The topic I have for the hair.Sometimes we mistakenly believe if we are given the nature of the beautiful hair, they will always remain so.But the hair is necessarily necessary care.And if the hair is naturally rare, fine, then all the more necessary to seek means by which to make your hair thicker, longer and more beautiful.It happens with age the hair becomes sparse, thin, weakened, over dried.All can be restored, but it will take a little time and money.How to preserve the natural beauty, shine and health of your hair?And also how to make your hair thicker and longer at home, it will be discussed.

Who would not say, but the hair needs protein without the protein do not grow a beautiful and long hair.Be sure to vitamin complexes, and fish oil.Follow the diet and the amount of water you drink.

Also important is the outer hair care.You can go to beauty salons, but you can treat hair yourself at home.I experiment a lot, buy a lot of oils, including essential, do hair masks from natural products, buy

and use a shampoo without sls, so I have something to tell you on the subject of strengthening the hair.

Factors affecting the condition of the hair:

Do not forget about the environment.Frost, wind, summer heat, all this has a negative impact on the hair.It is necessary to wear a hat in summer and winter.This way we can protect our hair.

Hair coloring, perming, nail, hair dryer, iron is.I myself sometimes use such means.But lately, I try to use them as little as possible.If possible, use sparing the hair products.

Sometimes hair may become less frequent as a consequence of an illness or chronic disease.And often the problem is not external but rather internal.It is important assistance and consultation of experts.

Importantly proper nutrition, protein intake.Guzzle a complex of vitamins and microelements.It is important to a balanced diet.Drinking enough water every day.

It is important to choose the right shampoo suitable for your hair type.Be sure to use the balm after the shampoo.It is important not to wash your hair with hot water.Also, give them to dry naturally.

How to make hair thicker at home and longer

Of course you can make your hair thicker by a salon procedures, it extensions, hair lamination.It can be cut, as visually make the volume of short hair easier.And the hair ends recommend shear, especially posechennye.Such you will not recover.

Increase hair I have not tried, I did not why.Familiar stepped up, he said that for such hair needs special care.I tried gelatin lamination at home.The procedure was very pleased.The hair becomes shiny, elastic, plus get extra volume.

I apply aromaraschesyvanie, scalp massage, mask for growth, shine, beauty, hair strengthening.All the complex will make hair thicker and longer.Of course, we should remember that it takes time and patience, a month hair does not grow at 10 cm.

I use a mask for hair with lavender oil.I mix the base oil with essential.This is one of my favorite masks.On the basis of a spoon of oil, I add a drop of lavender oil.As a base oil can be used burdock oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, olive even.

nanoshu mask from the roots and to the tips.I leave a couple of hours.Then wash off with shampoo.This is a mask I made once a week.I can tell you that you need to make masks 7-10.The result is visible from the first application.Hair more elastic, shiny, vibrant, beautiful, smooth.

To make the hair is longer and thicker, it is necessary to use a mask for hair growth.Due to the fact that the masks are applied to the hair roots going food roots, improves the blood circulation of the scalp, the hair grows faster.

Well, another essential oil that actually works and helps grow hair is an essential oil Bay (bay leaf oil).The essential oil is mixed with the base.All as well as with lavender oil.And then spread the mask on the hair roots.Leave for an hour, then wash off with shampoo.After a time, you can see the young undercoat.The fact that oil is running it is a fact.The main thing to buy very high quality essential oil.

mask with burdock oil is also effective.Burdock oil improves blood flow, as a result, the hair grows faster.Burdock oil mixed with mustard, add one egg yolk.Apply the mask for 15 minutes, then wash off.

And if you're not afraid to smell like onions, you can make a mask with onion gruel with honey and brandy.This mask is applied to the hair for 40 minutes.Rinse the hair after washing with water is better acidified apple cider vinegar or lemon.Then the smell of onions will not.

sure to use herbs.Prepare decoctions of nettle, burdock root hair rinse.Broth nettle hair stops hair loss, making hair soft, natural hair returns luster and beauty.

Try very carefully refers to the hair.Plus, do not skimp on beauty.The only way to achieve results.Make time for yourself, and then the result will not take long.Hair become stronger, thicker and longer.