Hello readers.The topic for the beautiful half of humanity, the hair is always the topic deserves attention.Beautiful, shiny, thick, healthy hair always attracts the eye of both men and women.And yet, I have recently learned that there is strength in women's hair.Our hair is an extension of our senses, our feminine power.For example, before a woman was considered a great insult if her hair cut.It is believed that short haircuts are voluntary abandonment of female power.For a woman to have a positive long hair, not short, and it's always nice.

I want to talk about a plant that grows under our feet.This mug.Burdock has long been used for beauty, growth and strengthening of hair.Probably the two plants, which are worthy of attention when it comes to hair - this nettle and burdock.In essence, burdock all consider a weed.

have broad burdock and green leaves, burdock grows near houses, on vacant lots, along roads, on lawns, along rivers, ditches.Burdock biennial plant in the first year appear rosette of

leaves, and burdock blossoms and bears fruit in the second year.The people, burdock is the well-known tool, which is used for hair growth.What other use herbs, you can read in the article "Herbs for hair loss".

Many girls in the care of hair used burdock root, and many have no idea how to use burdock root hair.I myself at one time applied decoction of burdock root hair, share your feedback.Since I have a very positive feedback on the application of burdock root.Also, to strengthen the hair used burdock oil, more about the burdock oil for hair, can be found in the hair article "Burdock oil".You will learn what is useful burdock oil, as well as recipes.

Burdock.Burdock root hair

therapeutic effect of burdock root, and due to its chemical composition, is used burdock for loose strands, for the treatment of scalp, hair treatment, for growth and for strengthening.

  • Burdock root has valuable composition contains tannin, volatile oil, fatty acids, mucus, protein, starch, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, sugar, inulin, bitter and pectin, vitamin C, E, D, vitaminsgroup B.
  • fatty acids moisturize the strands of hair, protect hair from external aggressive impact, temperature extremes, creating a protective film on our hair.
  • Bitterness have disinfectant properties, eliminate inflammation of the scalp.
  • Tannins have a restorative effect on the hair and prevent hair loss.
  • Fatty acids help to moisturize dry strands.
  • A contained essential oils have excellent calming effect, also eliminates the dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Inulin, which is contained in the root of a lot, gives smoothness and shine to hair.
  • B vitamins prevent hair loss, nourish the roots of the hair, which is very important.
  • Trace activates cell metabolism.

abundance of medicinal substances contained in the roots of burdock, allows the use of this herb for hair growth and stops falling strands.

collection of burdock root.

course, burdock root, which is used for the preparation of infusions and decoctions for the hair, you can buy in a drugstore.But you can prepare yourself.Self harvesting raw materials effective for hair in terms of use, as you will be assured of the quality of raw materials.Especially since this plant grows everywhere and it is not difficult to prepare.

If you decide to prepare the root of its own, it is best to go out of the city, away from the factories.And if you burdock growing cottage or garden plot, it is generally fine.No need to go anywhere, or to follow him.

Dig burdock root or early spring or late fall.That most of the valuable substances is in this period of time in the burdock root.

root should be thoroughly washed under running water and clean.Put on the day in a ventilated place and then chop.Next, spread out on the paper and dry in a ventilated area.It is important to lay a thin layer.

Once dry raw material can be stored in paper bags, glass jars or cartons.It is stored for about a year.

Infusion.Juice.A decoction of burdock root hair

Burdock is used mainly for hair growth and in order to stop hair loss.In fact, infusion, decoction of hair can be cooked from fresh burdock root.I dig burdock root, clean off the ground, rinse it under running water, cleaned, crushed and brewed.It is applied to the hair.

Broth. cooking I mostly broth, as I consider it the most effective hair.Two tablespoons of chopped burdock root to pour a liter of water and put on fire.You can in a water bath for 10 minutes After that broth to infuse for 15 minutes and strain.Bring boiled water to the original volume.Apply the resulting broth rinse hair after washing.And wash with the decoction of burdock root hair is not necessary.

Infusion. prepared very simply.Two spoons of crushed root (you can use the dried root or fresh root), pour a liter of boiling water and insist 25 minutes and strain applied to the hair.

juice. squeeze juice of burdock root is very difficult, but possible.It can be used in masks for hair.To prepare the juice to clean the root wash and twist through a meat grinder.Squeeze the juice through cheesecloth, placing the crushed root in gauze.The juice is applied to the scalp hair is divided into strands, as a stimulator of hair growth.But not in pure form, it should be thinned.

Masks. In fact, burdock root, in the form of decoction, tincture and juice can be used for the hair in disguise, in the proportions that are specified in the recipe.

burdock root Contraindications for hair

so much talk about the benefits of burdock root hair can not mention contraindications.Do not use this burdock root for oily hair.Also, individual intolerance or allergy to the plant as a whole.

check for allergies before using the product of burdock root.Apply a little money on your wrist and wait about 5 minutes.Rinse under running water.If you did not have unpleasant symptoms, the mug can be used for hair.

Burdock root hair.Application.Recipes

infusion and decoction made from burdock root is used to rinse the hair after washing with shampoo ready.Rinsing shine, beauty, hair shine and strengthens the hair.After rinsing flocks not wash hair.The mask is applied before washing the head of the hair strands.

Rinse hair decoction several times a week, in order to prevent hair loss.And then you can rinse your hair once a week.

full course of treatment includes 10-15 procedures.Then be sure to take a break and then stand up treatment if necessary.

Taking into account the recommendations, you can "revive" the lifeless, dull, brittle, dry hair.And the result is noticeable after the first application.Even trichologists often recommend to use natural remedies for hair, so why not listen to the opinions of experts.

juice of burdock root hair. Use can for hair in a diluted form, as the juice is very concentrated, diluted 1: 1 with oil (. Olive, peach, jojoba oil, almond oil, wheat germ, etc.) juice is mixed with oil and make the masses of the scalp, leavinghalf an hour on the hair.Wash off with shampoo.Such procedures stop hair loss, enhance their growth.

About beast or infusion for the hair. I usually cook on a liter of water a couple of spoons of raw materials.If you cook infusion or decoction more concentrated.For example, a spoon in a glass material.That this infusion must be diluted prior to use boiled water.Glass infusion diluted with a liter of water.

Rinse the hair after washing.Then wet the hair with a cotton towel and allow them to dry naturally.burdock root is often used in combination with nettles for hair growth.About nettles, applied to the hair, cooking broths, can be found in the "hair rinse article nettles".Where do I share my feedback about the use of nettles for hair.

All recipes from hair roots are simple and effective, there is no magic and miracles, all thanks to the chemical composition of burdock root.And the result is noticeable from the first application.If you have dull, lifeless, lost hair natural shine.As well as loss, itchy scalp, dandruff, try burdock root.I think that the result and the effect of treatments you will certainly delight.