Summer is in full swing, so cool, warm days.I do not know how anyone, but I love the summer, in principle, like all times of the year.For me they are all special, because each I find something beautiful, warm, sincere, positive.All around is now so green.So many colors and positive emotions gives us the summer.Summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year.For some, it's summer vacation, but for someone this time, preparations for the winter.Each spends the summer on the way, but the main thing to use.Each of us makes a choice how to spend summer days.I love the summer of bright colors and the emotions that it gives us.For the great abundance of flowers, caressing rays of the sun, a warm drizzle, fluffy clouds, warm breeze, circling around the bright butterflies.You get such a powerful positive charge.

last time live on the principle of all to see and ignore the positive.Thank you for the simple moments, warm and emotional, that occur in my life.And I had a little rule of life."I envisage the

good in everything."Life is beautiful, as well as the people around me.

Today again I want to touch on my favorite topic, concerning hair.A couple years ago, faced with hair fragility, hair falling out, dry and brittle.I started looking for tools that can be used at home to restore hair.Dry and visited had cut off the tips, they also radically change hair care, so that the situation does not repeat itself again.I want to share my experience of hair restoration.Of course there were all sorts of experiments, but I trial and error to find a means to retain their brilliance, beauty and prevent cross-section, brittle and dry hair.

I tried various oils, essential and basic, different shampoos, masks against brittle hair at home.Also, I take vitamins, minerals, fish oil.Only an integrated care helped me in this matter.Plus using now a wooden comb with large teeth to gently comb the hair.

With confidence I can say that brittle hair can be due to drying, use a hair dryer, varnish, ironing, due to chlorinated water with shampoo sls.In summer, be sure to wear a hat, as well as in winter.Only the care and respect to the hair helps to solve this situation.Be sure to restore the mask, that in hair care play an important role.For a year I tried many oils, including essential.

I fit coconut oil (it is not washed away from the hair protein), jojoba oil, apricot and peach seed, wheat germ oil, burdock oil and many others.A very fond of essential oil of lavender.Lavender oil makes the hair elastic.

Also, do not skimp on oils, especially essential.I like the German oil Primavera, of course they are.But these oils are those of money.Now I do not advertise any company.Just tell that oil, I tried to see the actual results.

Causes of hair breakage

reasons can be really a lot.Starting from the wrong hair care.Also, wash hair with hot and chlorinated water, you use unsuitable tools shampoos and hair care products.

curls may lose vital sieve summer in very hot weather, if you do not wear a hat, and in winter in frost, strong wind and cold.

weak and thin hair can be from nature.But often over-dried and brittle hair can be due to the use of a hair dryer, ironing, varnish, due to painting, hair bleach.

also play an important role B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals.

changes hair condition can be transferred as a consequence of the disease, taking certain medicines.But hair can be restored.

Caring for brittle hair

For brittle hair is important meticulous care.All can be restored, I am sure.important time, patience and care.Start with the fact that Pick shampoo without sls, usually in the shampoo all specified.

I recently really like shampoo "organic planet".I took buckthorn, pine, olive oil.All of them are very good.I noticed that these shampoos make hair supple and moisturized.To me, they are suitable.

Also do not forget to buy a balm.Be sure to take the shampoo and balm and do not neglect it.The balm is applied after washing hair.Apply on the hair from the middle ear to the ends of the hair.

Balsam do not save, pour it on the palm of the volume of a walnut.Distribute on damp hair on all dine and leave for 3 to 5 minutes.Then rinse with water.Wash your hair with warm water and rinse with cool balm.I stopped for a long time to use hot water to wash your hair.

Stop using the dryer, ironing etc. Styling hair.Let hair dry naturally.Thus they are less injured, which is very important.

Combing do not pull hair, comb the hair very carefully.Better to use a comb with a few teeth.I use a wooden, on the one hand rare teeth, and the other not.Wet hair is not recommended to comb, but because I have curly hair, then I comb.But very gently and carefully.

important is caring for the body as external and internal.Be sure to follow the diet, their health and the work of internal organs, drink vitamins and minerals.What is important is a healthy sleep and avoiding harmful habits.

