Today I want to touch on regarding the hair.We always want to keep the visual appeal and beauty.Beautiful well-groomed appearance, beautifully coiffed hair always "chained" the views of others.Well-groomed, beautiful hair is a big job.It all depends on correctly matched the appropriate shampoo hair type, hair masks, care, oils and many other things.If short haircut, I want to grow my hair.How to do it quickly and efficiently, and that it needs?

very good helper in this matter is a mask for hair growth with mustard powder.I knew before about mustard masks, but today, talking to a friend of mine realized how effective the mask with mustard powder for hair growth.

I go to the beauty salon to make a manicure, get in touch with the girls there and learn some of the secrets of beauty, and this is proven tools.So, my friend was able to grow hair for a year and they look at it great.What is the secret?It appears in mustard masks.

Use mustard powder hair

for masks is recommended to use dry mustard, bec

ause it does not contain vinegar and others. Components.It should be dry mustard cheap and it can be purchased at any store.

Contains mustard vitamin A, which in turn has a hair restoring action.

As part of the mustard vitamin E, which also has a positive effect on hair.It prevents hair loss and protects it negative environmental impact.

But that capsaicin promotes hair growth, as acting irritating to the scalp and hair follicles improves blood circulation in cells, improves blood flow to the cells, which ultimately activates hair growth.

rules applying mustard mask for hair

In applying mustard mask should consider some of the recommendations in order to achieve the most positive results.

  1. Masks should be prepared using only dry mustard powder.And mustard powder must be fresh.
  2. mask with mustard used for the hair can be once a week.It is important to make masks rate of at least 10 procedures.
  3. Be sure to test the components of the mask on the individual intolerance or allergy.
  4. Mix ingredients until smooth mask.
  5. Apply the mask with mustard only to the hair roots.Recommend making a mask on the dirty hair.And on the ends of her hair, apply any oil (olive, jojoba, almond and so forth.)
  6. also important to note that to apply the mask on your hair need to divide the hair into locks.Apply the mask on the hair roots.
  7. Remember kulechke and towel, which need to wrap the hair.
  8. mask with mustard powder causes burning, so the time mask individually.Recommend to keep the mask on for 20 minutes to half an hour.
  9. Do not use the mask with mustard powder with the wounds on the scalp with a very sensitive scalp.And it is very important not to cause burns to the skin mask.Therefore, adjust the time mask.

rules applying masks are simple enough.The main thing to find and set aside time for yourself to homemade masks.In our rhythm of life it is of course difficult to do, but for yourself you need to find time ever.

Mask for hair growth with mustard powder

Recipe masks, which have shared with me, I am sharing with you.It's very simple and accessible.

To prepare mustard mask we need:

  • mustard powder
  • sugar
  • olive oil
  • water

Two tablespoons mustard spoon to mix with the same amount of olive oil (can substitute burdock).In the mixture, add a coffee spoon of sugar and a tablespoon of water.Add water not hot, but warm.

The mask can add one egg yolk.But my friend is not advised, as it is poorly washed away from the roots and leaves an unpleasant smell on the hair.But somehow I made a mask with egg yolk and mustard powder, I like it.Therefore, all individually.

To make a mask with egg yolk, we need:

  • yolk
  • mustard powder
  • sugar
  • olive oil
  • water

Two tablespoons mustard powder mixed with a couple of butter, add a teaspoon of sugar,a tablespoon of warm water and one egg yolk.Eggs are best to use rustic, not shop.

may be noted that the hair of my friend become thicker, longer, more beautiful.I just wondered, that so affected the growth and beauty of hair.Another secret friend still uses liquid hair silk.This allows you to make your hair shiny mirror.

Also this mask for hair growth can be used to mask Burdock oil with onion juice for hair loss, a mask with red pepper, all of these components to activate hair growth, improves blood circulation in the scalp cells.

very important not to overdo the mask with such components, so always watch the time.And with a very strong burning sensation immediately rinse the mask.

But I want to focus on the use of vitamins and proper nutrition.Since sometimes hair falls out in the event of disease in the body, this fact should also not be overlooked.

How to wash your hair mustard powder?

with mustard powder, not only do the mask, but also use it to wash your hair.Per liter of water add a few tablespoons of mustard powder and stir until dissolved.

resulting mixture washed his head, rubbing the hair roots.After a few minutes, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, then rinse with cool.For

mask may be mixed not only with mustard oil, water and sugar, but also with other components.For example, sour cream, mayonnaise, or just to plant dry mustard with water.But be sure to take warm water, not hot.

Mix mask to until smooth.Weight should resemble a thick cream.

Make hair thicker at home as possible.So if you want to grow your hair or stop the loss of all things are possible.