Hello dear readers.Probably the hair theme one of the most popular.Well-groomed and beautiful hair attracts the eyes of men.Recently, I called my mother and asked how to restore your hair after coloring.I picked up some recipes for masks, which I want to share with you.Mom had long hair dyed, try different colors and firms.She paints the gray hair, as it is a forced method of dealing with gray hair.But after such hair treatments dry out, become brittle and fragile.Since dyes washed out from the hair most of the beneficial trace elements.As a result, hair becomes thinner.And if you paint your hair too often, the hair loses elasticity and becomes stiff unruly.

outer part of our make hair scales and they fit snugly together, making our hair smooth and shiny.But hair color pigments penetrate the hair, and with frequent coloring hair becomes dull and lifeless.

to dyed hair again looked smooth and beautiful, it is necessary to follow some rules that will help keep the beautiful appearance of hair.

  1. The first is to paint your hair no more than twice a month, or even once a month.Most hair dye just not worth it.
  2. After staining Balm use, it usually comes in the package with paint.
  3. now on store shelves, a large selection of shampoos, but if you dye your hair, use a shampoo for colored hair.
  4. Next, after washing your hair, try them to dry naturally.This also applies to dyed and undyed hair.Using a hair dryer, ironing and other styling products even more damage the hair.
  5. least once a week, try to do restorative hair mask, you can buy them, and you can prepare yourself at home from natural ingredients.
  6. And of course, good nutrition and vitamins will come in handy, along with the food that you eat the body gets the vitamins and minerals.

How to restore your hair after coloring

How to return the hair shine, beauty, vitality, smoothness, softness?It is possible to use masks and oils.Very good assistants essential oils: lavender, rosemary, ilagn-ylang and others.For colored hair mask can be added to the oil hit, ylang-ylang, basil, cedar, eucalyptus.

For more information about home masks for the hair shine, you can read in the article "homemade mask to shine", where you will find recipes of masks and rules for their application.

restoring mask for colored hair in

home actually masks recipes that you can prepare at home for colored hair, very much.The most important thing to find a suitable mask for themselves.Plus, important natural ingredients.If the eggs, then the village.If the honey is natural, purchased from a beekeeper.If oil is high quality.

Making masks is not difficult.I think once a week, you can find time for yourself and prepare for natural hair mask.

Restoring mask for hair.

  • yolk
  • lemon juice

for masks, we need the egg yolks and five tablespoons of lemon juice.Eggs for masks take the village.All components are mixed and applied to clean hair to about 10 minutes, then wash off with shampoo mask.

  • yolk
  • honey
  • olive oil

for restoring masks take two yolks, mix them with a tablespoon of honey and add four spoonfuls of olive oil.Thoroughly mix the ingredients will mask the consistency of sour cream.Apply the mask on your hair roots and distribute through hair.Wrapped head with a towel, but not before wearing a cellophane cap on his head.We leave the mask on for 40 minutes, and then wash off with shampoo.

mask for colored hair from falling out. To prepare the masks need castor or burdock oil mixed with egg yolk.On one yolk need three tablespoons of oil, or even four.You can take castor or burdock.When hair loss, I usually buy burdock oil with red pepper, to apply it to the masks.Only the oil before use should be warmed in a water bath.

also mask you can add a half teaspoon of mustard powder.But the mask with mustard can cause burning and irritation, especially if there are sores on the scalp.Mix the components of the mask and put on the hair roots.At the head cellophane dress and hat to warm towel.Keep the mask for about 30 minutes, then wash off with shampoo.

Nettles for colored dark hair.

  • nettle

When hair loss is very good nettle.It is an affordable tool that grows under our feet.My review on the use of nettles for hair, please read the article "hair rinse nettle", the article you will learn how to prepare the nettles, how to make broth, and what action has nettle hair.

If your hair is preparing an infusion, which consists of a half cup of boiling water and a half cup of nettle.We insist about 15 minutes, strain.Warm infusion rubbed into the hair roots and leave for 10 minutes.Then my head conventional manner.

You can make poisons for rinsing hair nettle.Per liter of water we need two tablespoons of fresh or dried nettle.Boil the grass on fire about 3-4 minutes, insist 20 minutes.Filter if necessary, we bring the broth to the initial volume of boiled water and rinse hair after washing.Broth since a hair rinse is needed.Just wipe the hair and dry.

Rye bread for colored hair. good effect has, for colored hair, rye bread.It will take 200 grams of rye bread, it is necessary to grind.Pour boiling water and leave for 6 hours.Strain the mixture through a sieve, and the resulting slurry was applied to the hair.This procedure is good treats and stimulates hair growth.

Oil mask for colored hair.

  • oil
  • vitamins

for dry and damaged hair suit jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn and others. These oils I myself use a hair.Mix the oil with any liquid vitamins A and E, put on hair length.We leave the mask on for 1-2 hours.Wash off with shampoo.

Rinsing dyed hair. After shampooing your hair, you can rinse with water with lemon juice.Juice of half a lemon per liter of boiled water.You can use high-quality apple cider vinegar.Per liter of water a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.After washing your hair with shampoo, hair should be rinsed with this solution.

If you have your recipes to restore the painted hair, please share in the comments below.Have a nice day, everyone.