Masks against brittle hair at home

After I pick up a shampoo, but also not without experiments in this regard.I tried different shampoos.Once bought shampoo without sls with essential oils, it goes without balm.The smell of the shampoo fine, but he strongly dries hair.Therefore, all you need to try to read the composition and evaluate the results after using the shampoo.

also an important role in restoring hair masks played.I discovered the wonderful oil.For example, coconut oil.It is pleasant to me, and the result after its use is already evident from the first mask.Hair masks with coconut oil really effective.

also discovered the world of essential oils.I tried different, but now in the arsenal I rose oil, lavender, tea tree.Lavender is used for hair.Took 5 ml., I can say enough hair for a long time, because you need to use it drops.Necessarily all essential oils diluted in base oil.(Olive, almond, jojoba, etc..)

Masks against brittle hair at home can be done a couple of times a week.You can alternate your favorite mask, and you can do a course the same mask, for example, oil.Oils I washed off with two washes hair shampoo.

oil mask from brittle hair

very helpful in brittle hair oil mask.At the base, I add the essential oil.I really like the lavender essential oil.It makes the hair smooth, shiny and very elastic.What is important in hair breakage.I do not know how anyone, and I am on the spoon base oil add a drop of essential.You can use not only the oil of lavender, but also the essential oil ylang-ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, orange.I am preparing a mask as much as I need to distribute all the hair.Usually my hair I use 4-5 tablespoons of oil.

From the very base oils I like coconut oil, is solid and oil before applying it should melt.Also, it is an excellent oil wheat germ oil, it is suitable for dry and brittle hair.Almond butter, olive, jojoba, apricot and so forth. Oil.

Oil mask I put on dry hair, distribute the oil on the hair length, hair zamatyvayut and leave for a couple of hours.I wash off with shampoo, and then I put or render balm for hair.

oils can be mixed together.Last time I was mixing coconut oil and jojoba oil.Jojoba oil is a liquid wax, these oils envelop each hair.After the mask hair is very soft, elastic, moist.I recommend to try this mask.

Mask for hair with egg yolk

Mask for hair with oils and egg yolk, one of my favorites.I buy rural eggs.I picked up at a friend, if possible, do not use a shop, buy the village.I use only the yolk.I mix it with oil.I use olive or more basic, what I have in the presence of the house.In the yolk three tablespoons of oil.All I mixed and put on the hair.

can distribute through the hair mask with a comb.I leave the mask as 1.5-2 hour and then wash off.It is important to wash off the mask from the beginning of the cool water, so the egg does not "curled".Then warm water shampoo.

Masks with fermented milk products

I took the cream, three spoons of one egg yolk.The mask is applied to the hair, leave for an hour.I do not really like the smell of sour milk products on the hair.Therefore, such a mask I do very rarely.

If you normally carry dairy products and their smell, you can try such masks.But I recommend using country products, benefit from them more.

mask with natural honey

The benefits of honey can talk for hours.Oh honey I know firsthand the benefits.I did a hair mask with honey and egg yolk oil.I like, and an excellent result.Honey, if it is natural, in this I do a special emphasis.Take only natural, certified honey, better to have a friend beekeeper.

to mask I connect a couple of egg yolks with a spoon of honey and a couple of tablespoons of any of the base oil.I put on damp hair and distribute along the length.

decoction of brittle hair

important role in hair care played a grass.I use decoctions of herbs for hair rinsing.Decoction can be diluted with a mask that has a positive effect on the scalp and hair.

To do this a couple of tablespoons herbs pour a liter of boiling water and infuse, rinse hair after washing.You can prepare a decoction, with a liter of water to pour a few tablespoons of herbs and put to boil.Boils all of 5 minutes, and then insist and filter.

love nettle broth, mother and stepmother, burdock root.These herbs are suitable to me, plus the effect of the very good.

hair - beauty and pride of every woman.It is very unpleasant when the hair becomes dull, brittle, dry.I want to quickly restore them.I was engaged in the restoration of the hair for a few years.

I can say that you can restore your hair.The main thing to be patient.It is very important hair care and very careful attitude towards them.By following the recommendations set forth in the article, you can easily restore the hair and improve their appearance.