Hello dear readers.Today I want to talk about hair care.Long and well-groomed hair is always very beautiful.Smooth, smooth and shiny at all elegant.I have curly hair.Recently, a haircut "Rhapsody".I decided to make some changes in their appearance, start with hair.Of course, you need so much money to buy so many shampoos to try to determine the order that suits you.But all this is a pleasant experience, as self-care is one of the important elements of love for your body.I use coconut oil in hair care for about a year.Alternating this oil with other oils.I try and test various brands.So today I want to share recipes of masks for hair with coconut oil and your reviews.

Coconut oil is obtained from the pulp of coconuts.Because coconut oil does not react with air, it can continue for several years.There is oil refined and unrefined, it is believed that part of the refined mineral properties is lost.

I prefer unrefined oil.After all, I use it with the aim to restore, moisturize the hair, to maintain the

ir natural shine and beauty.

The useful coconut hair oil

The most common use of coconut oil in hair care.Coconut oil helps to restore hair and resolve the situation with the dry and split ends.The oil has a positive effect on hair and scalp, preventing the formation of dandruff, soothes the scalp.

  • very useful to use coconut oil for colored hair.Hair color is more saturated, and retained on the hair for much longer.
  • Application oil prevents leaching of protein from the hair.
  • Highly recommend this oil with dry, thin and weakened hair.Perfectly moisturizes hair.
  • All masks based on coconut oil return natural shine to hair.
  • With curly hair, masks help make hair straighter.
  • Oleic acid which it contains moisturizes every hair enveloping hair.
  • useful to apply not only to oil the hair, but also for the scalp.Its use can be explained by the fact that it has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • But caprylic acid helps to regulate the sebaceous glands.

coconut oil firm and relates to solid oils (butters).Butter melts when heated from 25 -27 degrees.Also, the butter melts on contact with the hands.Butter fat.

Hair masks with coconut oil.Reviews

Oils I had a lot, but the summer has just left jojoba oil, coconut oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender oil, rose oil is adulterated alcohol.In addition to masks, I still take vitamins and fish oil.The hair care is an important element.

coconut oil can be used both in pure form or in admixture with other oils.Plus, in a mixture of essential oils.I love lavender oil.He tried different, but stopped at the "Primavera".These oils like expensive perfume, opened three notes.Rose oil is generally applied as a perfume.

What worth mentioning.Hair after a mask look more beautiful, moistened, their color becomes more saturated.Plus oil weigh down the hair, making hair smoother.If you have curly hair, I recommend.

oil, as it envelops each hair protecting, nourishing and moisturizing hair.Apply the oil to dry hair tips.Applied coconut and jojoba.Jojoba put on the tips of the hair after shampooing.That is to dry hair.Just a little and distribute through hair.Just a lot of oil is not necessary, so as not to create oily hair effect.

Hair masks with coconut oil put on two hours and then wash off with shampoo.Coconut oil is washed off with great hair.Twice I shampooed hair and wash off.

If your hair is greasy at the roots, the roots of the hair on the coconut oil does not apply.Distribute oil only on the length of hair.

Another important fact.The oil must be heated before the application of a water bath.Do not use the microwave for just that.Preheat the oil should be serving, you are going to apply on the hair.

The oil I add lavender oil.In a tablespoon of base oil drop of essential.Always cook oil mask with essential oils that way.

nanoshu mask as dirty, and the clean hair.Although there is a perception that all the masks should be applied only on clean hair.Distributes oil hair mask.I collect hair in a bun.I wrapped with cellophane and a towel.Sometimes just I nanoshu oil, and gather hair into a bun without covering the head with a towel.A few hours doing their own thing.

I of coconut oil, only the most positive reviews.If you do not apply the oil before, try it, I think that you will not regret.I read that it is very good coconut oil can be bought only in Thailand.I buy a different brand of oils and try.If you buy coconut oil in the store, be sure to check the composition of the oil.The composition should not be of flavorings and fragrances.Usually, on the box it is written 100% coconut oil.

oil consumption for a minimum of masks.I have enough for the length of just 2-3 tablespoons of oil.If coconut oil is mixed with another base, the oil consumption is even less.You can use jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, olive, almond and so forth. Oil.

As part of making a mask with coconut oil? Masks with coconut oil is better to do a course.Personally, I make 10 masks.And then a break.Making masks should be about 1 to 2 times a week.I do it once a week.

Recipes masks for hair with coconut oil

The easiest way to put a mask on the entire length of hair.I use pure coconut oil.Slightly I heated it and put on the whole length of the hair.How much oil is dependent on the length.Generally requires about 2 to 5 tablespoons of butter.Distribute oil can be handed.If convenient, you can distribute the oil through the hair using a comb with large teeth.

I usually nanoshu oil and leave it on the hair for 2-3 hours.Can and at night, but I admit fairly, overnight coconut oil applied not tried.If you have experience, you will share with me his recall, in the comments below.Some people believe that the longer the oil is on the hair, the better the effect.

required before applying the oil mask dress shirt, you do not mind staining.You can throw a towel over his shoulders.

Rinse coconut oil I did it the second time.But it is possible, and the third time to lather your hair with shampoo and rinse with warm water.After washing hair, rinse your hair with cool water.

now directly recipes of masks that can be applied to the hair with coconut oil.You can mix the oil with natural products such as honey, egg yolk, cream and so on. Products.

mask with coconut oil for dry hair

For dry hair mix a few spoonfuls of coconut oil with a spoonful of sour cream and applied to the hair.If you do not like the smell of sour milk products on the hair.That coconut oil can be used in a mixture of wheat germ oil.Mix 1: 1.I like wheat germ oil, it moisturizes dry hair and nourish them.

Today I do a mask with coconut oil and essential oil of lavender.To mix three tablespoons of coconut oil and add three drops of lavender essential oil.Distributes the mask through the hair.Before you distribute the oil, the hair must be well comb.

I washed off the oil by two washes shampoo.Hair is very pleasant to the touch, soft, smooth and moisturized.After all, the basic properties of the oil: nutrition, protection, moisturizing.

Hair Mask olive and coconut oil

If you have olive oil, it can be mixed with coconut and apply on hair.Mix better in the ratio 2: 1.Two parts of a coconut oil and the olive oil.If desired, can be added to mask an essential oil.Ylang-ylang, lavender, rosemary.

applied to the hair and leave for a couple of hours.Remember, if you have oily hair at the roots, the oil on the roots is better not to apply.This mask is suitable for dry hair.Also, the mask can be applied only at the ends of her hair.I usually put on half a hair.

hair mask coconut oil and honey

This year, we have already acquired a fresh acacia honey.Delicious and a mask I have tried with him.Mask prepare the rate of two tablespoons of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey.Prepare the required number of masks.Focus on your hair length.

Apply the mask to distribute on hair and leave.I go with the mask for about an hour.

Mask for hair growth with coconut oil

for hair growth There is a wonderful essential oil hit (oil bay leaf, so it is sometimes called).Mix coconut oil and essential oil bay and apply on hair.On tablespoon oil drop efirki.All stir and applied directly to the hair roots.Leave for a couple of hours on the hair.

With regular use, a couple of weeks you will see a "young undercoat."Essential oil of Bay beautifully enrich shampoos.100 ml.shampoo to 10. Bay oil.

Mask for hair coconut oil and egg

You can also make a mask with egg and coconut oil.I usually use for masks only the yolk.Buy rural eggs.Three tablespoons of coconut oil I mix with one egg yolk.If the mask you need more, then prepare a double portion.I put on your hair and leave it for a couple of hours.