burdock root, hops.For blonde hair: dandelion, linden, chamomile, birch.

hair decoction prepared on the basis of a couple of tablespoons of herb per 1 liter of water, boil for a few minutes and persisted.Then rinse hair.You can not boil, just pour boiling water and infuse grass.Be sure to strain the broth.Rinse hair decoction room temperature.

addition it take care of your hair from external influences.

Dry hair at home can be restored.What to do?Change your care, shampoo, make masks, take vitamins.You can also seek help from a trichologist.Take care of your hair.