Beautiful and well-groomed hair pride for women.The smooth, beautiful, shiny hair looks always attract both men and women.We all know that hair care is a big job.Selecting masks and shampoos.Plus, it is very important, home care with masks.I am now very much like shampoos and conditioners "Planet Organic".I tried the shampoo with olive oil and sea buckthorn oil.And now I took the shampoo with cedar oil.As a consultant assured me, hair after shampoo light, keeps you feeling clean and fresh for a long time.Plus it took to try "Finnish soft hair balm" of the planet on the basis of organic extract of Arctic cloudberry and sea buckthorn.These funds do not contain colorings, sls, parabens, which is important for the hair.

I love to use a mask for oily hair.I mix oils with essential oils or other components.One such oil is apricot oil.A few days ago I made a mask with apricot butter and essential oils of lavender.

washed away with shampoo and tried a new balm, I really liked the effect.Hair crisp, easy to

comb, not confused.Steel is very moist and shiny.Very pleasant to the touch.Recently, I use shampoos without sls, the result pleased.The hair does not get confused as before, and does not look dull.

So now let's talk about the apricot oil.Apricot oil is produced by pressing seeds of apricot kernels.Oil light and delicate, rich in vitamins and fatty acids.Essential oils of apricot does not happen, at least I have not heard about it.

Oil apricot light yellow color with a slight nutty flavor.Moreover, apricots, as some think, the oil does not smell.Oil light, quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.It can be applied not only to the face but also the hair, and this oil helps to solve problems associated with not only the hair, but with the scalp.

Use apricot oil for hair

Apricot Hair Oil can be used in masks with the other ingredients.Plus, essential oils, and in pure form.Oil nourishes, moisturizes and softens the hair.It helps restore dry and loose strands.

  • Vitamin A is contained in the oil has anti-inflammatory effect, it helps to cope with irritation, itching, dryness of the scalp.It helps restore hair.
  • Vitamin C protects hair from temperature extremes, from the effects of a hair dryer, seasonal vitamin deficiency.
  • Magnesium promotes hair growth, improves subcutaneous blood circulation, which also promote hair growth.
  • Potassium provides the hair moisture level, which is important both for dry, and for oily strands.
  • B vitamins, help eliminate microdamages help the hair stay longer clean and shiny.
  • Organic acids return force, shine and elasticity to hair.

most important that the oil has a positive effect on the scalp and hair.The result is always beautiful.Plus, this oil does not cause allergic reactions.It can be used even for baby skin care.But in any case, make a test on the skin before the application of this oil.

do oil on the mask can be a dirty and clean hair.Yet, on the clean hair good effect is observed.

Apricot oil for hair.Application

This oil is suitable for dry, brittle, weak, damaged, thinning hair.Apricot oil returns shine, vitality and elasticity of the hair.

oil nourishes dry scalp and is indispensable in the summer, at the time the most active of the sun.Oil covers the hair thin plenochkoj helping to retain moisture and nutrients inside the hair.Also, I really like to use jojoba oil, but I had put on clean and dry hair after shampooing.

Basically I distribute the oil on the ends of the hair.In the palm of your hand a few drops drip, warmed it and distribute through hair.

Before going to the beach, you can rub a few drops of oil into the palm of apricot and distribute the hair, so as to protect the strands.In addition, apricot kernel oil helps to cope very well with dry hair tips.

And this salvation in the summer heat is Hydrolat rose, which was previously to be cooled in the refrigerator and sprinkle on the face, perfectly refreshes and tones.I also use Hydrolat rose and hair.

  1. before use apricot kernel oil is recommended to warm up to 40 degrees This can be done in a water bath.It is believed that it is better warmed oil penetrates the hair structure and better nourish the hair roots.
  2. sure to test the oil or mask that you apply on the skin.If no skin redness or irritation, use it safely to the scalp.
  3. also for making masks need the capacity in which we mix the ingredients.
  4. Plus, you need to wear an old t-shirt, you do not mind dirty or throw a towel over his shoulders.
  5. Since the beginning of oil rub with fingertips into the scalp, and then distributes it to the hair strands.I'm doing it hands can be distributed using a comb.Especially, I pay attention to the tips of the hair.
  6. sure Insulate hair with a towel and put it in front of the head cellophane cap.After the mask I used to collect hair in a bun, wearing a cellophane cap (kulechek) and wrap the hair with a towel.Oil mask I put on for 1-2 hours, at which time minding my own business.
  7. Pure oil may remain on the hair up to 6-8 hours.
  8. wash off the oil with two washings with shampoo.The oil is washed off with great hair.
  9. hair dry naturally.
  10. course reducing masks Hair 10-15 procedures.Making the mask can be a couple of times a week.I do a mask once a week.

Nothing complicated to prepare masks and use apricot kernel oil for the hair there.After a course of masks is necessary to take a break.

Mask with apricot oil for hair

Hair masks can work wonders, uluchaetsya appearance of the hair, the hair is shiny, moist, smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch.The hair is so soft, pleasant to touch them.Try it, you will see the results for yourself.

Classic mask with apricot oil. oil can be used as a mask in a pure form, this oil need a little warm water bath.Apply the oil on the strands of hair and scalp.Use your fingertips to apply the oil on the scalp making a massage.

For oily scalp, apply oil to the hair only Din, as well as on dry ends.Oil gentle and easy, it does not weigh down your strands.

oils can be mixed.Apricot oil can be mixed in equal quantities with jojoba oil, almond oil, and so forth. Oils.

Mask with apricot butter and essential oils. I love to mix the base oils with essential, one of my favorite oils for hair is lavender oil.This essential oil I use for a long time.

hair masks after a shiny, elastic, moist.Besides lavender oil useful for hair loss, dandruff and itchy scalp.

I usually mix the base oil with essential in a proportion (per tablespoon base drop of essential oil).I put or render a mask on your hair and hair roots and leave for 1-1.5 hours.In addition to the essential oil of lavender, you can use any other essential oil, despite what problem you need to deal with.

apricot oil to dry hair and split ends. When dry hair ends and for the prevention of hair section, apply warm oil on hair length, paying particular attention to the hair ends.

Then you need to gather your hair into a bun.If you think that the split ends can somehow recover, then you are wrong.Split ends need only shear, they have already been recovered, and prevent hair-section possible.

moisturizing hair mask. I love hair mask with egg yolk.To do this, I buy rural eggs.On a couple of egg yolks I add 4-5 Art.spoons of oil, as I have long hair.This amount is enough for me to distribute masks to the entire length of hair.

mask leave for about an hour on your hair and then wash off with shampoo.First, wash off the mask with cool water, so that the yolk is not "welded" to the hair under the influence of hot water.Then lather your hair with shampoo and wash off with water.