In hair care all means are good, especially if it is natural remedies.I love natural products for hair care products, egg yolk, butter, honey and other means.Masks have a positive effect not only on the hair, and the scalp.I used to make a mask by adding to them a little bit of liquid vitamin E, which I bought at the pharmacy.Originally bought for his balm.Prepared for the lip balm in the home remained vitamin E and I had little to add in masks.And now I decided to try Aevitum vitamins for hair.Having read positive reviews about these vitamins, really wanted to try this "miracle vitamin".Especially as hair masks I do often.

Aevitum Vitamins are sold in pharmacies, worth a penny.Vitamins are encapsulated and wherein the oil contains vitamin solution.Apply Aevitum vitamins facial, hair, nails and skin around the eyes.Apply both internally and externally.Of course, if you decide to drink inside Aevitum vitamins, it is best to consult a doctor.But to use vitamins for hair masks can without consulting a


order for hair elastic, shiny, stopped falling, quite limited outdoor use of this vitamin.Aevitum hair - continuous use and the solution of many problems associated with hair.

Aevitum Vitamins for Hair

Many situations related to hair due to lack of vitamins.Very good a couple of times a year guzzle vitamin complexes.Vitamins strengthen the immune system, solve problems related to hair and skin.

Vitamins Aevitum get rid of hair breakage and dryness.The hair may be dry due to aggressive environmental influences due to stacking them by various means, and utyuzhok dryer dries the hair with shampoo and so forth, and SLS. Vitamins used in masks for hair restoration.

vitamins used for hair loss.To prevent the loss of hair mask is applied and rubbed into the scalp.This improves the blood circulation in the scalp, plus everything improves metabolic processes.

Apply Aevitum vitamins with dryness and flaking of the scalp.The result of the use of vitamins noticeable within 3-4 weeks.

Using vitamins give hair strength and elasticity.Helps prevent cross-section of the ends, which may be due to the dryness of hair, the negative influence of the environment.

Action vitamins increases when used in masks with other natural ingredients.

Hair masks with Aevitum

Masks can be done once a week.It is desirable to mask the ropes.After 10 procedures need to take a break.Be sure before applying the mask you want to test it.Apply some masks on the wrist or behind the ear.To determine whether there is an allergy to the mask component.

masks for better use of natural products, the use of so much more.I buy the village eggs, natural honey, sour cream, high-quality oil.This is important, because we want to benefit from the mask.

Vitamins are very effective in masks before applying them free Vitaminka from a gelatin capsule.Sold kapsulki 10-30 pieces in blister packs.These vitamins can be purchased at any pharmacy.

mask when dry

hair to eliminate dryness of hair to mix the egg yolks, oil and vitamins Aevitum.On two yolks of four tablespoons of oil (wheat germ oil, almond, peach, jojoba, olive, coconut, etc.) can take the oil, what you have at home.Mix the egg yolks and butter, add a few capsules of vitamin Aevitum.

capsule of vitamin needed to pierce a needle and squeeze the liquid into the mask from the capsule.The mask mix and distribute through hair.Before applying, slightly moisten the hair with water.We reserve the mask on the hair for an hour.Wash off with shampoo.

Also, instead of butter can be added to the mask a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream rustic.If you do not like the smell of sour milk products, use butter.I like the hair mask with oil.

mask with olive oil and vitamins Aevitum

If there is extra virgin olive oil is wonderful.Often, olive oil has a presence in every family.Olive oil nourishes the hair, prevents dryness of hair, making hair elastic.On the spoon of oil is necessary to squeeze the capsule Aevitum and apply on hair oil mixture.If your hair is long, you need to prepare a mask 2-3 times more.

Mask distribute through hair, leave for a few hours, and then wash off with shampoo.Oil mask with hair wash off easily.I shampooed hair once, wash off shampoo with water and then a second time to lather your hair and wash off.

mask hair loss

hair loss Aevitum vitamins mixed with burdock oil.In a capsule of vitamin spoon of oil.Oil with Vitamin rubbed into the hair roots.Insulated hair and left for 1-1.5 hours.

can apply the mask with onion juice for hair loss, the result is very good, and the smell of onions, you can remove the hair rinsed with water and apple cider vinegar (teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of water).On the spoon of onion juice vitamin capsule, plus a spoonful of oil of burdock (burdock if not replace it with olive) rubbing the mixture on half an hour in hair roots.This mask activates hair growth, prevents hair loss.Onion mask for hair, really effective, they help to stop hair loss and activate hair growth.

Adding vitamin Aevitum shampoo

Before washing hair in the portion of shampoo that you wash your hair, add a capsule of vitamin Aevitum, and wash your hair with shampoo.Rinse hair decoction of herbs or water with apple cider vinegar.The bubble shampoo vitamins do not need to be added, squeezing the capsule only in the portion of shampoo that you wash your hair.

Aevitum affordable, low-cost tool that allows efficiently solve all the situations related to the hair.