Hello dear readers.We so hot to sit at home do not want to, I want to walk more, but outside air is hot, it is necessary to go either in the morning or in the evening.Children like to visit a cafe ice cream.Of course we have an ice cream dispensed.And then in the summer to catch a cold easily.All the rest of the time spent at home, of course tried to attend master-classes, go to the city.But it's summer, and summer means vacation itself.But at the end of the summer we will start with the children to do, repeat all, preparing for school.Recently we went to town, bought his daughter jogging suit, a backpack and a shirt to school.It is very convenient to shop for school is in the middle of summer, I have long noticed.Discounts on school things are good.But at the end of summer the price is quite different at all.

Today, I want once again to talk about hair.I would like to share your feedback about the wheat germ oil and its application to the hair.Oils I have gradually come to an end, we will soon need

to replenish stocks.But wheat germ oil I particularly liked.Therefore, I share your impressions about it.

Every woman wants to look irresistible.Beautiful hair is a symbol of health and femininity.The secret to beautiful hair in their care, and this is difficult to argue.Of course, you need to follow the diet, to pick up on your type of hair shampoo and conditioner to make hair masks.Also plays an important role aromaraschesyvanie, rinse after washing with cool water.

lot of money and effort spent on the beautiful curls.But the beautiful hair - the pride of every woman.I also have a lot of oil that I use for the hair.What is characteristic, but before all I ended up just wheat germ oil, hair is super.

it and I applied to the cuticle and face and hand.For dry skin, hands and face "works" as an emollient.Lubricates the hands of this oil instead of cream, the skin soft and velvety.And when I went to do a manicure, and I do it once a month, the Master asked what I grease the hands.hardly had Trim cuticle.

Wheat germ oil is very light and delicate, but at the same time perfectly nourishes and softens the skin.Keeping a sense of smooth, velvety, soft skin for a long time.I first experienced this oil for hands and face, and then began with wheat germ oil to make hair masks.It's very cool.Very quickly, it was over at me.Closer to winter buy again.While I am using those that I have.Impressions and reviews willing to share with you.

Application of wheat germ oil for hair

oil is obtained by cold pressing of wheat germ.It's great if you have oil in your purse.You can always add to the cream, spread their hands, lips, face and mask to do with it.

very well the product is used in cosmetics.Not spared and I by his side.I'm always all it is important to try and evaluate the results for yourself.In a series of experiments with oils chosen the most appropriate to me.But I want to say that there is no bad oils, there are oils you can come or not to come.

  • Contains natural vitamin E oil is known to be an antioxidant.Which promotes rejuvenation, wound healing, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • oil heals wounds and micro cracks on the scalp, it is useful to use it in dry scalp, dandruff.
  • oil nourishes hair, making them moisturized, shiny, soft, strengthens hair.
  • And still, wheat germ oil is perfect for dry hair ends.Because the dry ends of hair is a direct path to the hair section.To avoid this need care.
  • Butter nourishes, softens, moisturizes strands.

Oil is used in masks.My favorite oil mask, I do them regularly.This oil can be applied in pure form and in admixture with other oils.Plus can be mixed with essential oils.Also, oil is added as a component to the hair mask made from natural ingredients.Under natural ingredients I mean eggs, sour cream, honey and so on.

should warm up a bit before applying the oil.Prepare dishes for mixing the ingredients and the oil itself.Wear an old shirt or towel draped over his shoulders.It will not stain your clothes.

sure to perform the test oiled behind the ear or on the wrist before applying oil.If you are not allergic, in principle, it is very, very rarely, the oil can be safely used.

Wheat germ oil.Masks.Reviewed

secret to beautiful hair in their care.You can use the simple and affordable means to preserve the natural beauty and shine.I can say that I applied the mask with wheat germ oil for hair and very pleased with it.

hair more resilient, elastic, moist.If possible be sure to try this oil.And not only hair, but also for dry skin of the face, hands and lips.The effect is noticeable from the first application.

Wheat germ oil to the tips of the hair

to the ends oil can be used before and after shampooing.I put this oil on a "messy hair".Typically, substantially dry hair at the tips and greasy at the roots.Therefore, the oil should be applied to the hair length from the bottom of the middle ear.Before that, the oil should be slightly warm.The oil is desired, add essential oil (I always add my favorite lavender).

Apply the mask on your hands oily hair or using a comb.I usually leave the oil masks for a few hours.I've heard that they can be left for the night, but she did not try.

to ends of hair can be mixed and applied some oil immediately.I tried to mix with wheat germ oil with coconut oil and jojoba oil (this is also one of my favorite oils).The result is beautiful.I A mix of oil in equal proportions.Also, a mixture of oils, a little heated.

Nourishing Hair Mask

for nutritional oil mask I mix with egg yolks and honey (optional).Of course, do not forget to take natural honey from a beekeeper friend.With natural products, as you are sure that the mask will have a positive effect.On one yolk taking three spoons of oil.The mask is put on the hair.

only with egg mask is first rinsed with cold water, and then warm, so as not to "cooked" eggs on the hair.It was in my teens this case.I just do not know.I had to tinker then selecting boiled eggs from the hair.Well, it was just the experience.)))

Wheat germ oil for growth

hair oil for hair growth is rubbed into the scalp.Very cool even "works" Essential Oil Bay.To mask you need to mix the base oil with essential (base spoon and drop efirki).Rub into the hair roots and leave for an hour.More details can be found on the ethereal oil hit here.Moreover, the oil can be mixed hit not only with wheat germ oil, but also with other base oils.

When preparing masks with essential oils is important to remember that essential oils are very concentrated and should be added to them drops the mask.

Wheat germ oil on a roll

Hair If your hair is wheat germ oil is mixed with essential oils.To do this, perfectly hit oil, rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar and thyme.Of course oil hit (oil or bay leaf) just a godsend for hair loss.Additionally it facilitates the growth of new hair.

I mix a spoonful of oil-based (in this case, wheat germ oil), a drop of essential oil.Focus on your hair length.I 4-5 spoons enough, someone needs more or less.

All oil mask on the hair I have from 1 to 3 hours, and then I wash off them.Many difficulties arise, and it is impossible to wash off the oil from the hair.I wash off the mask with two washes with shampoo.And it washes away fine oil shampoo with sls, and without sls.